Top 10 Romantic Ideas For Honeymoon In Honolulu in 2023

Imagine a dinner under the starry sky with the love of your life; An evening walk holding those precious fingers and melting into a puddle as romance redefines itself; A private helicopter ride giving a bird’s eye view of the city you came to celebrate your love story; A dance with the unfamiliar yet sweet tunes to make the moments worth a lifetime…Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii is sure to cater to the diversity of your honeymoon travel choices. Once you are in Honolulu you will be spoilt for choice of which place to go first to unravel the mysteries of this popular tourist attraction.

Here are the 10 romantic ideas for an extraordinary honeymoon in Honolulu:

1. A Romantic Day Out Experiencing The Marine Life:

Being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean Hawaii has rich marine life. At any point of the year, you may take a trip to see the creatures which will promise a splendid time together. There are plenty of trip planners in and around the city choose from. The private trips arranged by the travel agents are neatly organized which ensures your safety and privacy.

The best time to visit the large and beautiful animals is between December and May. Dolphins, turtles, and whales are some of the marine animals that keep you wondering as you playfully catch them.

2. A Sunset Cruise

Sunset has always been the chosen time that expresses your heart out to your loved ones. A Hawaiian sunset is what will add meaning to the fresh beginning of a lifelong camaraderie. You may start from Ala Wai Harbor in Waikiki and sail through the crystal sunbathed marine water while soothing your eyes with sceneries offered by Waikiki beach, Diamond Head Mountain, and innumerable bays.

Evening snacks and drinks are served by the crews to cater to your famished stomach. Simply sit beside your partner with a glass of wonderfully concocted cocktail or just a glass of champagne and let the world go by. This two hours sunset Cruise will refresh your soul in a way you never could have imagined.

3. A Private Helicopter Died Overlooking Oahu

How else to celebrate the honeymoon helicopter which promises privacy and thrill at the same time? Even if you are not an adrenaline junky, this flight over the volcanic landscape of Oahu will release your happy hormones at an optimum level. A mixed feeling of adventure, delight, and romance is what every honeymoon couple dies for.

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The bird’s eye view of the serene landscape will be etched into your memory and will be a story worth sharing with the generations to come. Happy riding!

4. Shop Till You Drop At China Town And Luxury Row

Your honeymoon in Honolulu is incomplete without a massive shopping experience. It’s time to redeem all your cash gifts in this beautifully decorated market. This market provides everything from local fruits and nuts to the apparel you always desired for. You and your partner will have a pleasant together time in this market.

If you have a fetish for branded products then your honeymoon is incomplete without a visit to Luxury Row. The sought-after international brands are lined up in the shopping complex intriguing you to burn a hole in your pocket till your hands are full.

5. Hike To Manoa Falls

This lush rainforest track on the island of Oahu is just half an hour’s drive from Honolulu. If you prefer to hike up to the majestic waterfalls then hiking is the only way to experience the romantic thrill. The trail is about 1.6 miles and it’s quite forgiving for beginners in hiking too.

Manoa valley feels other-worldly though it is near the capital city. If you and your partner are nature lovers and have an inclination towards outdoor activities, then pump your adrenaline for a hike up to Manoa Falls. The year-round foliage is spectacular and the daily rainfall often brings rainbows. If you are lucky, you may spot one.

In case you don’t love a hike, there are other modes of transport, too. To add to your thrill, Jurassic Park, the 1993 blockbuster, was partly filmed in a serene location. So, your honeymoon in Honolulu will have a Hollywood touch too.

6. Indulge In A Soothing Therapeutic Spa At Kahala

After all the city trips and the hiking, your body longs for special therapy to rejuvenate. When the spa can be experienced together, no worldly experience can ever match up to it. The luxurious Kahala spa has a variety of romantic spas to choose from. The special package for the romantic couple is designed to be super private ensuring absolute peace.

It offers a body massage, facial, body polish to name a few. To top it all, the intimate time inside the infinity tub is sure to up your romance quotient. Kahala is known for many reasons. One of them is the unmatched hospitality and this Hawaiian spa is no exception. Experienced therapists from all across the world are recruited for this dedicated service.

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One essential point, you must book this spa at least two days in advance as its popularity draws tourists from all parts of the world.

7. Fireworks Show At The Waikiki Beach

Apart from being one of the most popular beaches in the island chain of Hawaii, Waikiki beach is popular for another reason: the firework show. The village where it takes place is Hilton Hawaiian village overlooking the sandy beach. As the sun sets over the horizon the show becomes the next thing to look for at this beach. This typical Friday activity is sure to enlighten your romantic life.

As the luminous display fills up the sky over the beach, you can’t wait but gasp in utter awe at this amazing sight. The fireworks show can be enjoyed better from the bars across the village.

8. The Nightlife

If you believe the fireworks are the only phenomenon to watch out for, and then think twice. The nightlife in Honolulu is unimaginably romantic. While trekking, shopping, and sightseeing adventures limit your daily activities, the nightlife in Honolulu is fun with some nighttime activities.

The live jazz at the local clubs and bars will make you dance till you feel exhausted and retire for the day. To cater to your taste buds, you are offered some snacks and beverages by the wonderfully dressed up waiters. Situated at the heart of Honolulu, the Nextdoor in Chinatown must be there in your itinerary if you are an ardent art lover.

The brilliant mixture of art and music is a favorite among not just the locals. The tourists from the rest of the world also enjoy it. Your honeymoon in Honolulu is quite incomplete without some romantic moments spent at this architectural delight.

9. Dine Under The Stars

You have been in Honolulu for your exotic honeymoon. How could it be ideal without a dining extravaganza under the sky full of stars? Perfect for marriage proposals, anniversaries, and honeymoons, La Mer is one of the chosen restaurants for those with an eye for an extraordinary experience. It is located at Halekulani and is one of the top-rated open-air restaurants in Oahu.

You may go for a three-course dinner. Or if you seriously want to stuff your stomach to the brim, then go for the four-course option. Inspired by French cuisine, the menu offers certain dishes that ooze the flavors of the southern part of France.

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Against the backdrop of the ocean, the milk chocolate ravioli and perfectly poached lobster adds a new dimension to your honeymoon in Honolulu.

10. Immerse In The Hawaiian Culture At Waikiki Straight Luau

Among all the romantic activities in a honeymoon in Honolulu, the Waikiki straight luau is a pure piece of entertainment and an opportunity to catch the traditional culture at its best. Dancing under the stars with the beats of the drums and live music is seemingly unforgettable. If you are a passionate shutterbug, frame the locals dressed up in colorful traditional attires.


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Hence, Honolulu is a piece of paradise for honeymooners. Apart from these popular honeymoon sites, you may stroll around the alleys of this beautiful city to soak in the Hawaiian culture. Needless to say, a perfect honeymoon is synonymous with Honolulu.

Is Honolulu good for a honeymoon? 

Not just those with a fetish for vibrant Hawaiian culture, Honolulu will easily top the list of your favorite honeymoon destinations as it serves both the lover of sandy beaches and the passionate backpacker looking for a mountainous adventure. Romance is best to be unfolded in vastly diversified forms.

While you will be enjoying a day at the Waikiki beach simply sipping on your favorite concoction, your partner will feast his/her eyes on the beautiful mountain ridges overlooking the beaches. A hike to the Diamond Head Volcano is among the many popular honeymoon trails that make honeymoon in Honolulu romantic without a shred of doubt.

Is Honolulu romantic?

Starting from that much-awaited sunset with your romantic partner to savoring that local cuisine, cruising along the pacific paradise watching a bunch of whales dancing and playing, to the romantic hike up to Waimea waterfall, romance is oozing during every bit of your honeymoon in Honolulu.

Lying in the hammock at the beach with you is a signature thing o do in Honolulu that makes the makes truly romantic. The cool ocean breeze soothing your soul as you take an evening stroll at Waikiki beach is sure to enhance the romance between you and your spouse.