How To Travel Cheap The Ultimate Guide in 2023

Any trip can be planned on a different budget. The cost of a week in Malaysia can even reach three, four or five figures according to the type of services you want.

But the key to a successful budget trip is how to play with the budget items which can significantly increase and decrease the gross budget.

In case you want to know how to travel cheap, there are numerous tricks to travel in a more economic way.

Planning a vacation is way easier as compared to it used to be.

All thanks to the internet. Because these finding flights, hotels or dinner booking can be done instantly in one click. If you search with lots of research, you can find almost everything from cheap flights to low-cost hotels. This is what this article is all about.

Here you will get to know some useful tips on how to travel cheap without sacrificing your desires.

Pay Using Credit Card Points

As you are mature enough, you know that money does not grow on trees but earning points by making a purchase through credit cards can help you make multiple transactions. For this, you need to figure out, how much money you spend on a regular basis and consider making purchases on a travel credit card like Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.

This card will give you potential reward points every time you swipe. You can redeem your reward points for hotels, airfare and miscellaneous expenses. In addition, these cards will offer you a lot of points upfront if you qualify for a sign-up bonus.

Kindly note that if you are trying to save your money for your tripe by relying on miles and points, you can easily earn through regular purchase. But for this, you have to wait for a longer time.

Save Money on Flight.

Fly-In Budget Airlines

When it comes to budget airlines, they can be the best way to save money as maximum travel expenses are increased due to flight fares. But the only concern here is you need to sacrifice your comfort. If you are willing to go on the budget flight, then you need to pack your bag lightly and grab the middle seat of a cramped row because if you are in search of a better option, they may charge unexpected fees.

For instance, if you want to book a window seat, it may cost you more as you are selecting your seat which also means you end up paying more if you are traveling with a group and want to sit together. If you want to keep your luggage with you, you need to pay your bag fees. But the only thing is you will not be charged for a backpack or small purse.

On the other hand, food charges may differ from airlines to airlines. Budget airlines have certain policies. Some airlines charge extra fees for complimentary food. Having said that budget airlines can be one of the cheapest means to travel only if you want to sacrifice additional services.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Next tip on how to travel cheap is choosing your destination wisely. If you are a travel nomad, you are quite relatable to this as there are lots of hurdles whenever you are planning a vacation. But many experts believe that the important thing people need to take note of is to be mindful of destination. So instead of deciding where to go, you need to research the budget flights.

Making price the third priority, it is not terribly surprising that the end result is expensive flights. If you have enough timings and options, try to research the potential destinations which can be cheapest during that specific season. Apart from this, the time of the year you select can also vary the airfare.

For instance, if you are planning your trip on a weekend and during peak seasons, the budget for the trip will be expensive. Note that, visiting a tourist destination during the off-season can immensely help in saving money. And since the tourist-friendly places are pricey, then visiting a smaller town near to the city can be a better option as they are culturally more enriching as compared to the capital city.

How To Research Cheap Flights

Looking for a cheap flight while planning a trip will help you win half of the battle. And also for those who are traveling abroad, there is no other option left except flight. This is the biggest reason why airfare can be stressful for travelers.

Experts believe that finding affordable flights means where to search. Booking a cheap flight is similar to a shooting that is traveling through the sky. If you fail to look at the right part of the sky, you will be missing the best deal.

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There are many tools having flexible search parameters which will send you real-time price alerts for the specific destinations that you are in search of. But if you directly search on the airline’s website, you will end up paying more.

As the ultimate goal of the airline company is to earn money, the sales that airlines advertise are not the best deals. Thus try to book your tickets from a third-party website instead of booking your tickets directly on an airline’s website.

Third-party websites will conduct legwork for you by scouring the internet to get you the best deals option.

Know The Best Time To Get Good Flight Deal

There are many hurdles to make sure how to travel cheap by getting the right flight. And it is unpredictable how long the flight price will last specifically when an offer is a good deal. Yes, we know that your instinct will say to stay longer on the web to research more about more cheapest deals.

But the best decision would be to take a break and book that flight immediately. We would suggest you book a flight one month prior to your trip and two months prior in case of an international trip. In case you are planning to travel during Christmas, you should plan and book your tickets a couple more months in advance.

The alternative way to research your flight deals is to compare your flight fare to previous trips on the same route which will help in determining whether it is a good deal. If you jump on a flight deal instantly, you can always take the advantage of 24 hours cancellation policies.

Be On Time

It is comparatively easier to find cheap flights when your travel schedule is flexible. You will often find the best deals when you travel in the middle of the week. You can either take the advantage of the red-eye flight overnight.

On the other hand, if you are ready to face less than idyllic weather, you can even save extra bucks on hotels as well as airfares by traveling during the peak seasons.

Experts say that the most important thing is to be flexible on timing. The tighter your time frame the less chance you are going to get a cheap fare.

Don’t Hesitate To Fly In The Nearest Airport

You can also save money by flying through rural airports. For instance, if you live in Guwahati, you can often find cheap tickets by flying out of Dibrugarh Domestic Airport. And if you are willing to visit San Francisco, consider flying into Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.

The ley is to be flexible about which destination to fly even if it is means venturing away from your home airport a bit. But make sure to include the cost of getting to and from the airport.

Stay In Affordable Places

One of the best ways of finding hotels for cheap us by opting for hotel alternatives such as Dominique suggests or Airbnb. Safety comes first when it comes to travelling anywhere and you have to alert even more when choosing to rent. Airbnb vets their hosts and allows community reviews.

They also have awarding premium properties so that you can make an informed decision about where to stay while you are on your trip.  Not only this but also the company also provides profile verifications where hosts can provide their government-issued ID on their profiles.

There are many travel agencies that facilitate personal as well as corporate trips which recommend only staying at Airbnbs containing lots of reviews and where you feel comfortable communicating with the hosts.

On the other hand for the younger travelers searching for cheaper accommodation facilities specifically in big cities such as Rome, Paris or London, we would recommend you to go for youth hostels as they are a quite inexpensive and fun way to travel because they offer various services to socialize.

But in case if you don’t want to compromise with the stay and want to go for a little more luxury there are various ways to increase what you are paying for. We would recommend you to book hotels with perks such as free breakfasts, laundry services, cocktail hours that will allow you to decrease costs elsewhere.

Split The Costs If You Are On A Group Trip

There is something to be said about the solo trip. But if you want to know how to travel cheaply, we would recommend you to split the cost of car rentals or hotel stays when you are traveling with friends and family.

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So don’t feel shy to book a small motel room or renting an entire property on Airbnb if you notice that the price per person is quite cheap. Any more than that and the hotel might charge you for another room. Not only this but also you should try to fit about four people in a car as per the type of car you rent.

Try To Eat Well On A Budget

If you give more priority to eating for your trip, there are lots of ways through which you can save money on meals. If you want to have fancy dinners, you can go for that by having a cheap breakfast as well as lunches.

This way prioritizing and planning which meals to have will ensure that you can fit within the budget. Experts advise that staying in a hotel that provides free breakfast is one of the simplest ways to save your money on food.

And if you are a creative person, we would suggest you ask the local people who can give you valuable tips. You can even learn their local languages to figure out where to eat cheap and at the same time the best food.

Make Connections Flexibly

We all know that it feels really great to plan an itinerary in advance but here we would recommend you to be flexible as you want to know how to travel cheap.

Try to have four to five things which you cannot compromise from the lsit while leaving the rest of the days open. This way you can have lots of fun without even spending extra bucks from your pocket for tourist marketed activities as well as events.

Apart from this connecting with local people will help in making your trip more memorable as well as exciting. It will help you learn certain things about that place and you will feel glad as you have discovered it on your own.

And no matter how much how little money you have spent, building human connections while you are on your trip will provide you greatest satisfaction.

Go For A Road Trip

You don’t have to own a car to go on a road trip. You could search for some car booking services which will help you rent cars that were dropped off somewhere other than where they picked up.

It is a newly launched service and has not been introduced in all cities. But it is worth looking if you are planning for a road trip. Whether you are traveling by car, rent a vehicle or carpool with family, traveling on the road is always a cheaper option as compared to flying.

It will easily help in saving money. The open road has its own charm and is also cost savvy as gas prices remain affordable.

Skip Taxi Stand

Yo may save a lot of money with Uber or Ola but you will likely to save even more money if you prefer walking, bike or opt for public transportation around the city you are visiting.

So these are the best ways to explore the city while you are on a vacation. Here we recommend you to follow the a city map as well as public transportation routes so that you don’t get confused on your way.

So you need to do lots of research before you visit a new city to make sure that public transportation is safe for travelers.

Now let us have a look at the cheapest places to visit across the world

Cheapest Places To Travel For Budget Trips

What to know how to travel cheap? This section is for The Indian because India is one of the biggest tourism counties. The ever-growing travel wish list may create a hole in your pocket.

But there are lots of destinations where you can enjoy unlimited activities even by saving extra bucks.


Kodaikanal is popular as a honeymoon destination of South India. Kodaikanal is one of the best choices for budget trips in India specifically if you are travelling with friends, family or solo.

From lush greenery, sparkling lakes, mists, clouds to pristine lakes, everything makes it a perfect spot to enjoy and feel nature. In fact, it is the best place if you wish to escape from the chaos of city life.


Pushkar is a religious place situated at the border of the Thar Desert. The place is mainly famous for camel rides, Jagatpati Brahma Temple, Ajmer Sharif Dargah and delicious street food.

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Not only this the place is best known for its budget destination in India if you are travelling with family or solo. Apart from these places, you can also explore lakes, palaces, ghats, bazaars and camps in the desert region.


Another well-known mind-blowing destination near Kolkata is Darjeeling. We recommend you to visit this place at least once if you are a budget and leisure traveler.

From enjoying the ride in Himalayan railways to watching the mesmerizing view of Mount Kanchenjunga to visiting the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute to try the local desi Chinese food, Darjeeling is known to be the best budget travel destination.


Known as the most exotic place in India, Udaipur offers you a great scope to enjoy budget travel. If you want to know how to travel cheap then this is the best place to travel.

As you can explore the majestic City Palace, take a boat ride on Lake Pichola and check the vintage car museum, you can cut down travel cost by booking budget hotels or shared dormitories. Famous places to visit in Udaipur are Fatehpur Sagar, Eklingji Temple, etc.


A spectacular hill station in Himachal Pradesh and an amazing travel destination for budget trips in India, Mcleodganj provides you great essence of Tibetan and Buddhist culture along with scenic beauties.

You can also try the famous Triund trek and experience the captivating beauty of snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges from Mcleodganj. Apart from this, you can visit the local bars and pubs to enjoy the nightlife.


Gokarna is known as another beach paradise in the southern part of Karnataka. The place enthrals both for budget and luxury travellers. You can walk along with expansive beaches and watch the sunrise and sunset and also visit various temples in Gokarna to enjoy the essence of this place. We would recommend not to visit this place if you are willing to go for a budget trip.


Popular as the honeymoon destination, Goa will let you enjoy the wild, serene and crazy places and that too in a low budget. It is also known as the party capital of India.

Cheap booze, lots of shared accommodations that are easy on your pocket along with an incredible variety of sea delicacies and other cuisines that will provide you with the chance to enjoy the best things in Goa. Not only this but you can also get rented two-wheelers which will allow you to travel through length as well as the breadth of the city.


Another budget-friendly destination in India is Kanyakumari which is spectacular in itself because of the presence of architectural marvels, beautiful beaches, aesthetically built religious places and other tourist places.

The place is known as the southern tip of India which is surrounded by lush green paddy field, astounding mountains, coconut trees as well as green valleys which makes it a great budget tourist destination to relax and unwind.

Certain well-known religion destinations are Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Saint Thiruvalluvar Statue, Kanyakumari Temple, Our lady of Ransom Church, Wax Museum.


Situated on the lap of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is known as the best budget tourist destination in India. It is an enchanting place which provides many sites to visit and that too at the cheapest rates and from temples, yoga centres to cafes, it is an amalgamation of all facilities.

If you are a daredevil and want to spend extra money on adventurous activities then you can go for river rafting, ziplining and bungee jumping that is allowed for tourists.


If you are a travel lover, you can never miss Pondicherry in the list of budget-friendly destinations. The city includes cobblestoned French quarters, temples and Auroville Ashram, cosy cafes with unique delicacies.

Apart from this Pondicherry is also known as the perfect place to experience Indian as well as French culture in a single city. If you want to enjoy every bit of the place and that too without creating a hole in your pocket then this is your go

Cheap travel is enjoyable as you can explore every bit of the place. So try to prioritize the joy of discovering a new place over the desire for a luxury experience. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.