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A few months ago, Italy was the most affected country during this COVID-19 pandemic. Over 31,600 Italians have lost their lives because of this deadly virus since it came to light on February 21. As per the records, Italy has registered as the third-highest death toll in the globe. But now the cases have been consistently decreasing, thus the government of Italy has decided to ease the lockdown. Many tourists all across the world have started to visit Italy now. So in this article, we will discuss everything about why do you need to travel to Italy and what are the norms that you should follow, and some advantages of planning a trip to Italy after the lockdown.

Tourism has again started in Italy after the coronavirus lockdown. This reopening has offered ultimate relief to the travel industry as well as the tourists. The country has also made plenty of changes when it comes to the tourist trade.

If you are planning a trip to Italy, you might be thinking about what will be the scenario when you land in Italy?

Will the locals be happy to see foreign tourists? Or is it safe to travel Italy?

Keep on reading on what to expect.

Travel Rules In Italy


The government of Italy have been changing the rules several times since the past few months.

Some places are allowed to visit, some tourists are permitted from the specific countries whereas some are allowed to travel with 14 days of quarantine. There are also some places where tourists are not allowed to visit as of now.

The rules are similar to the traffic rules meaning some places have green signals, where you are free to visit, some are allowed but with quarantine, whereas some are on the red zone where you are not permitted. Having said that, the following are the rules:

Rules of Tourists Within Europe


Europeans are allowed to travel freely whereas Italian people don’t need any justification for travelling after arriving in any city in Italy.

Most of the countries of Europe continent have made similar rules to that of Italy. This means the travellers don’t have to stay in quarantine after returning to their home country.

Residents of the countries like Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Iceland, England, etc are permitted to travel without quarantine.

For instance, a traveller from France has to keep himself in self-isolation for 14 days. Following are the safe list countries outside under the Italian norms: 

  • Australia 
  • Algeria 
  • Canada 
  • Japan 
  • Georgia 
  • Morocco 
  • Montenegro 
  • New Zealand 
  • Serbia 
  • Rwanda 
  • South Korea 
  • Tunisia 
  • Thailand 
  • Uruguay

China has also been approved but they are waiting for the confirmation by the European Union. The residents from the above-mentioned countries are only allowed to visit Italy, not people who may be nationals but stay in other countries.

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Why is it Best to Visit Italy Right Now?


Usually, Italy remains full of tourists all across the year. But if you are planning to visit post lockdown then the major international tourism hotspots like Rome, Venice, Florence, Capri or the Amalfi Coast will be less crowded.

Most of the local tourists has already took the advantage of travelling to these places which are now less crowded since the lockdown eased.

As the places remain peaceful now most of the tourists are literally enjoying their trip getting an extra special experience at the moment.

Can You Visit to Museums, Beaches or Restaurants as Normal?


Well, you can go to all of these places, however, there will be some restrictions. While the shopping malls, restaurants, museums, beaches and other tourist spots are open for business, they are less crowded as the normal.

And the tourists have to maintain some rules like social distancing.

Most of these places are taking the advanced booking whereas some places are collecting the contact details of their customers for tracing purposes.

The historical sites, as well as the museums of Italy, have again opened keeping in mind the strict measures for controlling the crowd as well as reducing the risks of contagion.

The Italian government have also imposed strict social distancing rules on beaches such as prohibition on beach games or gathering of 4 to 5 people. All the people are advised to keep at least one metre of distance.

Similarly, hotels as well as resorts are also taking extra precautions like wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and checking the identification details of the customers ahead of their arrival.

These measures are taken to avoid the physical contact like touching the documents, however, it also speeds up the check-in time.

Best Hotels Where You Can Stay After lockdown

The summer trip to Italy can be different, yet we can enjoy it intensively. Here we have shortlisted some of the best hotels in Italy which are reopening after lockdown.

Borgo Egnazia, PUGLIA


Borgo Egnazia is one of the best hotels in Puglia, Italy that epitomizes the majestic and luxurious architectural designs.

The hotel offers sightseeing facilities to some of the breathtaking places and other historical sites of the city.

After the lockdown, the hotel authorities have planned to introduce Home at Borgo – Casa al Borgo which is specifically made for the guests who will stay for a week.

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Also, there are many other programs such as Happiness Breaks which aims to provide the joyous vision of life.

Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence


The prime location, as well as the rooftop swimming pool, are what Grand Hotel Minerva is famous for. Most of the tourists who visit Florence during summers prefer to stay here.

Located in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, the four-star hotel will remain open post lockdown with amazing offers.

Moreover, the Grand Hotel Minerva provides easy access to the tourists to all the sightseeing spots.

Hotel Hassler, Rome


Hotel Hassler is the topmost hotel in entire Italy that is situated at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome. The hotel was built during the late 19 century but it is now recently been renovated.

It has about 82 rooms that are designed with antique décor items, Venetian lamps as well as the finest arts.

Hotel Hassler will offer special programs with exciting discounts which are worth grabbing after lockdown.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como


Situated in the west shore of Lake Como, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is mostly preferred by the international tourists since its opening in 1910.  Along with its breathtaking view of nature, it also offers some sightseeing programs to its tourists.

The hotel is designed with century-style features with three restaurants, a fully-equipped wellness centre, three swimming pools, jogging paths and tennis courts.

You can avail its unique wellness program after the pandemic ends to give the complete relaxation to your body and soul.

Gritti Palace, Venice


Designed with extravagantly refurbished rooms, the Gritti Palace has again reopened in Venice after the ease of lockdown.

Located across the water from the Guggenheim Museum, the 15th-century hotel offers the best view to its guests. It is the perfect place for those who want to experience the ultimate Venetian period splendour.

The hotel provides round the clock room services and its other wellness services are fully operational along with guidelines.

Presently it is taking utmost care of its guests by maintaining social distancing and other norms.

Now as you have come to know about the best hotels in Italy which are going to open soon after lockdown, let’s us have a look the safest places to visit in Italy after lockdown.

Safest Places in Italy after lockdown

The places that we have mentioned below are the must-visit destinations for tourists who are planning to travel Italy after lockdown. The Italian Government is also maintaining the strict rules for the safety of the tourists.



The art lovers should not miss this place as this is the Art Capital of the World. Here people can find some of the finest places of arts such as the Uffizi museum, Michelangelo’s David and the Galleria dell’Accdemia.

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All these places are worth visiting. Apart from these, there are also some other places as well that are recommended by locals like the Bardini Museum and Gardens.



The trip to Italy will remain incomplete if you miss out Rome. The capital city of Italy is loved by all the tourists and it has some hidden gems that you must check it out.

Places like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Vatican, and St. Peter’s Square should be there in your list of must-visit places in Rome.



This place is perfect for honeymooners. Venice is famous for its beautiful architecture and classic romance. Tourists can see bridges over peaceful canals, restaurants like Bacaro 22 Vinitido and the majestic St. Mark’s Basilica are places where you can hear live opera.



If you are a nature lover and love exploring ancient villages, rolling green hills, then Tuscany is the go-to place for you. Tuscany has Pisa and Florence and other less popular places such as San Gimignano and Montepulciano which portrays the medieval architecture.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa attracts 5 million tourists per year but now the government is allowing only 15 people at a time.



Milan represents the stunning architecture, lavish restaurants and famous places for fashion lovers. As per locals, Duomo cathedral is worth visiting which took around six centuries to build. Also, San Maria Delle Grazie will offer you the chance to see da Vinci’s Last Supper painting.

Lake Como


Situated at the foot of Alps, Lake Como offers eye-catching beauty of surrounding villages, beautiful mountains and pristine waters. Most tourists come here to enjoy adventurous activities in the mountains and sunbathing by the lake.

Though Italy has eased the lockdown, it still has travel restrictions for selected countries. However, you don’t have to worry if you have to keep yourself self-isolated for 14 days.

Afterall its all about your safety. There are so many things to do if you plan to travel Italy. From visiting the stunning architecture in Rome, skiing in the Alps to having a feast on fresh seafood in Venice, Italy has so much to offer.