Swim Under The Havasu Falls In The Grand Canyon, USA

The Havasu Falls is situated in the Grand Canyon, the USA is more than a paradise. Although we know that Grand Canyon is a popular tourist destination all across the world, the Havasu Falls add more beauty to it.

Located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, the Havasu Waterfalls is basically a tributary of the Colorado River. Each and every year lots of travelers from all across the world come here to see the scenic beauty of nature.

Havasu Falls is specifically a desert oasis that is filled with crystal clear waterways as well as gushing falls which add an ultimate beauty to the backdrop of the Grand Canyon.

Havasu Falls Quick Overview

Havasu Falls Quick Overview

The waterfall is situated in the southward direction of the national park on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. The people who want to visit that particular place needs to hike around 10 miles towards the beginning of Hualapai Hilltop. There are fewer facilities at that place as there is a wide parking space along with a few toilets. If you want to have more services and facilities, then you need to go to Peach Springs, Arizona.

If you are thinking to go night camping at Havasu Falls, then we will not recommend you to do that. This is because the beginning part of the hiking towards the waterfall will stressful for you.

Coming straight to the point, when the tourists start swimming in the sheer blue waters of the Havasu Creek hearing the peaceful sound of the falls flowing from the Grand Canyon, they will literally feel as if they are in the world of fantasy. So in this article, we are going to discuss all swimming in the Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon and how to plan a trip to enjoy to the fullest.

Getting Permits

Firstly it is mandatory to take a permit before you visit Havasu Creek. If you don’t have a permit, you are not allowed to take the entry to the place. Now how to get a permit? Well, there are two ways through which you can get a permit to visit the most beautiful tourist destination. The first option is you can reserve a place in the lodge or a campground. But this option doesn’t work for all as thousands of people try hard to make a reservation but the seating capacity in the campground is only about 350 people. On the other hand, there are 24 rooms present at the Havasupai Lodge. So as you can see that it is very difficult to get a permit to go to Havasupai.

Making a Reservation in Havasupai Campground

The reservations for camping in Havasupai Campground open on 1st February of every year at 8 AM based on Arizona Time. You can make your reservation on www.havasupaireservations.com. Make sure that you stay online an hour before the given time as the permits get sold out in the first few hours. It would be best if you create your account on the website a few days before the reservation date.

Reserving a Room in the Havasupai Lodge Permit

Reservations in the Havasupai Lodge starts on 1st June of every year and you can book your room only by telephone by calling at the numbers 928-448-2111  as well as 928-448-2201.  You need to keep on trying by making multiple calls as the number remains busy because different people from all across the world keep on calling for making permit.

Visiting Havasu Creek Falls

If you have got your permit for visiting Shangri-la of waterfalls, then you are lucky enough as you have won the lottery. Now it’s high time you prepare yourself for the adventure. First thing first, you need to drive there and the best route is Route 66 which is one of the amazing Main Street of America.

Once you drive there for a few kilometers, you need to take a turn towards Indian Road 18 and keep on driving until you reach the Hualapai Hilltop parking lot. This is where the trailhead is situated.

One more thing that we would like to add is you can buy all your necessary things or fill up petrol in your car in Peach Springs Airport on Route 66.

When it comes to reaching Havasupai Waterfalls, then there are two ways to reach there. One route is for the adventurous people and another route is for the lazy ones. People who want to reach there in a short period of time can go by helicopter that costs $85 per person for one way.

To get a reservation there you need to stand in a queue at the pickup point until you get your turn. The helicopter flies there only on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 10 am. So be there at least 2 hours before the given time.

Coming to another option which is hiking. This is for those who are adventure lovers. The trail starts at the Halapai Hilltop parking lot. If you want to hike early in the morning then you need to arrive there before the hiking day.

As the temperature rises during the afternoon so it would be better if start hiking early in the morning.  Or else you will feel as if you are in the Sahara Desert. You will feel difficult to hike, so you need a high fitness level to complete your hike.

Waterfalls in Havasu Creek

Havasu Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Havasupai. There are total of 5 waterfalls in Havasu Creek. You need to move towards the falls in the given order: Upper and Lower Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls as well as Beaver Falls. So these are five well-known waterfalls in Havasu Creek.

Swimming in the Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is an ideal place for swimming lovers. Though many people come here to enjoy the stunning view of the falls there are even some people who love to dive deep into the turquoise blue water. Floating on the water will make you feel relaxed and calm and enjoy the beauty of this place.

Mooney Falls, on the other hand, is located just near Havasu Falls and the place is little more cooler than the former. However, you can even swim there as there are multiple pools which you can explore.  What makes Mooney Falls amazing is there is a rope where you can swing and enjoy the beautiful view from the upward direction.

The eye-catchy Beaver Falls consist of amazing swimming holes. Between each of the swimming holes, there are four drops. This will help the swimmers to jump from one fall to another which will give them a thrilling experience.

Wrapping Up

If you have already planned to visit Havasupai, then there are some rules that you need to follow. The first thing first, the visitors are not allowed to cliff jumping. Apart from this, you are not allowed to bring alcohol, dogs, or drugs. Not only this but also using drones is prohibited. The restriction does not end here. You are not allowed to hike at night and during the flood.

So these are some of the useful information about the Havasu Falls which will help you enjoy the trip and cherish those golden memories. We hope this article was helpful to you. Have you ever visited Havasu Falls?

Let us know your experience in the comments section below.