Running Out of Money While Traveling – What Solution you have?

The most dangerous situation is when you running out of money while traveling. Don’t worry about this situation we researched and got all the solutions for each possible situation.

Traveling is a serene, peaceful experience that enables you to experience things you could have only imagined.

Ticking off the places on your bucket list or marking the 100 country milestone can really make you feel at peace with yourself- knowing that you’ve seen most of what the world has to offer, going so far as to engage in the culture of a country with the native people.

But while traveling might be all the hype, it comes with its fair share of hard times and hurdles that you must overcome, with the ability to think on your feet.

There is a multitude of things that can go wrong- your flight could get canceled, your hotel room doesn’t have a balcony, your hostel doesn’t cater to vegetarians!

But the most expensive of all problems can easily be- running out of money while traveling in a new city with minimal or zero connections.

The Situations About Running Out of Money While Traveling:

Now running out of money is a pretty broad term. It can be divided into parts.

The first one refers to being out of money in the sense that you not only don’t have cash in your pocket but you also don’t have some money in your bank account.

There are no savings, no reserves, no plan B to tide you through the rest of your travels or to get you home.

The second kind refers to if you’ve been robbed, or if your ATM cards get lost, or your information gets compromised.

Either way, you are in a new city with no money and a few days of travel still ahead of you.

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While this can be one of the most dangerous positions to be in, there are a lot of ways you can fix it.

So, here are a few ways to get out of the above-mentioned situations without compromising on the rest of your travels:

Avoidance: What We Think You Can Do:

The very first way is avoidance about running out of money.

Through planning and mapping out your travels carefully, you should be able to avoid putting yourself into such a situation.

A few good ways to do that is by budgeting for your trip, being careful and actively having some form of back up capital.

Follow general rules like dividing the cash into several places while on the road, being cautious and sticking to safer neighborhoods.

Don’t carry a lot of money on you since there is an extensive active ATM system in almost every country and the charges are not that monumental.

Furthermore, it is a viable idea to have a backup bank account with some savings to ensure that you are never indeed out of cash.

Having different debit as well as credit cards is a good measure to ensure that you have a solid game plan if things happen to wrong.

Borrowing Money

Borrow. If you’ve come to the city to meet old friends or relatives, borrow from them.

The fact stands that you are in a scary situation with little room for any more mistakes.

If you have no money, the easiest way to solve this problem is to somehow get cash.

If borrowing from friends or distant relatives seems like too much of a hassle or embarrassment- reach out to your parents or siblings to wire you in some money.

Now what I think about this situation, this situation shows you trusted people Who always will help you with this kind of situation. in return be ready to help them.

Now what I think about this situation, This situation shows you trusted people who always will help you with this kind of situation. In return be ready to help them.

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Most youth hostels in cities abroad have hostel systems for young people to reside in, for cheap.

If you’re running out of money, almost all hostels generously offer a volunteering facility which means you’re allowed to work in exchange for board and food.

This might slow down your travel pace, but you’ll be able to save to ensure that the rest of your trip runs smoothly.

Find Work

Get an online job.

There are instances where you might need cold, hard cash instead of boarding and food.

In cases like these, the best thing to do would be to get an online job as a substitute for an on-site one.

Getting an online job comes heavily recommended because to work in another country you usually always need a working visa which is a whole process in itself.

Instead of spending days filling out a form that may not even get approved you should apply for an online job like content writing for a travel guide book or social media content creation for the hostel you’re volunteering at.

Couch Surfing and Hitchhiking

Saving the best for last- these techniques come into play when you have absolutely no option left.

While they may be the relatively less creative ways to be fiscally responsible- couch surfing at your friends, your relatives or your relatives’ friends can help you save a lot of your money in terms of boarding.

In addition to that, hitchhiking is a great way to get around without the full cost of an extensive travel plan.

It might be useful to be a little bit cautious of the vehicle you’re getting into but otherwise, if you’re careful everything should work smoothly, and you get a free ride!

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Last but not least, we have crowdfunding.

The world is not nearly as bad as you

Think it is, so if you’re able to tell your story well, you are more than likely to get funded by kind-hearted strangers than not.

This option has a fifty-fifty chance of not working out but if you are in a really tight fix the doing something is always better than waiting for something to happen.

There are a lot of apps dedicated to precisely this reason that you can exploit until your needs are taken care of.

Ways to Make Sure it Never Happens Again

So while you now know some ways to help you if you run out of cash mid-trip, here are a few tips to make sure you’ve got everything covered and it never happens again.

  1. Don’t keep everything in one place. Divide your cash between your bags and pockets- this way if you get robbed you have backup money and cards.
  2. Take a mix of cash, cheques, debit and credit cards.
  3. Work out a daily spending limit before you go and make sure you stick to it!

If you’re cautious and aware of your surroundings, neither of these misfortunes should befall you- but just in case they do, at least you now know how to handle it without panicking!

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