Swim Under The Havasu Falls In Grand Canya – Detail Guide

Havasu Falls is globally famous. Most people know that it is situated at the bottom of the Grand Canyon but don’t know much about it. In fact, many people want to visit these beautiful and stunning waterfalls every year but don’t know from where to start their trip. Apart from this, there are various other things that you might want to know such as what is the ticket price to visit Havasu Falls and what is the best season to visit Havasu Falls. So in this article, we will be covering each and everything in a detailed way. Having said that let us dive deeper into the tips that you should follow to visit Havasu Falls.

Tips to follow before Plan Havasu Falls

Plan Your Trip In Advance

Havasu Falls is not situated in the Grand Canyon National Park but it is on an Indian reservation near the National Park. This specifically means you cannot visit the waterfalls in the eleventh hour. You have to plan in advance.

Also, there are no roads to reach the waterfalls and you have to hike 10 miles in each direction. You need to start hiking on the Havasupai Indian Reservation which is a 4 to 5-hour drive from either Las Vegas or Phoenix.

Are There Any Restrictions On Visiting The Waterfalls?

The Havasupai tribe has the access to Havasu Falls and various other waterfalls situated nearby. To visit all the places you need to stay overnight in the canyon while you are on your visit. But for this, you should reserve a permit to hike into the canyon. We will be discussing how to get permits below.

While you are on your way to Havasupai waterfalls you should carry all the hiking and camping equipment for maintaining safety. Summers are extremely hot in Canyon with temperatures more than 100 degrees F. In July and August monsoon storms and floods are common. So make sure to check the weather in advance.

It Requires Strenuous Hike To Visit Havasu Falls

You need to hike for 10 miles to reach Havasu Falls. The texture of the road is rocky and sandy with almost no shade. The hike to the falls is situated in the downhills. This means you have to hike back out to your car will be all uphill and is quite difficult.

If you are a newbie and are not prepared for a hike you will be exhausted while you are at the falls and you cannot be enjoying the area at your best. But before going to Havasupai, you have to prepare yourself that you are capable of hiking at least 20 miles while you are on your trip.

How to get Havasu falls permits

You Should Get A Havasu Falls Permit To Hike

Havasu Falls is situated on the tribal land which belongs to Havasupai Indian Tribe. The Havasupai Indians ask for a permit from the visitors which should be booked in advance. Permits are in huge demand because the waterfalls are adored by the tourists. And to visit this place you should reserve your permits on 1st February when the permit opens up or they will all be sold out for the entire year. You can also reserve your tickets online.

Firstly it is mandatory to take a permit before you visit Havasu Creek. If you don’t have a permit, you are not allowed to take the entrance to the place.

Well, there are two ways through which you can get a permit to visit the Havasu falls.

The first option is you can reserve a place in the lodge or a campground. But this option doesn’t work for all as thousands of people try hard to make a reservation but the seating capacity in the campground is only about 350 people.

On the other hand, there are 24 rooms present at the Havasupai Lodge. So as you can see that it is very difficult to get a permit to go to Havasupai.

Making a Reservation in Havasupai Campground

The reservations for camping in Havasupai Campground open on 1st February of every year at 8 AM based on Arizona Time.

You can make your reservation at www.havasupaireservations.com.

Make sure that you stay online an hour before the given time as the permits get sold out in the first few hours.

It would be best if you create your account on the website a few days before the reservation date.

Reserving a Room in the Havasupai Lodge Permit

Reservations in the Havasupai Lodge start on 1st June of every year and you can book your room only by telephone by calling at the numbers 928-448-2111  as well as 928-448-2201

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You need to keep on trying by making multiple calls as the number remains busy because different people from all across the world keep on calling for making permits.

Havasu Falls Camping Information & Fees

  • The reservations for Havasu Falls starts on February 1.
  • You can call (928) 448-2121 or you can even visit their official website to book tickets.
  • They charge $50 entrance fee, plus 10% tax per head to enter the Havasupai Reservation.
  • The environmental fee is $10 per person.
  • For camping, they charge  $25 per person.
  • You need to pay for everything during the time of reservation.
  • There is no refund policy.
  • You cannot take drones there or else you have to pay fines.

How to get to Havasu Falls?

If you have got your permit for visiting the Shangri-la of waterfalls, then you are lucky enough as you have won the lottery. Now it’s high time you prepare yourself for the adventure.

First thing first, you need to drive there and the best route is Route 66 which is one of the amazing Main Street of America.

Once you drive there for a few kilometers, you need to take a turn towards Indian Road 18 and keep on driving until you reach the Hualapai Hilltop parking lot. This is where the trailhead is situated.

One more thing that we would like to add is you can buy all your necessary things or fill up petrol in your car in Peach Springs Airport on Route 66.

When it comes to reaching Havasupai Waterfalls, then there are two ways to reach there. One route is for the adventurous people and another route is for the lazy ones. People who want to reach there in a short period of time can go by helicopter that costs $85 per person for one way.

To get a reservation there you need to stand in a queue at the pickup point until you get your turn.

The helicopter flies there only on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 10 am. So be there at least 2 hours before the given time.

Coming to another option which is hiking. This is for those who are adventure lovers. The trail starts at the Hualapai Hilltop parking lot. If you want to hike early in the morning then you need to arrive there before the hiking day.

havasu-falls-camping-4948898 Image Credit

Havasu falls camping

The Havasupai Tribe requires to stay all the visitors to stay overnight in the canyon but from the year 2019, you need to stay for at least 3 nights on each reservation. This is for your own safety due to the nature of the challenging 10-mile hike in each direction.

You can easily spend 3 nights or more at Havasu Falls as there are lots of things to explore in the Canyon. If you visit the place for one night, then you cannot see all the places. You will take almost an entire day of hiking to the waterfalls and end up getting tired, then the next day you have to leave.

Most people camp in the Havasu Falls campground and for this, you need to bring all the equipment that is needed for camping. The tribe does offer the option to hire a packhorse to carry some equipment for an added fee but it is best to carry your own food and equipment.

There is also a hotel where some people can stay in the Canyon. The hotel is located in the village of Supai, Arizona which is around 2 miles away from Havasu Falls. You need to cross through Supai on your hike to the waterfalls. The lodge is not that luxurious and does not have many rooms. Also, you need to arrange food on your own.

Selecting A Campsite

Campsites are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved in advance. If you have made the payment to have the mules deliver your bags they are going to arrive a bit later. Don’t pay too much attention to where you have to camp, you won’t spend lots of time anyway. Following are some of the important things to consider:

  • Proximity to a freshwater source.
  • Privacy
  • Trees if you have brought a hammock.

Toilets At The Campsite: There are various clean compost toilets that are located throughout the campground. They are generally stocked with single-ply toilet paper and have garbage cans outside.

Fresh Water: There is a continuously flowing spigot in the campground and you can fill up the freshwater point ever you want. It will take nearly 15 minutes to walk from the campsite but it may be a good idea to invest in a foldable water container so that you can always have fresh water with you to cook, drink and doing dishes.

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Food Storage: There are squirrels at Havasu Falls which will try anything and everything to get your food. So never ever keep any food in your tent or a backpack and make sure to keep your food in a sturdy bag to hang out from a tree.

Research Before You Start The Trip

As mentioned above, the Havasupai Indian Reservation is a remote area. So you have to be well prepared while you are on your way as you will not be having access to toilets, water, shops, and hospitals.

Also, make sure to carry your first aid kit with you because you never know what happens on the way. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to carry food into the canyon. Even you need to carry all the trash after having the food.

The Main Waterfalls Of Havasu Falls

Hiking to Havasupai and witnessing to beauty of Havasu Falls, Beaver Falls, Mooney Falls or the newer waterfalls is a great adventure that everyone should experience. Now we will have a look at each of these waterfalls in detail.

#1 Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is the famous waterfall of the Havasupai waterfalls. The waterfall is 100 feet tall and cascades into a crystal blue-green pool which is just a 5 minutes walk from the Havasupai Campground and around 2 miles from the village of Supai. The picnic dots the dirt and rock shore while cottonwood trees shade various other similar waterfalls below the picturesque landmark. Havasu Falls was earlier called Bridal Veil Falls when its flow stretched horizontally across the entire cliff of travertine.

#2 Navajo Falls

Navajo Falls is below the fifty footfalls, hence you can visit both the falls at the same time. But Navajo Falls used to look quite different but in the year 2008, a flash flood roared through and completely changed the landscape, This is the reason the waterfall is smaller than it used to be but it still looks stunning and clearly

#3 Upper Navajo Falls

Upper Navajo Falls is situated about 8.5 miles from the trailhead and a mile ahead of Supai village. The waterfall is worth visiting because of its incredible beauty. The campground is situated downhill and once you get down there you won’t want to make your way back up. This waterfall is the sunniest of all waterfalls because the canyon is wider than the falls further in.

#4 Mooney Falls

Now to reach Mooney Falls you need to cross the campground. Then the trail to get down to the bottom is pretty sketchy by the standards of most people. You can choose a  campsite here and drop your belongings and then head to Mooney Falls. The hike is slick and steep in some areas and you require both hands to get down and back up the trail. And once you get down, it opens up many more miles of river to explore.

#5 Beaver Falls

When it comes to scenic beauty, Beaver Falls is the best waterfall. It cascades down the canyon about 2.5 miles past the campground. The trails are very dynamic which plenty of ups and downs, amazing views, and river crossings. You can even enjoy watching the wildlife over there.

Havasu Falls Map for Guide:

Swimming in the Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is an ideal place for swimming lovers. Though many people come here to enjoy the stunning view of the falls there are even some people who love to dive deep into the turquoise blue water. Floating on the water will make you feel relaxed and calm and enjoy the beauty of this place.

Mooney Falls, on the other hand, is located just near Havasu Falls and the place is a little cooler than the former. However, you can even swim there as there are multiple pools which you can explore.  What makes Mooney Falls amazing is there is a rope where you can swing and enjoy the beautiful view from the upward direction.

The eye-catchy Beaver Falls consist of amazing swimming holes. Between each of the swimming holes, there are four drops. This will help the swimmers to jump from one fall to another which will give them a thrilling experience.

Best Time To Visit Havasu falls Creek For Swimming

As you have to know about all the waterfalls in Havasupai, now it’s time to know what is the best timing to visit there.

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The best time to visit Havasu Falls is either in late autumn or early spring when the temperature is normal for hiking and the environment is pleasant for camping. You can even visit this place during summer but you should start your hike early in the morning due to excessive heat.

These falls are accessible all across the year but you should be comfortable and whenever you are to reserve a lodge or a camp spot. We would advise you to visit in February although those who want only in the summer months need to get accustomed to the cooler nights.

#1 March – April – May

The climate is extremely pleasant during this time which is perfect for hiking. Although theoretically already booked, the trail and campground are less busy in March. The average temperature in March remains 40 to 70 degrees celsius. The only disadvantage during this time is the water does not remain warm enough for swimming at times and no blooming fauna and trees. On the other hand from April to May, trees turn green and it gets warmer which is best for swimming but it’s also more crowded already.

#2 June – July- August

During this time, the weather remains hot about 100 degrees celsius. If you visit this place during this time, you need to start hiking early in the morning, or else it will become unbearable. Swimming can be a wonderful experience with these temperatures outside. The biggest disadvantage here is it’s the peak season and the place remains heavily crowded. You can even meet many others on the trail. Whereas July and August are the monsoon months, there is a chance of flash floods and thunderstorms.

#3 September

The weather remains pleasant and still very warm but the place remains crowded. You have to start the hike early. Also, flash floods and thunderstorms can still happen in the mid of the month.

#4 October – November

In the month of October, the weather remains normal without scorching heat. In the mid of October, the place is perfect for hiking and swimming. It’s hot enough to get wet all day long and cold enough to wear light weather. Whereas in November, the temperature decreases to 37 to 63 degrees celsius. However, it is the best month to hike with less crowd.

#5 December – January – February

Winter is the low season but you access everything here. The biggest disadvantage during this time is that water remains cold which is not good for swimming. During the night the place gets freezing cold which is not even perfect for camping. So you can opt for the lodge. But it’s the best season for hiking.

Hiking At Havasu Falls

Following are the points through which you can get an overview of what you can expect on your Havasu Falls hike:

  • Trail Name: Havasu Falls Trail
  • Trailhead Name: Havasupai Trailhead (situated at the Hualapai Hilltop Parking Lot Area)
  • Havasupai Trailhead Elevation: 5.174 feet starting at Hualapai Hilltop Parking Lot
  • How long to hike to reach Havasu Falls? You need to hike for 25 miles roundtrip
  • How many days to spend at Havasu Falls? You can plan for 2 nights and 3 days trip to Havasu Falls.
  • The difficulty level of Havasupai Falls: The difficulty level is high. As the trail is very popular, many people having various experience levels do this hike. If you are a newbie, you can find it difficult. But you can cross the road with your fellow backpackers soon.

Wrapping Up

If you have already planned to visit Havasupai, then there are some rules that you need to follow. The first thing first, the visitors are not allowed to cliff jumping. Apart from this, you are not allowed to bring alcohol, dogs, or drugs. Not only this but also using drones is prohibited. The restriction does not end here. You are not allowed to hike at night and during the flood.

So these are some of the useful information about Havasu Falls which will help you enjoy the trip and cherish those golden memories. We hope this article was helpful to you. Have you ever visited Havasu Falls?