Top 10 Best Beaches In The World | List Of Beautiful Beaches in 2023

Our earth is made up of 71 per cent water among which 96.5 per cent is covered by oceans. There are lots of mesmerising drop-dead gorgeous beaches on our planet earth.

A beach is all about the sparkling shine of sand, the calming sound of waves, the briny scent of salt in the air and soft breeze all around.

In other words, it is like a beautiful poem which makes our hearts sing and we go to the world of imagination.

But what makes a favourite beach for a person depends on the choice of the traveller. Some people prefer to visit deserted shorelines that have calm waters whereas some travellers like wide and open stretch beaches where people can enjoy lots of activities.

So in this article, we have considered all these factors like speciality, things to do as well as best foods or drinks for shortlisting the 10 best beaches in the world.

Here are some best beaches in the world

Seagrass Bay, Laucala Island Island


Seagrass Bay is a private island that has a land of 7.5 square miles in Fiji. To visit this island you have to hire a charter flight from Nadi which would take around 50 minutes to reach paradise.

The entire island is covered by tropical forest which is home to some of the archipelago’s animals and birds, beautiful marine life and flawless beaches.

You can visit the tropical forest by booking horseback rides or walking tours. If you are one who loves private beaches then Seagrass Bay is the one as it one of the calmest resort beaches and the perfect place to enjoy open-air lunch and dinner.

Where to stay:

As Laucala Island is a large island of around 3000 acres of jungle forests and green mountains. But it has only 25 luxurious villas. Each and every villa is designed in a glamourous way.

The best thing about these villas is their interior décor will give you Fijian feel. Their roofs are made of palm leaves, coconut husk and the interiors are decorated with local timbers.

Environment at beach:

Be it submarine rides or golfing, Seagrass Bay has something to offer to everyone. Though it is not that cheap holiday destination, it offers its visitors a unique way to enjoy the marine life.

It also has an 18 hole golf course that will improve your skills. Additionally, there are many other activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding, banana boat rides and lots more.

Good Food/Drink at beach:

The main speciality of Seagrass Bay is fooding. The breakfast of the travellers would start with french toast that is served with crunchy coconut flakes.

The menu of the lunch is somewhat different that include colourful salads, tomato and burrata Caprese, fresh seafood, charutterie plates and a glass of French Champagne. On the other hand, you will get Asian cuisine at your dinner.

Matira Beach, Bora Bora


Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands situated in French Polynesia in the South Pacific. 18 miles long beach is protected by beautiful lagoons outlined by shiny white sand seashores.

There are a couple of reasons why people prefer to visit Bora Bora. The other name of this beach is “the Romantic island” as it consists of private beaches, quiet atmosphere, intimate resorts and hotels that attract the tourists. But that doesn’t mean that you will get bored as there are lots of activities for adventure lovers.

Where to stay:

There are numerous hotels and resorts that doesn’t cost much. Most of the resorts are designed as a combination of bungalows and traditional rooms.

Whereas some bungalows are designed in a simple way. If you prefer a romantic stay then overwater bungalows can be the best option for you.

Environment at beach:

As mentioned above, if you are a adventure lover then Bora Bora has lots to offer. From shark feeding expedition on the lagoon to half-day jeep tour through the interior of the island, you will never get bored for a minute.

At end never miss the amazing sunset view on the bright turquoise water.

Good Food/Drink at beach:

The visitors can enjoy local cuisines made of sweet coconut, delicate vanilla as well as fresh seafood.

If you want to enjoy the special dish then we would suggest you to order crusty pizza or spicy Chinese cuisine.

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town


It takes 10 minutes to visit Camp Bay Beach from downtown Cape Town, South Africa. Being the heart of the city, Camp Bay Beach is surrounded by picturesque scenery which attracts most of the foreign tourists.

The beach here is naturally decorated with pure white sand on one side and the other side of the sea is surrounded by lush green mountains.

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The colour of the water keeps on changing depending on the season from darker blues to emerald and turquoise. It has received the Blue Flag status in the year 2008 and this is the reason Camp Bay is included in our list of beautiful beaches as you will nowhere get to see such scenic beauty in the world.

Where to stay:

One of the most beautiful places in Cape Town is the historic Bay Hotel as it is situated opposite to the beach where you can feel the calm breeze. There are swimming pools as well as a spa where you can relax.

On the other hand if you want to go something more traditional and relaxing, you can stay as Camps Bay Retreat. It has four acres of lush green garden and place specifically designed for mountain meditation.

The interior of the guest house is decorated in the Moroccan style facing opposite the sea.

Environment at beach:

There are lots of adventurous and fun-filled activities at the Camps Bay Beach. If you are a nature lover, you can make time for exploring the Pipe Track which is built for transporting water from the River Disa to the city.

The length of the trail is approximately 6 km and it takes almost 6 hours to complete both the rounds. On the other hand, there are also various amazing shore diving sites near to the beach.

Good food/drink at beach:

Camps Bay Beach is popular for its seafood restaurants. The restaurants of the place mainly focus on seafood items and offer freshly cooked sushi to its customers.

Petite Anse, Mahe


Mahe is a home to some of the most beautiful beaches among which Petite Anse is the popular one not only in Seychelles but the entire world. The beach is situated near to Grand Anse and is worth visiting. The main reason of popularity of Petite Anse is sparkling beauty.

Many tourists even claim that it is even more beautiful and eye-catchy than its nearby beach Grand Anse and is indeed a spot to behold.

It takes 15 minutes of walking distance up through a small hill via Grand Anse and we think it is worth walking on the white, powdery, soft sand beneath the deep blue seawater.

Where to stay:

There are lots of magnificent resorts near to Petite Anse which offer pampering services to their customers. You can have luxurious experience by staying in a treehouse which consists of 67 villas covered by lush green leaves all around.

On the other hand staying opposite to the beach also gives you an unique experience as there are many resorts that provide private islands to their customers to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the Indian Ocean.

Environment at beach:

The choppy and rough waves of Petite Anse are not at all comfortable for swimming. You can play basketball, volleyball and other sports with your friends and family. Sunbath and relaxing under the shade of trees will give you a blissful feel.

Good food/drink at beach:

Petite Anse is famous for many reasons but what people mostly don’t realise is that its food. Their dishes are inspired from African, Indian, Chinese and British cuisines.

From grilled fish to shark curry, we can assure you that the taste buds of your tongue will truly get delighted after you have those dishes.

When it comes to drinks, the most recommended non-alcoholic drinks are lemonade, citronella and lemongrass tea and Giner ale whereas the famous alcoholic beverages are Laou, Buka, French and South African wine.

Railay Beach, Thailand


Railay is one of the stunning beaches in situated in Thailand which can only be reached by the help of longtail boat which we feel is an experience worth taking.

Once you reach the beach you will step on the soft, powdery and sparkling sand and get to see the turquoise and emerald lagoon which is surrounded by giant limestone monoliths, caves, cliffs and forest.

The beach is most popular for newly married couples and family for its amazing viewpoints.

Where to stay:

There are many resorts and hotels among which Rayavadee is the best option to stay specifically for honeymooners. Being the 5-star beachfront villa that is situated next to the Krabi Marine National Park, it has an outdoor pool, a full-service spa and 4 different dining options. Most of the resorts in Railay Beach are surrounded by tropical gardens that will give you a beach type feel once you reach there.

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Environment at beach:

Railay Beach is a place for handful of outdoor activities. There are many small islands nearby the beach so you can visit those islands by boat and explore new places. If you are an adventure lover, then Railay Beach has lots to offer you.

The best idea would be to go for premier rock climbing. Apart from this, there are many other activities such as hiking up at the Railay Beach viewpoint, underwater diving, kayaking, etc.

Good food/drink at beach:

There is no specific speciality of its food offerings. Having said that tourists here prefer to have local Thai food as they are very tasty and freshly offered.

The prices of the dishes are quite affordable here ranging from 200 to 400 baht. On the other hand you will find a handful of luxurious bars here where you can get expensive drinks.

Miami Beach, Florida


Located on the barrier island between Biscayne Bay and Miami, Miami Beach is 2.5-mile-long which is known to be one of the best beaches in the world.

The South Beach is in Southern end which is the most beautiful beach in America has a clear emerald green water, white and powdery sand and scenic beauty that you can spend an entire day on the beach itself by swimming and sunbathing.

Where to stay:

Being the most budget-friendly tourist destination, Miami is filled with hotels for all styles and budgets. You can choose the hotel as per your convenience.

For instance, couples who are looking for luxurious stay can opt for beachfront hotels while the people who are travelling with family can go to hotels located in northern area of South Beach.

Environment at beach:

The beach is perfect for swimming and enjoying other water activities such as wakeboarding or jet skiing. The area near South Beach is a hub of shopping and other entertainment spots. Most of the tourists are attracted to Ocean Drive which has creative boutiques, cafes, restaurants and cinema halls.

Good food/drink at beach:

Miami is famous for world-class seafood. You can enjoy Latin American and the Caribbean influenced foods here and one of them is chicharron which specifically South American cuisine.

From the Fish sandwich to Stone Crabs, you can enjoy eating fantastic gifts of the ocean.

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii


Located in Oahu, Hawaii, Sunset Beach is one of the best beaches in the world to experience big waves surfing in Winter. The height of the waves rise up to 30 feet which gives a thrilling view.

The surprising part of the beach is that during the summer, the water becomes calm as a pond which is mostly loved by the snorkelling lovers.

Oahu is also an amazing place to view the golden sunset and hence the name Sunset Beach.

But we recommend you to reach the sunset point early to see the sunset on time.

Where to stay:

Staying near Sunset Beach is the best option to reach the spot easily. You can book a private North Shore rental vacation located opposite to the beach.

These beach homes offer luxurious amenities and once you enjoy your trip and come back to the hotel, you can relax in the hot tub facing the North Pacific Ocean.

Environment at beach:

The North Shore of Oahu is the best place for surfing and other water sports. You can also experience the thrill by going cage diving with sharks where you can see the real sharks facing you.

Another great activity for adventure lover is skydiving and there are three skydiving operators namely Skydive Hawaii, Pacific Skydiving and Oahu Parachute Centre.

Good food/drink at beach:

Did you experience eating in food trucks? If not then Oahu is the best place as there are lots of food trucks near to the North Shore which offer all varieties of food from pizza to Thai food to Tacos.

However, we recommend you to order island-inspired Thai food such as Haupia and coconut filling.

Palm Beach, Aruba


Once you step on to the white sand of the 2 miles long Palm Beach, you will see the palm trees all around.

The beach is popularly known for sunset. Visiting the beach early morning or during the sunset will give you a perfect feel to practice yogasanas or exercise.

Clean shores, dark blue waters and picturesque weather is the best place for sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming.

You can also explore the place by booking a guided tour where the guide will show you rocky coastline, desert hills and museums.

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Where to stay:

Palm Beach is home to many large resorts which participate in One Cool Family Vacation program. In this program the participating resorts provide free bonuses to kids under 12 years.

Aruba Marriott, Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort, Casino and Wyndham Aruba Beach Resorts are the famous resorts that participate in this program.

Environment at beach:

The island offers lots of kids friendly activities like Kibaima Miniature Village and Park where the children can explore miniature traditional-style buildings and houses and observe live plants and animals.

Aruba is also the best place to enjoy Golf as it has the largest mini-golf course in the world.

Good food/drink at beach:

Aruba offers unique Arubian cuisines and some of them are a fish gumbo cooked with fish fillets, giambo, deep-fried turnovers, okra and basil that are filled with spicy meat and cheese and a coconut pudding that is filled with rum.

Reethi Rah, North Male Atoll, Maldives


There are more than 1200 beaches in Maldives and all are next to heaven in terms of scenic beauty but our favourites are North Male Atoll and Reethi Rah.

From endless stretches to pristine sand to sparkling waters to palm trees, both the beaches are the perfect spots for paradise seeking beachgoers.

The Maldives is specifically famous for honeymooners and the tourism department of Maldives offers private beaches as well who are willing to book.

Where to stay:

It’s not that difficult to afford a luxurious stay in Reethi Rah or North Male Atoll. Resorts like Summer Island will make you forget all your worries.

The interior of the resort is beautifully decorated and they offer romantic dinners, sunset cruises and other water activities.

Environment at beach:

For the honeymooners, the place offers many activities to spend quality time with each other.

A stargazing night spent with your better half by sitting under a villa on a private poolside beach, thrilling water sports and lying under the blue sky, Maldives is a dream destination to many.

Good food/drink at beach:

The food variety of Reethi Rah and North Male Atoll, in fact entire Maldives is quite limited. But you can still enjoy its special delicacies like fresh seafood and fruit, specifically coconut.

Most of the Maldivian cuisines are prepared using rice and coconut which will make your stomach and taste buds happy.

Tulum, Mexico


Tulum has recently been popular and the number of tourists keeps on booming every year.

It is home to many pristine beaches in Mexico. It takes 2 hours drive to reach Tulum from River Cancun. The soft and white sand beach, ancient Mayan and clear turquoise water make it different from other beaches.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve of Tulum is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site that protects almost half-million acres of rainforest, coral reefs, caves and dunes.

Where to stay:

Tulum has two options either staying near or on the beach. If you are looking for budget-friendly hotels, then south village is the best destination for best-value hotels among which Posada Luna del Sur will be the super value deal.

On the other hand for the honeymooners, the Turtle Cove is the perfect location to stay. The hotels situated in this location have freshwater swimming pools, lounge chairs, sunbeds and lots more.

Environment at beach:

If you planned to visit here to see the natural lives in Tulum in advance then Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is the perfect destination.

It is home to tons of Mexican wildlife specifically flamingos, birds, jaguars, monkeys and pumas. Apart from this Tulum is world-famous for its nightlife so we highly recommend you to explore it.

Good food/drink at beach:

The food of Tulum is to die for. If you are a food enthusiast then this the best destination of Mexico, whether you like seafood or vegetarian dishes, there are a variety of items available to satisfy your taste buds irrespective of the cuisines

So these are the best beaches in the world which are worth exploring. You can choose your dream beach destination as per your choice. If you are an urban beach lover, you can choose Miami Beach while if you are a private beach lover you can visit islands like Reethi Rah.

Which is your favourite beach among these? Let us know in the comments.