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Wondering how to travel with a cat? Cats cannot imagine what will happen to them right in the next moment. But they can surely remember what had happened with them in the past.

This is because cats don’t always feel great in their first travel experience. Not only this but also some cats feel horrible while they are on the way. Thus you need to help your cats associate with the vehicle that she is traveling which can make her travel experience pleasant.

This particular experience is known as classical conditioning which takes both times as well as patience but trusts us it works pretty well. You need to use positive reinforcement and once your cat starts realizing that a trip is a great thing for her then she will easily be ready for her next trip and journey. So in this article, we will discuss how to travel with a cat?

Things Every Cat Owner Should Know Before Traveling

Here are the things that you should keep in mind before traveling with your cat:

Consulting With Your Vet Is Mandatory


There are times when cats get super anxious while traveling and so the only option to make them feel comfortable is medication. For instance, if you bring a hyperactive cat while traveling then it is highly mandatory to sedate your kitty which will help to make the trip, easier, safer, and stress-free for her and you.

If needed talk to your vet what are the alternative options available? The trip becomes easier if you give the medication before starting the trip. This is the first rule of how to travel with a cat. Not only this, but there are also some cats that are vehicle sick so you might also need medicine for that.

Crating Can Help The Cats Stay Calm

The second tip on how to travel with a cat is to create them. For instance, if you are going for short trips, it is best to create cats and it truly does help.

However, if you are going on a long journey, you should allow them to roam freely. Also, make sure that there are litter boxes and food ready for them. This is the best option here as cats stop yowling or howling while traveling.

Carry The Favorites Stuff Of Your Kitten

If your feline has a favorite toy or blanket, make sure to bring those things along with you on your trip. Also, don’t forget to bring a bed and blanket as this will allow her to sleep comfortably.

Such things will make her get homely vibes and she will feel more safe and secure. The important thing to note here is that you have to carry the same food and litter that you normally use in the home so that they don’t get shocked anymore. This is the third tip on how to travel with a cat.

Check All the Rules to Fly With A Cat

For the people who are traveling with the cat on an airplane, it is mandatory to do your homework first as there are many regulations for pets. Firstly confirm that your cat is comfortable traveling in the flight cabin under your seat.

Also, we would suggest you avoid transporting her in the cargo at all costs. It is also required to have a look at the precise dimensions under the flight seat because this will dictate the seat of your carrier.

Do not forget to prepare for all the paperwork that is required to be done for traveling along with health certificates and vaccination records.

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Take All The Safety Measures

The next tip on how to travel with a cat is taking all the precautionary measures. If you are planning to go for a long trip you need to cautious about opening or closing the car door.

Cats are experts in escaping and they are likely going to want to flee from the car. Thus it is important to put an ID tag on your cat which has all the information on it along with a microchip.

Book A Pet-Friendly Hotel Room

As there many hotels that are dog friendly but many of them are not cat friendly. Thus you need to check every hotel carefully online as to whether the specific hotel is cat friendly. Make sure to reach the hotel ahead of time just check if the hotel is cat-friendly.

Don’t Leave Your Cat Alone

The most important tip on how to travel with a cat is not to leave her alone in the vehicle. This is because even the temperature is not that hot outside but it can easily rise and that too very quickly which can make her feel uncomfortable. You can just stop your vehicle in the middle of the highway and allow her to roam freely outside.

Friends And Family

One of the easiest tips on how to travel with a cat is to have a friend as well as a family member. They need someone who can take care of their health as you will be busy driving. It is not that easy but you are still done.

It can be stressful

No matter how much precautions and preparation you take before traveling with your cat, you need to accept that it can be stressful both for you and your cat. Here you only need to have patience. Yes, your kitten might cry all the way or have a potty accident.

Thus do not forget to carry paper towels and pet safe supplies so that you can easily clean the mess. The most important thing is your mind needs to be prepared for anything and accept that the first few trips with your cat may be difficult but then both of you will be familiar. In short, it is a learning process both for you and for your kitty but the end result will surely be fruitful. So be calm and pay attention to your cute little cat.

How To Travel With A Cat In A Car?

Following are some of the useful tips that will help your cat travel comfortably in a car:

  • For the sake of safety, the cats must ride inside a carrier while they are in the car. This is because a loose cat tends to become a furry projectile in case of an accident. The driver needs to concentrate on the driving, not on the cat sitting on his lap or under the pedals. Even the well-behaved cats loose in the car can be injured. Thus make sure to crate train the cat before you start your vacation.
  • Even though your kitten will be inside the crate, it will be helpful for her to get some positive vibes before you start the engine. As you know that cats are sensitive to the outside environment which is why they always prefer to stay at home. So it is mandatory to make your car familiar by allowing your cat to spread her scent and rub her cheek to claim that this is her own place. This way she will feel more relaxed and have a happy travel experience.
  • When it comes to the car journey, you can place the cat’s bed, towel, and blanket on the backseat of your car. This way her scent is already inside. You can also spray car upholstery to make her feel even more comfortable.
  • Get inside your car with your little kitten, immediately close the door and let her sniff and explore the car. Also, make sure that small kittens do not squirm into those cubbyholes just under the dashboard. Be prepared to get your cat back into a safe and non-scary place so that she can be overwhelmed.
  • Schedule a mealtime in the car. Once your cat is calm and relaxed inside the car, try to feed all her means for a meal. You can also provide high-value treats which the kitty received very quickly. If your cat is feeling happy and wants to play or catnip, try to indulge her with her favorite activities while you are driving the car. Make her realize that such a good environment happens only when she is inside the car.
  • Apart from this, you should also train her with a crate along with her car visits. Once your cat starts accepting your car as her territory, place her in your carrier, set it on the back seat of your car, and start driving. Now turn off the motor and get out of the car without going anywhere. Repeat these steps three to four times each day until your pet accepts it as her surrounding. Try to give her rewards each time once she is released from the crate.
  • Finally when you start the car, put the car at the end of the driveway and stop. Continue this three to four times continuously by making sure your cat is out after you return. If you notice that your kitten is crying or showing stress, you may be driving too fast. This process is time-consuming but it works positively.
  • Now the only thing you need to do is continue to increase the car time after an interval. For instance, take her on a trip near to the block and then back home. Next, take her on the trip down to the street and back home and so on. This way you can make her car experience positive and upbeat which will help her to look forward to the next trip.
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How To Travel With A Cat By Flight?

It is not always recommended to travel with a cat by flight unless it is necessary. But if you are traveling to a new country or too far from your home. However, the following are the tips that you need to follow while traveling with a cat by flight:

Shifting Your Cat In The Cabin

Firstly you need to contact the airline when you are planning to fly to check if you can transport your cat in the airport cabin under the carrier under the seat in front of you. As mentioned above, always avoid transporting your cat in the cargo if possible. In fact, there are many airlines which will allow you to take you a cat on the flight in the cabin area and for that, you need to pay a small fee. Try to call the airline authorities in advance because there is a limited number of seats.

Book Your Flight In Advance

Some airlines have a certain restriction on the number of pets traveling in the cabin on a specific flight. Thus you need to book your flight as early as possible which will make sure that there is a place for your cat as well. While choosing your seat, make sure that you are not sitting in the exit row because there is a seat in front of you for the carrier.

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Check The Type Of Carriers That Are Allowed In Cabin

Many airlines accept either a soft-sided carrier or hard-sided carriers. Soft-sided carriers will slide easily under the flight seating area. However, only a few brands of soft-sided carriers are allowed to carry in certain airlines. Thus make sure to check which brands are allowed in the cabin area before you proceed to buy the carrier.

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Not only this but also after you buy the carrier, feed your cat in the carrier so that she can get comfortable with it during the trip along with a positive activity. Take out time from your busy schedule to play with her in the carrier and allow her to rest in the carrier. Apart from this have her practice entry and exit the carrier.

Schedule A An Appointment With Your Vet

Before you go on a travel with your cat, you should ask your vet for the vaccination records along with a health certificate as mentioned above. This is because such documents are a must if you are planning to travel by flight. Your vet must give you a health certificate that confirms that your cat is physically fit and free from parasites.

Apart from this, all the vaccinations of your cat should be up to date including her rabies vaccination. Your vet should also suggest implanting a microchip into your cat which will make it easier to track her location in case if she goes missing during travel.

In short, it will work as an ID for your cat. The micro shipping procedure is extremely simple where you vet inject a microchip under the surface of your cat’s skin.

Avoid giving food to your cat during day time

If you travel with your cat by for her stomach empty it will lower the risk of vomiting or nausea. In addition, you can carry some dry foods for her in case she is extremely hungry in the flight. Also do not forget to carry medication for your cat as she will be in a clear plastic bag.

Give your cat a sedative if your vet has prescribed

Most cats can travel comfortably without any medicine. But some cats have tendency to take stress during air travel. So make sure to talk to your vet about cat’s anxiety level while flying. He will prescribe sedative if needed.

So these are some of the tips that you need to follow while travelling. Do you have any doubts on how to travel with a cat? Let us know your query in the comments section below.