Best things to do in Hawaii on Honeymoon or on Vacation with Friends & Family

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If you are a nature lover and looking for a beautiful place to visit, Hawaii is the best tourist place to enjoy nature. There are many things to do in Hawaii Island such as, enjoy snow mountains, dolphin-filled waters, cobalt waters, powder-white beaches, and Kilauea Volcanoes.

Hawaii Island has six regions Hamakua Coast, Hilo, Kau, Kona, Kohala, and Puna. These regions are full of vacation and honeymoon activities to enjoy, and these activities could go on and on. But here are the best activities to consider as you plan your vacation.

Here is the list of the Very best things to do in Hawaii island!

Water Activities in Hawaii: Hawaii is in the middle of the ocean, and there are lots of fun you can do and already have!

Swim with Dolphin Best Tour Place

1.) Swim with Dolphin:

Swim with Dolphin is one of the best adventures you can do in Hawaii. You are a person who has never experienced swimming with dolphins in the ocean. Then it will be a whole new experience for you!

Night snorkel with manta rays Best Tour Place

2.) Night snorkel with manta rays:

Most famous Manta rays night dive is one of the best things to do in Hawaii (Big Island).
The help of snorkeling boats and the light on the floating device help you to sea the Manta ray. Light on floating device attracts the plankton. To hunting the plankton, manta ray come and eat in the way we can say it look like fish is dancing.

Snorkeling Best Tour Place

3.) Snorkeling:

When you are on Hawaii island, don’t forget to book a snorkeling tour for you and your love once. Without a doubt, snorkeling is an enjoyable thing to do in the water.
It’s a practice of swimming on the water by the body and equipped with the diving mask.

Whale Watching Best Tour Place

4.) Whale Watching:

In Hawaii, there is also Whale watching activity you can enjoy! And I’m sure. You will get the most beautiful experience by watching whales. So don’t forget to book a whale watching tour.

Beach Surfing Best Tour Place

5.) Waikiki Beach Surfing:

Waikiki beach surfing next best thing to do on Oahu’s Waikiki beach. For newcomers, I suggest you don’t be too excited by just watching the experienced surfer. Just hold the excitement and motivation within you and start leaning surfing like balancing on water and few more steps.
This way you will enjoy and gain experience of surfing.
Because experience surfer goes far in the ocean while surfing and enjoying on a big wave And it’s soo cool. And if you are a newcomer I’m sure your time will come after gaining some experience. So don’t be too hasty!
Waikiki Beach is perfect for the newcomer because this beach has the right wave to learn the fundamentals of surfing.

Stand up Paddle boarding Best Tour Place

6.) Stand-up Paddle-boarding (SUP):

SUP is a new activity, and it’s already become so popular among tourists. In Hawaii Island, more and more people are trying SUP because it’s easy to learn.
It’s one of the best things to do in Hawaii.

Windsurfing Best Tour Place

7.) Windsurfing:

Windsurfing is known as sailboarding and board sailing. Windsurfing was the most popular activity than surfing. Still, so many people love it. And in Hawaii, you can enjoy windsurfing.

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