How To Travel For Free?

Do you dream to see the world but you don’t have much money to fund for your travel?  These days there are a lot of opportunities which will help you travel the world for cheap.  Not only this but there are many other ways through which you can travel the world even for free. 

Yes, you heard it right! You can travel the world for free. There are many travel lovers and popular travel bloggers who see have already visited multiple countries every year and that too for free.  Travel does not have to be expensive.  If you have a question on how to travel for free then this article is for you. 

There is an old saying “ travel is cheaper than staying at home”  and it is absolutely right.  But if you don’t want to minimize the travel expenses to get maximum mileage then you will feel to travel for free.  As we have already said there are many ways through which you can travel the world for free or at least ultra-cheap.

In this article, we will provide you with various ideas as well as opportunities on how to travel the world for free. We are sure many of you won’t know about it. So let us have a look at the tips, tricks, and hacks to travel the entire world for the free or super budget.

Travel The World For Free


Now you can travel the world for free by applying smart ideas.  However, it is not easy to do nor everyone would do it.  If you know these tips or you are prepared to work at the barter system you can easily travel for free across the world. 

There are many companies that will give us the opportunity to travel for free or at a super budget. These companies may not make your entire travel experience free but it would not create a hole in your pocket. Certain employ tricks are crewing,  Couchsurfing, cleaning, farm work, volunteering, hosting and you can make maximum part of your tour for free.

Traveling cheap is all about taking the age of various travel websites as well as an app that will help you in saving your money by finding some ways to lower your expenses. On the other hand, traveling for free is all about taking the advantage of free accommodation activities and transportation which are already available which helps to reduce their cost to zero.

But here you need to sacrifice your comfort as well as a convenience so that you can travel as many places as you can. With the proper planning and applying proper strategies, you can make your travel dreams becomes reality. Even if you don’t earn a lot of money but still there are various ways through which you can go on a trip abroad.

Yes, they may not be luxurious are lavish but if travel is your first priority then it would definitely happen.

So let’s dive into the article on how to travel for free.

Get a job abroad


Are you not earning enough money at your job? Do you hate your job as it doesn’t provide you any left? Let us tell you that will be opportunities across the world that provide you various ways to earn money.

Following are some of the proper and popular jobs that you can get when you travel:

  • Au pair: It is a live-in caregiver who helps how family guys looking after their family members and also doing some household activity. In exchange, you get a small salary, a free room, and a board. This can be a great way specifically if you want to learn their local language or indulge yourself in a culture.
  • Hostel worker: Hostel worker doesn’t work for a longer period, meaning there is always a huge demand for new helping hands. It can be an amazing way to meet other travelers while you are adjusting yourself to a new location. At the initial period, you can start off as a volunteer for avoiding the visa formalities. There are many websites which will allow you to know this in detail.
  • Bartender: It is one of the easiest jobs to get in any country if you wish to go that route. And if you do not have skills in this field, you can be a busboy or dishwasher either.
  • Waiter/waitress: There are unlimited seasonal restaurants across the world which keep hiring new employee during the peak seasons. If you think that you are capable to do this job, you can go for it.
  • Farm Worker: It is not a glamorous job and also needs lots of effort. However, you can make a lot of money and that too in a short period of time. If you plan to visit countries like Australia and New Zealand then you should go for it as this is a popular job in both of these countries.
  • Tour Guide: If you already have a lot of knowledge of that specific country that you are willing to travel to and don’t mind sharing your knowledge in front of groups, this is a job for you. It is a cash-based job which means you will get paid immediately after delivering the service to the tourists.
  • Dive Instructor: If you are a certified diver, then going for the job of dive instructor is best because it is one of the easiest jobs to travel with dive instructors. One of the biggest parts is you can enjoy the scenic view of nature.
  • Seasonal workers at ski resorts: From restaurant staff, instructors, lifeguards to hotel staff, ski resorts are always in search of staff to keep things moving which acts as a goldmine for foreign travelers.
  • Casino Worker: Although you need to go through training if you love to stay awake at night and do not mind seeing the casino things this can be a great job abroad.
  • Yoga Instructor: If you have a yoga certification, you can even impart your yogic knowledge abroad. This is the best way to earn money but you also need to know the local language, there are yoga studios in almost every city across the world.
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Working abroad often gets discounted as an option as it seems very difficult but it’s not.  all you need to do is to be open because these jobs don’t need any advanced degrees or work experience either.  are you going to get a high-paying office job? NO. will you get a no with the job that will bear all your travel expenses? Yes!

In short, it is a fun and easy way to lengthen your travels by getting more experience and also equal make a lot of money.

Using Shared Economy

We would always recommend you to go for the sharing economy as this helps to find cheaper accommodation, rideshare options, quirky tour guides as well as home-cooked meals by local chefs. You can also bypass the traditional travel industry with sharing economy platforms and also gain access to locals by making use of their own assets as well as skills for becoming mini tourism service providers with low prices.

The biggest benefit going for these small tourism companies is the local people know where to find the best deal.  not only this but also they will also guide you about the supermarket that provides the cheapest product and also the stores which sell the best items and that too at a low cost.  

Certain Other information like where to find the best restaurants with the tastiest food at the lowest price can be answered instantly by them.  communicating directly with them will provide you with lots of local knowledge.

Such websites have also changed many travel rules and made travel more easily accessible to almost everyone. Some of the famous websites are mentioned below:

  • Airbnb: This is a go-to platform for budget accommodation purposes.
  • Eat With: This platform helps you get in touch with the local chefs that are serving private meals.
  • BlaBlaCar: It is a ride-sharing app that will help in connecting with the local drivers who have extra seats at their cabs specifically for medium to long distances.
  • RV Share: Through you can rent RVs as well as camper vans instantly from the locals.
  • Camp space: Campspace will allow you to camp on private properties. You can get properties based on your preferences.
  • Turo: Turo is a car-sharing website that will allow you to rent vehicles from the locals.

Travel Hacking And Free Flights


Travel hacking is one of the easiest ways to travel for free.  Most of the travel bloggers have been able to afford so many flights as well as hosteLs over the years.  All you need to do is simply use a travel credit card for your regular spendings on restaurants, groceries, and shopping and you will be able to earn free flights as well as hostel stays all by spending money that you were going to spend anyway.

Nowadays there are lots of ways through which you can earn free flight tickets.  as we have already mentioned you need to simply sign up for a few travel credit cards collect miles and then simply fly for free.  Most of these travel credit cards of a signup bonus of 50,000  points which we feel is more than enough for a free flight ticket.  And in case if you sign up for both an Airline card and general reward cards like Chase Sapphire you can simply combine the two point balances and get cheaper flight deals.

By collecting miles and points through credit card bonuses, online surveys, and various methods you can avail lots of miles even before you are going on the trip.  In fact, If you are able to arrange a free flight ticket and free accommodation on your own you can go a lot further in the world.

Stay For Free


There are various services that connect travelers with the local people who were willing to let them stay with them for free.  donate to browse this site thoroughly and you’ll never have to pay for the accommodation at all.  There was news a few years ago about a man who has traveled the entire world simply by Couch Surfing. given many people who love traveling abroad use this tip and always made amazing paper.

If you avail of this service you will get a free room a couch and an air mattress without any hassles.  you can repair your host’s kindness by cooking a free meal for them, or by bringing them souvenirs from home or you can even buy them a drink.  That will steal be cheaper as compared to paying for accommodation.

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There are also local Couchsurfing group meetups that will allow you to make travel friends in a new city.  Apart from this due to the rise of sharing economy in the last few years you can find many websites which will allow you not only to stay with locals but also to share rides, train tickets, meals, gear, and much more.  This way you can save a lot of money and also get off the tourist track and into the local life.



Hitchhiking is another free way to get around which is very safe and quite common in various parts of the world that include Scandinavia, Central America, Australia, Eastern Europe as well as New Zealand.

Most travel lovers have hitchhiked in multiple countries. People can hitchhike almost anywhere that will allow you to save a lot of money in the process. Following are some of the basic tips that you need to know:

  • Use a sign: Make a clear sign which will allow you to know where you are going. This will help the drivers in deciding if they are ready to help.
  • Look presentable: Make sure to wear clean clothes, keep smiling, and do not obscure your face with something like a scarf or sunglasses. People need to see who they are picking up.
  • Check the rules: As we all know hitchhiking is illegal in some places. So make sure to check the laws and confirm that it is ok to go hitchhiking.
  • Keep your valuable items with you: Never leave any valuable items in your bag because they may be stolen if you leave your bag in the car.

Go For Free Walking Tours


Do you want to learn about a new city and one to get your bearings and see all the sightseeing spots?  We would always suggest you go for a free walking tour.  

This is one of the best options if you want to know how to travel for free.  You can find this service in most of the cities that are promoting tourism.  All you need to do is just ask the local tourist office or ask your hostel staff. 

You can even just enter into a hostel and ask about the services or just google “free walking tour” by giving the city name.

House Sitting And Pet Sitting

If you are on a short budget and cannot afford a vacation abroad you can consider watching someone’s house while they go on theirs.  You can even sign up for one of the sites as there are many websites available online which will allow you to watch people’s houses for free and will allow you to stay in one destination for a short period of time without having to pay any sort of fees.

This option is very good as everyone’s account is verified strictly and contains genuine reviews which will help you to know what type of services they offer.  In fact, it is a great platform for a long time journey which also has an added bonus that means you can get a kitchen to cook your own food. This will immensely help you in saving lots of money.

Not only this but also you can easily get access to vehicles and sometimes will be left a tip or free groceries. It is usually for the people who are well off that can afford multi-month vacations and can also stay comfortable as you will be getting pretty beautiful homes as well as apartments too.

As Your Social Network

Do you have a friend whose relative stays in Canada? Or maybe you have a cousin who stays in Melbourne.  Or maybe you have a childhood friend who is currently working in Florida. These days we have a wide social network of friends and family who will help us connect to each other across the world.  So make sure to take the advantage of it. 

We would always recommend you to ask your friends and coworkers if they have someone who stays abroad and specifically on the place where you are going.  You can even tell your mom to ask her friends and co-workers for the same.

Using social media networks can help a lot if you are traveling across the world.  You may never know who is going to help you and at what point in time!

Long Term Volunteering With Peace Corps

It is an old tip but can also act to be very useful. Peace Corps provides amazing rewarding opportunities to stay for many years with the community which requires committed volunteers.  On the other hand, the organization is one of the largest International institutions which works hard to keep their focus on the grassroots level. 

The volunteers of the Peace Corps live and work in the poorest communities on the planet.  However, the organization is not for everyone.  It needs a 27 months commitment: 3 months is required for training and the rest of the two years for a field job.  This job can be a bit difficult as you may or may not have mobile phone towers or may not have an air conditioning room in extremely hot weather.

Of course, you will be getting a living stipend which is more than enough to cover the expenses for housing food as well as basic spendings in the community where do you work staying.  But whenever you are coming home to visit,  we would recommend you not to go for a fancy dinner or hotels or expect to enjoy yourself with friends and family.

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Having said that you will be having the opportunity to transform the communities into sustainable, livable villages and towns on your own. In most cases, you will see that you have literally saved the lives of many people.  At that point in time, you will be feeling that your life is worthy.  If you have an aim to change the world and see some progress in the villages and small towns then Peace Corps is a perfect destination for you.  Make sure to always stay dedicated to working and you’re good to go.

Organize Your Own Volunteer Trip

You can even organize your own volunteer trip.  there are many crowdfunding websites with the help of which you can easily raise money from your family, friends members as well as colleagues to cover the entire cost of your volunteer trips. 

In fact, they even join you on your expedition.  of course you don’t plan a volunteer trip with utmost ethics and transparency as you will be losing your friends.  So make sure your trip will aim to change the lives of needy people instead of serving as a cover story for you to persuade your friends into paying for a vacation.

 Short Term Organized Volunteering

 If your volunteer travel timeline is measured on the basis of months or weeks or even years,  we will recommend you to go for short-term volunteer placement services.  You will get many such websites that offer opportunities across the world to work ranging from teaching English to building infrastructure. 

If you want to go for a comfortable way to ease into International volunteering then there is a website named Diverbo.  This organization hosts one-week English retreats in Germany and Spain to immerse locals in English-based activities. Hotel rooms, as well as the food, are provided by the organization itself. 

There are various ways to volunteer abroad if you want to get funds for free travel and rewarding opportunities.  So take time and start researching various options online.  You will surely get the solution

House Sit or Pet Sit

Did you know that there and their websites that are made to connect house sitters with pet sitters?  This is because pet owners don’t want to leave their pets alone in kennels that are surrounded by unknown dogs and other animals whenever they are traveling. 

They would rather let them stay at home.  but the home should be vacant and unused. House sitters can stay for free at such homes by charging some price for caring for the owners’ pets. We all know that it is a very easy job but it doesn’t mean that you have to schedule some time around the pets’ needs. 

You cannot leave for the weekend or go on a 14 hours day trip.  But if you are an animal lover it can be a very easy way to stay for free anywhere and anytime in the world.

And house sitting is not limited to pet owners.  House owners sleep easy and knowing that someone is minding their home when they are away.  But you need to keep in mind that these opportunities are very rare not the rule and most house sitting gigs do involve caring for pets.

Travel To An Old Country For Free

Some countries provide a discover your roots program for descendants to help them come back and visit the home of their ancestors.  In most cases, such programs are designed for young people to come and stay with the local host families.

Whatever your heritage, we would advise you to do some research on the private as well as government-funded programs to streamline our visit back to the old country stay for free. If you are planning to go for it, you can even look into the citizenship programs for descendants. Italy has the best program through which descendants can prove themselves an Italian ancestor.

Crew A Yacht or Cruise Ship

Just because you don’t have knowledge on how to slip a knot from a half Windsor, it does not mean you cannot crew a boat. Many times yachts and cruise ships look for crew members having all the skill sets from communications to security to cooking. The ship also offers board and room along with an opportunity to see the world sailing the 7 areas. But you need to wait for long hours and the wages would also be less. If you love to see marine life but are wary of cruise ships, you can go for yacht jobs instead. These days there are many websites that will help in connecting employers with professionals.

So these are the best way on how to travel for free. We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.