Vaccinated Travelers Will Soon Be Able To Visit Hawaii Without A Covid-19 Test

Vaccinated Travelers

Hawaii set to Lift Travel Quarantine Once 70% of Its Population is Vaccinated

The ending is visible for the COVID-19 travel restrictions in Hawaii. Vaccinated mainland Hawaiians will be able to skip COVID-19 testing and quarantine once the state reaches a 60% vaccination rate, in line with the Hawaii government David Ige. They said that once 70% of Hawaii’s residents are vaccinated, The state will drop almost all travel restrictions and end its safe itinerary.

They suggest that things will be back to the way they were pre-COVID. There will be no requirements, home quarantines, or restrictions for any travelers coming to Hawaii, vaccinated or not.

As of June 7, 53% of Hawaii residents fully vaccinated, and 60% had received a minimum of 1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, in step with Hawaii’s health department. In theory, travel restrictions could ease within weeks if everyone follows up with a second dose of the vaccine.

David Ige said that as of June 15, people are ready to fly interisland without taking a COVID-19 test or showing vaccination proofs. Also, on thereon the date, vaccinated people in Hawaii may bypass quarantine when coming from a visit out of state. To encourage more people to induce vaccinated, the state announced it launched an online site this website vaccinated people can enter to win many prizes and study discounts at local retailers and restaurants.

Hawaii travel restrictions

Currently, all domestic travelers, including Hawaii residents returning to the islands, must take a macromolecule Amplification Test through one of Hawaii’s certified testing partners within 72 hours of departing for Hawaii. whether or not they need to be vaccinated, they need to upload negative test results to Hawaii’s Safe Travels website before departure and take a hard copy of the results with you to Hawaii to bypass the state’s mandated 10-day quarantine.

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