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Visiting the grand canyon with family and friends is more than staring at one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world. A family vacation to the Grand Canyon is all about adventure.

It’s all about the journey whether by train or car. It’s all about going a long way in a group to enjoy the scenic view of the dessert and its mystery. So if you are one who is planning to go on a trip to the Grand Canyon and is in search of a grand canyon trip planner, here are some of the important tips that you need to know before you plan a trip to Grand Canyon with family and friends.

Know The Best Timings To Visit The Grand Canyon

Well, there is no specific timing to visit the grand canyon. Also, there is no bad time as to when not to visit Grand Canyon.

Always keep in mind that during the winter season there will be extreme ice and snow which can cause road closures. Apart from this North Rim, will only remain open from the mid of May to the end week of October.

You can even go there during the first good snowfall. However, most of the regional, domestic, as well as foreign travelers, will be visiting just the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

On the other hand, during the weekends in summer, you may have to face huge crows both on the roads as well as the National Park. The place always remains crowded and popular during spring and summer breaks.

In the summer season, add Phoenicians escaping the soaring temperatures of the valley for the relatively cool temperature of the high desert.

Be Careful While Clicking Photos


The next tip of the Grand Canyon trip planner is a precautionary measure. Any tourist who will be visiting the Grand Canyon will enjoy nature’s magnificence.

If you also visit the place you will also want to click a family photo in front of the Canyon. However, you need to be extra careful while visiting Grand Canyon, especially with kids. If you are traveling to Grand Canyon with young children, it would be a wise decision to invest in a toddler carrier or safety harness for extra safety.

However, never ever take risks to take a selfie. Surveys say that on average two people die by falling into Grand Canyon every year. About 4 lakhs tourists come to this place to enjoy its beauty but such incidents generally occur if the visitors act carelessly just to capture the perfect photo.

Hiking The Grand Canyon With Kids


The third tip on the Grand Canyon is whenever you are visiting the place with kids, you will need at least a few hours only to explore the South Rim unless you are family hikers or serious hikers. But if you are thinking you will be hiking down the Grand Canyon and can get back in a day then you need to think once again.

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So while getting back to Grand Canyon, it requires 4 hours and another 6 to 8 hours climb back up and even longer if you are hiking with young children. However, going up on the hill needs extra effort as compared to returning back. So for a smooth hiking experience, you need sturdy closed-toe hiking or athletic shoes are mandatory, no matter how long the hike.

If hiking down to the Grand Canyon is included in your bucket list, then you need to plan for a few months of rigorous training for the strenuous climb. Apart from this you also need to bring packed daypacks.

When it comes to camping opportunities, make sure to make campground reservations about one year in advance for spending the night midway or even on the Canyon floor.

Search For Native American Dance Performances

If you are visiting Grand Canyon in the summer and are in search of the Grand Canyon trip planner, you need to check the sign by the Hopi House for traditional native American dance times.

The Navajo troupe performs authentic dances that are traditionally featured at powwows at certain specific times all throughout the day.

A Helicopter Tour To Grand Canyon


If you have extra time to spend and want to explore a bit more in the Grand Canyon then you can take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. This is something which your kids will enjoy and can never forget. Not only this but you can also board a chopper to descend to the Canyon floor.

A Grand Canyon helicopter can be one of the thrilling ways in experiencing the awe-inspiring views as well as stunning beauty which the Grand Canyon has to offer.

You can soar across the Grand Canyon like an eagle and be amazed by the large size and grandeur of the Canyon. The helicopter will depart from Las Vegas, the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, and from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Visit Havasupai Falls


Havasupai Falls is a magnificent and breathtaking area of the Grand Canyon. Situated on the Havasupai Native American Reservation, only a specific number of people are allowed to visit this beautiful place. Havasu Falls is the most famous of the 5 gorgeous waterfalls located here.

The reservations for this place book up very quickly each year in about 30 minutes after opening on February 1. So make sure to include this in the must-do list, mark your calendar and cross your fingers.

Ride A Mule At The Grand Canyon

If your family prefers to ride instead of a hike, then you need to sign up for a mule ride through the Grand Canyon. The South Rim mule tours will be lasting 3 hours which include educational stops.

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Only 10 riders are allowed per day to descend all of the ways to the bottom of the Canyon for an overnight at the Phantom Ranch before ascending to the rim the next day. South Rim mule trips that are offered year-round may be booked 13 months in advance.

The waiting list is maintained for cancellations but chances for obtaining reservations on the waiting list are slim.

Brave The Grand Canyon Skywalk

Daredevils would also dig a stroll on Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped glass-bottom bridge suspended 4,000 feet above Colorado River on the edge of Grand Canyon West.

Keep in mind that it will take about 4 hours to drive from South Rim To Skywalk. Built-in the year 2007, the Skywalk gives you the feeling you are walking on air. In fact, you will be seeing some tourists anxiously grab the handrails with their eyes shut.

So never don’t miss the exhibits on Hualapai history inside the Skywalk building. Visiting Grand Canyon West requires the purchase of a tour package for entry. A tour package should be purchased first in order to add any options such as the Skywalk, helicopter, horseback rides, boat rides, and more.

Learn How To Get To The Grand Canyon

Las Vegas is the closest city to the Grand Canyon which is about 125 miles from the Strip to Grand Canyon West. Those who are driving from Las Vegas will be pleased to know it takes about 2 hours to drive from the city to Skywalk. A long driver from Phoenix to Grand Canyon South Rim will require about 4 hours if you do not face any heavy traffic or make any pitstops.

However, there are some ultimate treasures that you will be found on your road trip from the Valley of the Sun to the Grand Canyon. You can just stop in gorgeous Sedona for hiking among rocks or cool off in the summer months at the Slide Rock State Park which is a natural waterpark of sorts. Apart from this, you can also visit impressive Native American ruins at Walnut Canyon or Montezuma Castle.

A trip to Meteor Crater near Winslow is a bit off course but it is totally worth it because you can see that massive hole that could fit around 20 football fields. It was basically created by flying space rock around 50 thousand years ago. All these side trips are part of the jor of the journey to the Grand Canyon.

Take A Train To Grand Canyon

The next tip in the Grand Canyon trip planner is a bit unique. You can reach this massive sightseeing destination in a unique way. You need to climb aboard the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams, Arizona.

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The vintage train provides a variety of cabins, from a non-air-conditioned Pullman up to a luxury domed roof car which serves complimentary sodas as well as snacks that include cheese and cracker trays, hummus, veggies, and an array of fruits.

Grand Canyon Railway is much more as compared to transportation. You can even expect live musicians strolling through every class of car on the way to Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Railway is much more than a transportation system. Before boarding the train the passengers can watch a live Old West shoot out. The people can even expect live musicians on the way to Grand Canyon through every class of the car.

Booking Accommodations At The Grand Canyon

The accommodation facilities at the rim of the Grand Canyon are very limited. You need to plan to go for hotel reservations about a year in advance especially if you are willing to stay at the National Park. So this is the most important point in the Grand Canyon trip planner.

We would always advise you to book a city-side hotel. You can even consider Williams or Tusayan instead. El Tovar is one of the grandest as well as the oldest resorts at the rim which is made of limestone and pine in the year 1905 to evoke a Swiss chalet.

Visit Williams, Arizona

If you are planning to go through the train route, then you can stay for a night in Williams. The Grand Canyon Railway offers attractive hotel as well as train packages. You won’t find the hotel too fancy but the town is worth visiting.

Disney Imagineers visited the towns along the old Route 66 for inspiration for the Cars movies as well as subsequent Car Land at Disneyland. By spending a night or two in Williams has made them bound to fall in the dreams where there are cars from neon lights along its 15 miles per hour main drag.

Make A Side Trip To Bearizona

Most of the kids’ favorite places to visit near the Grand Canyon is Bearizona. This drive-through wildlife park near Williams affords guests a chance to see 17 species of animals which include bison, Arctic wolves, bears, and of course all sheep.

So keep all these tips in the Grand Canyon trip planner as a reference as it would be very useful for you while planning a visit to this massive desert mountain. Let us know if you have any other tip to mention in the comments section below.