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The enthralling beauty of Munnar attracts lots of tourists across India and abroad. The place is blessed with exotic wildlife, rich flora and fauna as well a pleasant climate. But that’s not it as the most irresistible part of Munnar is its finger-licking delicacies.

Of course, utterly delicious foods such as idlis and dosas are no secret to domestic tourists. But the place is best known for its lip-smacking street foods which attract foodies when it sunsets. Not only this but also the tourists can have local Kairali cuisines here rather than the continental and western delicacies.

In fact, vegetarians also can have the unique taste of Kairali thali which is well served on the banana leaf. The thali comprises the typical vegetable pachadi or salad, as you say, tender coconut kheer or Elaneer payasam, Mezhukkupuratti or mixed veg fry, rice with sambar and rasam and puli enji.

All the above-mentioned dishes are made of coconut oil and are garnished with crushed coconut. So this was the glimpse of the foods of Munnar.

Now let’s have a look at the famous foods in Munnar which you should not miss in any way. We have mentioned where you can get these dishes in delicious taste and quality.

Here are the list of Munnar Famous Food

Puttu And Kadala Curry

Puttu and Kadala curry is another delicious dish that people have during breakfast in Munnar in Kerala. Puttu refers to a steamed rice cake that has multiple layers of coconut and also cooked with coconut and is made in a cylindrical shape.

On the other hand, Kadala curry is a spicy aromatic Kerala style curry that is made of black chickpeas. You can get Puttu and Kadala in various restaurants but Rapsy restaurant tops in this recipe. Not only this but also Rapsy restaurant is famous for many other dishes fish curries, Paratha, Biryani, appams, idlis and dosas. But you should never miss Puttu and Kadala here as when you dip the cake in the spiced aromatic curry, it tastes amazing.

Appam With Stew

When it comes to breakfast we have shortlisted another dish known as Appam with Stew. Appam is a puffed rice pancake that is cooked by fermenting rice batter as well as coconut milk. And stew is a delicious gravy which contains meat or vegetable.

If you are in Munnar and you want to try out the best quality Appam with Stew, try visiting Saravana Bhawan. It is one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants not only in Munnar but also in India. The restaurant was opened in the year 1981 and has 33 outlets in India and more than 20 outlets in Chennai itself.

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Coming to the dish, the puffy and thick centred  Appam rice pancake will be giving you an amazing taste whereas the south Indian vegetarian stew will arouse your tongue. Trust us, this is the perfect vegetarian combination ever.

Idiyappam With Egg Curry


This is a unique and tasty dish in Munnar and you should never miss out on tasting this delicacy when you are in Munnar. Now Idiyappam is a noodle that is made of rice flour and then compressed into the noodle shaped structure.

Once it gets the shape of a noodle, it is steamed with salt water so that you can get a taste of a delicious rice noodle. Idiyappam best compliments with spicy chicken or egg curry which gives you a heavenly taste.

The mouthwatering dish is traditionally served in the banana leaf and the visitors can’t resist themselves for arousing their taste buds. Although you can get this dish in different restaurants in Munnar we would suggest you try this dish out in restaurants in Post Office Road. Not only this but also all the food stalls in that location serves the best Idiyappam with egg curry.

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Kerala Style Prawn Curry


Almost all the household kitchens make this item their daily cuisine in Munnar. This is an extremely delicious seasonal dish that is characterized by a creamy texture because of the presence of coconut milk. First of all the prawns are nicely marinated with ginger paste that is made of shallots, bird’s eye chillies, coconut oil and curry leaves.

After an hour of marination, they are cooked with the paste of finely grated coconut with various types of spices as well as coconut milk. The presence of coconut milk will give the dish a creamy texture. You can have the best Kerala style prawn curry at Mayabazar in Munnar.

This area has many local food stalls and premium restaurants which are best known for Kerala style prawn curry. This is a great item that you can have in your lunch when you are on a trip to Munnar.

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Nadan Kozhi Varauthathu 


Nadan Kozhi Varauthathu, also known as Kerala style spicy chicken fry has a crispy layer at the outer part of the chicken pieces and juicy and soft in the inner part. The fried chicken has given a spicy flavour with various spices such as chilli, ginger, onion, garlic and vinegar which will arouse your taste buds.

You get the best quality Nadan Kozhi Varauthathu at Guru’s Restaurant which is well known for serving delicious eateries. The restaurant has made a remarkable presence in Munnar due to its best food service is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in this small hill station.

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Ari Pathari And Chicken Curry


This is one of the lip-smacking dishes in Munnar which tastes amazing if you have chicken curry. Ari Pathari is basically a roti that is made of rice flour. In fact, most Kerala Muslims love to have this dish as their main course item.

The thin, flat and round shape of Ari Pathari is very easy to chew and when you dip the roti with spicy chicken gravy, it tastes heavenly and will make you fall in love with Munnar. The dish is easily available all across Kerala but Munnar is especially known for the delicious Ari Pathari with Chicken curry and the best place to have it is Rocha’s restaurant.

It is a multi cuisines restaurant that is featured with lavish interior decor and has comfortable seating accommodation. Other than Ari Pathari with chicken curry, the restaurant is famous for Chinese food and Tandoori chicken items.

Kerala Style Fish


If you are a fish lover, then you should never miss out on this finger-licking delicacy. Kerala style fish curry is a traditional cuisine that can be prepared with or without coconut milk. The dish is rich in many nutrients such as vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

And if you want to have extremely delicious Kerala style fish curry then Guru’s Restaurant is an ideal place for you. As said above the dish has a unique blend of kovum and coconut flavours which should be tried by all non-vegetarian people. Guru Restaurant is a multicuisine restaurant that serves delicious fish items which you rarely find elsewhere.



Erissery, also known as Pumpkin and lentil stew is one of the delicious meal in Munnar which is had by most of the local and domestic travellers. The curry is cooked with either sliced yarns or raw plantains. The curry is specifically by boiling sweet pumpkins, with salt, pepper, chillies, grated coconut, dried lentils, cumin seeds, turmeric powder and garlic. You can have the curry with plain rice. This Kerala food item is especially served in many religious festivals like Erissery, Onam which offers the perfect taste for foodies.

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Ela Sadya

Ela Sadya is a thali that comprises traditional Kerala curries whose fragrance will water your mouth. If you compare all the dishes that we have mentioned above, Ela Sadya will top the lists. The dish is cooked and served during ceremonial and religious ceremonies such as weddings, festivals and more. This thali has a combination of various dishes such as Khichdi, Pachadi, Olan, Pulissery, Varavu, Sambar, Aviyal, Thoran, and Payasam which is served with hot steamed rice in banana leaf.

Karimeen Pollichathu

Let’s talk about another fish item that you can get in Munnar which is non-other than Karimeen Pollichathu. Karimeen Pollichathy is a delicious dish prepared with Pearl Spot Fish which is only found in the backwaters of Kerala. The dish is originally a Syrian Christian delicacy but now has been adopted as Kerala cuisine.

Firstly, the fish is marinated with a mixture of lemon juice, red chillies and various other ingredients. Once the marination is done, the fish is wrapped with plantain leaves and baked in tava. The South Indian delicacy is made in an exotic style that has unique and rich flavours.

So these are the best dishes to try in Munnar you must try. There are various other dishes in Munnar which you can have. Southern India is always preferred by many domestic and international visitors. And the main reasons behind this is the waterfalls, adventures, Western Ghats and delicious foods. Among all street foods in Munnar always top the list. In fact, visitors should not afford to miss it when they are in this beautiful hill station.