UAE Ban Travel on 4 Countries Including Pakistan From May 12

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The UAE imposed a travel ban on four countries including Pakistan from May 12,

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) took a vital decision on Monday afternoon. The UAE Civil Aviation Authority prohibited citizens of 4 Asian countries from visiting. This includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. India is currently facing a major second wave of infection. About 3 lakh cases are beginning daily. However, India isn’t included in this list. This travel ban will acquire effect from May 12. The statement doesn’t say how long the ban will continue.

Signs Were Already Given

The UAE Administration had indicated earlier that they could take some strict steps to prevent infection. UAE’s decision is also a double whammy for Pakistan. Around 6 months ago UAE started canceling work visas and permits of Pakistanis. Since then, no new work visas are issued. Now a travel ban has also been imposed. This implies that Pakistani citizens cannot go there.

Transition is increasing in all three countries

The rate of infection is increasing rapidly in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The UAE feels that the pace of vaccination in Pakistan is negligible and people here can worsen the situation in the UAE. Most of the laborers from Pakistan and Bangladesh comes to UAE. The Government of Pakistan itself believes that before Eid, there is increasing crowds in the markets and people are not becoming cautious. The army has been taken out on the streets to deal with it. Despite this, about 4 thousand cases are being reported every day.

Just one-way flights

At present, the travel ban has been kept one way. meaning people from these countries are visiting be able to return to their country from UAE. UAE diplomatic missions, citizens, and business jets present in these countries are able to come to UAE. These people will must submit an RT-PCR test report for the journey and it should not be over 48 hours old. After returning to the country, they go to want to finish the 10-day mandatory quarantine period.

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  1. ali ahmed

    UAE is taking its all measures to stop the spread of COVID in it this is the reason why this happened and in Dubai, they have controlled it tremendously.

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