Top 13 Best Travel Apps Of 2023 To Help You Travel Better

All about best travel apps to help your travel batter! Planning a trip will give you something to think about in this year. Whether it is a road trip, business trip, family holiday, solo wellness retreat or a bachelor’s getaway, there are lots of travel destinations to explore. Needless to say, proper planning will make a huge difference between stressful, rushed and a restful, worry-free journey.

Luckily, there are so many awesome travel apps which can immensely help you not only in giving wanderlust experience but also it will let you in saving extra bucks. From tour planner as well as itinerary generators to online portals for hotels and flights, there is the innumerable number of apps which are specifically designed to help you stay away from crowded airports during the trips to unfamiliar roads. So in this blog,

We will help you find the Best Travel Apps which can fulfill all your travel queries.



If you are one who loves going on a road trip but it requires lots of planning then Roadtrippers is the best travel app for specifically for road trips.

This app helps in allowing the users to map their routes with about 7 waypoints free of cost. After that, you have to go for the premium version by upgrading it to Roadtrippers Plus.

Apart from mapping the route, the app will recommend for roadside attractions, local food options, scenic beauties and lots more.

Not only this but they also have pre-designed guides for popular road trips that will help you in advance.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Provides interactive maps for both Android and iPhone users.
  • Have an option to leave feedback.
  • Consists of bookmarking tools for ease of usage.
  • It can be used only by the US-based users.
  • Drains the battery too fast.



Hopper is another fantastic travel app that helps travel lovers in finding the flights at the cheapest rate.

This will help you in saving extra money during the last-minute booking. When you enter your home and the desired destination city name, the app will show you a calendar of the next year which have the colour of the date coded for reflecting historical price averages.

Days that are coded in green reflect cheapest flights which are followed by light orange, red and coral. The red colour coded indicates the expensive days to fly.

The app also consists of a feature known as Watch This Trip that sends notifications to its users if the price increases or decreases.

It also shows you if the price is the same both for the non-stop flights and the flights with layovers and you can choose as per your requirements.

Hopper has a price predictor which predicts when the price is going to rise and inform its users whether or not to book the ticket.

  • Can easily be used by anyone at any parts of the world.
  • Offers insider tips for making wise decisions.
  • Compare the facts while booking the flights.
  • The device needs to be connected to a faster internet service.
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TripIt is such an app which plans as well as organizes all the itineraries is a single place. The app can easily be downloaded both by Android as well as iPhone users.

It also has an upgraded version known as TripIt Pro which costs $49 per year. This version improves the organizing power and has some additional features that include refund alerts, real-time flight notifications as well as an option to track reward points or miles and a currency converter, plug requirements and valuable advice for visiting around 180 countries.

  • Can be able to access both past and present booking.
  • Integrates maps for providing the directions of the airport.
  • The higher annual fee for the premium version.



The Hostelworld app performs all the usual function that a normal traveller can expect from an accommodation booking app. It consists of certain features such as search, descriptions, sorts, filters and it offers results as per your needs. The app also has a full-screen map which lets you know whether the hostel that you are planning to book is situated near the tourist spot. You can also see the reviews of the users who have earlier booked that particular hostel.

  • The app is reliable and legit.
  • Extremely secure.



LoungeBuddy provides its users with access to the luxury airport lounges all across the world no matter which class you are flying.

When you plan a trip from this app, it will let you know in which lounges you have the access. And this is solely dependent on the airports that you will be transitioning. You can purchase the access on that particular day when you are flying or in advance.

  • Will be able to access numerous lounges through credit cards.
  • A one-stop destination for figuring out the location description and lounge information.
  • The app doesn’t function properly sometimes.
  • The user interface doesn’t feel smooth and refined.

booking-logo-300x186-7052568 will let you in finding the best hotel deals at any place and any time or even in advance. It is one of the best travel apps which has the hotel comparison feature in it along with the prices.

The app got more than 135 million reviews as of now which can let the other users choose their hotels without any sort of confusion. It has various accommodations such as hotels, motels, luxury apartments and B&Bs which can be booked with just one click.

You don’t have to pay any extra fees for booking with a credit card. Apart from this it also has 24*7 customer support service who will help you resolve your queries.

  • The app doesn’t charge any additional fee from the guests.
  • Has a great online marketing system.
  • Your booking can easily be synchronised along with other calenders.
  • You cannot cancel after booking.
  • Cannot be able to choose the guests. Any guests can book your property.
  • Doesn’t offer any damage coverage.

kiwi-logo-1-2427045 is popular for flight booking. However, it will help you in all sort of travel booking needs such as hotel, flights, local tours, car rentals and lots more.

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The application offers various information regarding destinations as well as other information about airport such as how to find lounges. Luggage stores as well as ATMs at the time of layovers. You can book flights in an easier way in this app.

All you need to do is just select from one way, round way or multicity itineraries. If you are seeking for inspiration then we recommend you using Nomad feature.

In this feature, the app will offer ready-made flight itineraries such as Tour South Africa option. Here you will be getting customizable itineraries through which you can plan your holiday in the cheapest way.

  • Fly any parts of the world.
  • It has a multi-city feature.
  • Will combine various airlines.
  • Not all airlines are covered sometimes.
  • Customer service is not great.
  • Takes time to load.
  • Users face issues while booking flights.



If you are confused about what to pack for your holiday or trip then it is very important to stay up to date about the weather of that place. This is where WeatherBug helps you out. The app will let you know the forecasts of various locations all across the world with current, daily, hourly and weekly basis. You have to check as per your requirement.

Not only this but it also has different weather maps which range from wind to pressure, lightening as well as humidity. Through this, you can stay alert in terms of forecasts and get lifestyle forecasts that will let you know if the weather condition is appropriate for the trip.

  • Numerous information about weather.
  • Lightning detection solution offered.
  • It has live cameras.
  • Lots of pop up ads.
  • Very few widgets
  • Very sluggish
  • Not properly organized



Almost all the travel enthusiasts know about TripAdvisor as it is most widely used app all across the world.

It has received more than 700 million reviews of around 8 million destinations for recommending places for booking flights, hotels, dinner reservations and planning a city tour. The app is free for both Android and iOS users.

It is available in 28 different languages.  You can follow your favourite travel experts or friends for getting travel advice which matches your interests, watch travel vlogs, read blogs and write your valuable reviews.

  • It has a unique features such as honest feedbacks and photos are posted by travellers.
  • It allows users to share their opinions.
  • Lots of functionalities are available.
  • Poor write-ups by reviewers.
  • Viewers can get confused with different opinions.



If you are adventure lover and love to explore mountains by trekking then you must download this app.

AllTrails is specifically designed for Nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts and for those who go for cardio workouts during their vacations.

AllTrails has more than 1,00,000 curated trails which will let you explore the adventure and allows you in creating as well as sharing custom maps with other adventure lovers you know. This is the best travel app which you need to use for safe hiking as well.

  • Best app for discovering trails.
  • Has a record feature that tracks the progress.
  • No dark mode feature available.
  • Has many bugs that slow down the app.
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If you want to book home rentals during your trip then Airbnb can be the best travel app for you. Once you enter the dates and destination, you can filter the options based on the type of home, requisite amenities, price and lots more. For the last minute booking, you can book a property and it doesn’t need pre-approval. You can directly book the home rental or properties from the app. Airbnb is such an app which will allow you to manage your trip while you are already out for your holiday. You can access everything under the Trips tab.

  • Specifically made for private properties.
  • Their service is flexible.
  • Cheap pricing.
  • 24*7 support service.
  • Booking will be cancelled if the seller is not online within 24 hours.

Google Maps


Our list of best travel apps of 2020 will be incomplete without this app. Google Maps is one of the most important travel apps when you are on your trip.

You can track the locations and get directions while you are in an unknown place. The app will also allow you to see how crowded the places are. Not only this but you can also make restaurants reservation and write reviews through this app. But make sure you download the particular area or city in advance for getting the offline access.

  • Advanced navigation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple user interface.
  • No specific cons as such. Everything is organized and regularly updated by Google.



Rome2rio has the data of more than 160 countries which makes it one of the best international travel apps. All you need to do is just enter an address as your travel destination and the app will show you the information regarding the accommodations as well as things to do. Both Android as well as iOS users can download and use this app for free. Rome2rio also displays how to visit the destination through various travel modes and compare the costs of the accommodation.

  • Easy to get started with.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Does the job of a private agent with lesser cost.
  • Great customer service.
  • Some small towns are not yet listed for train booking.
  • Cancellation issues
  • You will not get the refund amount after cancellation.

So these are some of the best travel apps of 2020 which will make your trip hassle-free. All these apps will make your trip cheaper, easier and longer. So we recommend you to download these travel apps and explore their features and decide which app is suitable for your travel needs.

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