Most Important Travel Accessories For Travelers

Travelling gives us exposure which cannot be compared to any other hobbies. When we go for a trip to any foreign country, we gather lots of knowledge regarding cultural heritage as well as the traditions of that particular country. Travel gives us an immense pleasure which makes us visit new places and when it comes to travel, we pack bags, take our travel tickets and finally head over to the new place. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or this is your first trip, it is important to prepare a list of travel accessories that you may want to pack for the vacation. 

A detailed travel checklist becomes necessary when we go for an international tour. The checklist contains all the travel accessories which are important for a long vacation.

So if you are one who is planning to go for a trip then this article will be very helpful to you as we have shortlisted some of the best travel accessories that you can take when you are planning a trip.

So keep on reading:

Portable Solar Power Banks for Traveler

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While you are on your trip, you will be using your mobile phone to track the places and to pull up the boarding passes, staying in touch with friends and family and the list goes on.

Also, there might be times when you will be in an out of coverage area which could drain your phone’s battery even faster.

So this is the reason that carrying a portable power bank with you is very essential.

It will not only help your phone charge faster but you can also charge your phone multiple times when you are on a trip. 

Reusable Travel Bottles

water-bottle-3175650 Photo by CTRL – A Meal Replacement on Unsplash

Well, these days, many of us can purchase packaged drinking water from the retail outlets but buying these bottles frequently will cost you more.

So we will advise you to take reusable water bottles as the travel accessories.

It will not only help in saving your money as you can refill the bottle instead of purchasing a packaged drinking water but it also helps in reducing plastic pollution.

With this action, you can contribute a little effort to save our mother nature.

Passport Cover


While you are on your international trip, you will obviously take your passport with you.

But there are chances of damaging your passport for many reasons. When you are in a foreign country, you have to very careful regarding your passport as this is the only document which will let you return to your own country.

That’s why taking a passport cover is important as it helps in keeping your passport safe from all sorts of damages and also act as identification if your passport gets mixed up. 

A Packable Bag Pack


If you end up carrying a lot on you when you are travelling, you carry on bag pack will get instantly, because of the tons of things which you do not want to carry everywhere.

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So the best idea is to bring a separate bag which you can pack up and store in your back pocket.

If you bring this separate bag pack, it will reduce your efforts in carrying the main bag pack with you while exploring and in case if you make your mind to purchase a souvenir, you can store it in the lighter bag and keep your hands free. 

Lip Balm 


This is one of the best travel accessories for women. If you are planning to travel during winter, the climate usually gets dry in lots of places.

So with the increase in outdoor activities as well as climatic changes during travel, your lips may get chapped, especially if you have dry skin.

So it’s essential to make your lips feel comfortable by applying lip balm. Applying lip balm on your lips will not only help your lips feel moisturized but will also help your lips get free from chapping.

You can also purchase an extra tube of lip balm so that you don’t have to repurchase it again while you are on your trip. 

Hand Sanitizer 


Many of us often underestimate the importance of hand sanitizer. While we are travelling we make our hands get dirty as we expose our hands in the public areas.

This can severely impact the health we consume food with the same dirty hands. So to make our hands germ free, it is important to give a protective shield against bacteria and viruses.

While going out you have to apply a layer of alcohol-based hand sanitizer which can stay active on the top layer of your skin and further protect you against harmful germs. 

First Aid Kit 


There are chances of falling seek or meeting with a minor injury when you are travelling especially in such places where you will enjoy adventurous activities.

So it’s essential to take a first aid box and some medicines with you for emergency purposes.

You can add antiseptic cream/ ointment, cotton balls, antacids, band-aid, tweezers, pain killers, fever reducers and cold compress. 

Digital Camera 


We know that these days the camera of smartphones provides a great output and is more user friendly in terms of travelling.

The brands are even working on making their camera work similar to a digital camera. But that day has not come yet.

The mirrorless or DSLR cameras provide way more super outputs in various aspects such as zooming or professional footage. And if you are one who loves capturing beautiful pictures, so we would highly recommend you to invest in a good camera.

You can either opt for a go pro if you are going for a tour on a beach as it captures underwater photos or you can opt for a DSLR which is great for closeup shots. 

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Mobile WiFi Hotspot 

hotspot-3434061 Photo by Daniel Cañibano on Unsplash

If you are one who travels with multiple gadgets or in a group, then to get all the devices connected can create a big problem. This is where mobile router unlocked comes to rescue to all networks. The router is extremely easy to use, reliable and can save lots of money. Having said that one of the important points to notice here is the list of frequencies that your device supports. This is because mobile operators use different ones as per country to country. Moreover, the SIM card will operate within a particular range of frequencies. 

Eye Mask 


One of the important travel accessories which are needed to be added in your bucket list is an eye mask.

There are times when you might feel difficult to have a peaceful sleep. Since it is essential to relax before going to our to explore new places, so you need to make sure to carry an eye mask with you.

No matter whether you are travelling by train or by a flight, carrying an eye mask can always make you feel convenient. 

Safety Locks 


Most of the people carry safety locks while they are travelling. However, many still don’t understand the importance of this travel accessory.

But it should be listed at the top of your items to carry the list as the safety of your luggage is very important while travelling.

Make sure to take travel locks for each of your travel bags. 

Travel Pillow 


It’s very normal that while travelling you will be feeling sleepy, drowsy as well as severe neck pain after a long journey.

If you are one who is boarding a flight that takes longer than 6 hours, then it really needs the support of your neck so that you can take rest.

It will make a huge difference for your energy as well as posture when you get into a new place. 

Multi USB Charger with Universal Plug


While travelling makes sure to invest in a multi USB port. In this modern world, every one of us faced the problem of not having enough power outlets for charging all the electronic devices.

Not only this but there are also some hotel rooms that are having scarcity in outlets which simply cannot deal with all your charging needs.

So the help of a multi-USB USB port can be your go-to the solution, especially when you are on a trip. We would like to suggest you to go for USB 3.0 ports. 

Trash Bags 


Carrying trash bags or plastic bags in your bag pack may seem weird. The hotel cleaners may empty the trash before you fill-up the trash bag or can.

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But you will not be throwing any garbage in the trash can. Instead, you can empty the trash bags for separating the dirty clothes from the ones that are still clean in your bag pack.

Having said that ensure to keep your trash bag in the bag pack so that the housekeeping consider it for actual trash.

If you are one who is not comfortable to use a trash bag for laundry, try to pack a mesh laundry bag. 

A Quick-Dry Towel 


The towel is one of the most important travel accessories as you never know when you are going to need it.

If you are caught in a rain and need to dry yourself or if the flight attendants don’t provide you towels. This is why you always need to carry quick-drying towels.

Yes, we know they aren’t soft but still, they will make you feel comfortable for drying off.

Another best part of the quick-dry towel is that they dry quickly so you do not need to wait for hours before you store it in your suitcase and head over. 

Paper Soap 


If you do not get any hand sanitizer in your nearby medical stores, you can take another product as an alternative which is a paper soap. This can equally take care of your hygiene.

Yes, although we know that hand sanitizers are now easily available in the market nothing can beat the usefulness of water when it comes to proper hygiene or cleanliness.

Moreover carrying paper soaps are every convenient, useful as well as affordable.  

Travel Jacket 


Travel jackets act as saviours when it comes to outdoor tours. This is because travel jackets consist of multiple pockets which will offer you maximum space for storing as well as carrying important things which are essential while you are on your trip.

Moreover, it can be hassle-free for you to get the item right from the pocket instead of unzipping the bags to find tiny things. So these are some of the important travel accessories that you can bring with you which can indeed make your entire trip hassle-free.

Though travel is always fulfilled, there are times when it can be even more stressful. So don’t carry unnecessary items with you while travelling as these things can fill your suitcase. We hope this article was helpful to you.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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