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These days we have become so dependent on the electronic gadgets that it has become almost impossible for us to travel leaving them at home. It is equivalent to the cutting off our right arm.  But thanks to the advanced technology that it has started allowing us to make easy transportation system with almost zero complications. Now many people have a doubt and they often ask the question that “how to fly with my computer”. So if you are one who is also having the same question to ask regarding “travel with my desktop” then you have landed in the right place. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of some easy to go desktop computer travel rips without having to face any sort of technical troubles which could arise on your travels. 

Most of the tips that we have shortlisted are based on our personal experience. There are various problems which mostly the users face from the crashing of the system at important meetings, nasty viruses that destroy important files, dying of batteries into the second leg of a long flight and forgotten passwords.   

To get rid of all such issues we have provided these useful travel tips with the desktop computer and we can assure you that there will not be any sort of technical glitch in the middle of the go. 

What should I have known before I fly with my computer? 

Most of the travellers have highlighted the fact that we should give prime focus in safeguarding sensitive data no matter wherever we travel in flight- both domestic and international.

As per the reports shared by the FBI, there have been many incidents where the desktops of the travellers were infected with vulnerable software when they were using the hotel’s internet connections. 

Needless to say that the internet connections of the hotels are risky in most of the cases. Starting from the data security to file protection, you have to be extra cautious about the safety of your device.

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Now coming to the main point about your question, I.e., travel with my desktop computer, following are some important points that you should follow before travelling very strictly. 

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Before Travel with My Desktop Computer 

If you are travelling for your business purpose, we would highly advise you to keep your system sanitized, virus-free and update it once again with minimal software instead of travelling with it casually.

Carry those documents only which are needed for your work. This way it will eliminate the additional risk of losing your important files. Following are some steps that I regularly follow before I travel with my desktop computer: 

  • Delete all the unwanted and sensitive data. 
  • Clear the cache files present in your browser. 
  • Ensure to remove the saved passwords. 
  • Backup the things that are needed during your trip. 
  • Disable the remote connectivity like wi-fi, BlueTooth as well as file sharing. 

During travel with My Desktop Computer 

If you are one who is travelling for your business purpose, we would advise you to use a virtual private network. You can also use a VPN that encrypts the communication traffic whenever you connect from, wires or wireless network. Following are some important guidelines that I follow while I fly with my computer. 

  • Don’t use public workstations such as internet cafes. 
  • Avoid using the network which asks you to download software for getting access. 
  • Remember to use privacy screen to prevent everyone from snooping as you are in a public place. 
  • Make sure to decline to allow others to connect a USB. 
  • Always have a routine check of the virus by scanning your device. 

So these are some important steps which I follow while I travel with my desktop computer. 

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Check List when you Fly with Your computer

Following are the must-have items which I make sure to check when I fly with my computer and what can i bring.

Firewall and Virus Protection

We see most of the people install virus protection as well as firewall onto their home computers. But they often forget to do the same with their desktop. A virus is a virus no matter which device you are using. 

Software Components 

It is very important to use the same software along with the same versions at your office desktop. It is very difficult to maintain comfortable work habits while you are travelling. Also, it is very important to check the software before you leave. 

Adapter Plug Sets 

If you are a frequent traveller, you need to invest in a set of electrical adapter plugs. You cannot waste your time in booting up the system. 

Support number of Technical Team 

Make sure to bring the phone numbers or bookmarks of the websites that are needed during your trip if you face any uncertainty. You can also note down the technical support numbers in your diary so that you can contact them in an emergency situation. 

Backup Storage 

Carry CD’s or DVD’s so that you can back up all the important files. If your desktop crashes for any reason, you don’t have to worry as you still have your data with you. 

How to carry a desktop properly in flight? 

Following are some of the tips that I follow while I travel with my desktop computer in flight: 

Proper packing 

Never pack your desktop in a normal bag instead assemble all the components such as cables and other parts with you in a big computer case. This way you can protect your computer from theft, misdirection by an airline or rough handling. 

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Check the connection requirements 

You must contact your hotel about the connection and then plan accordingly. Ensure to ask about the rooms that are equipped for the business traveller. This is because those rooms have high-speed internet connectivity, fax machines as well as printers. 

At the airport 

Generally, X-ray machines present in the airport does not cause any threat to your computer but most of the users face the problems in the security checkpoint. We advise you to avoid placing your device onto the belt before you walk through the metal detector. You can also carry your desktop computer in a checkpoint-friendly bags that are specifically manufactured for providing an unobstructed X-ray view. 

On the flight 

Avoid putting your desktop computer in the overhead bin. This is because it could shift during flight. Or there are also the chances to be stolen when you are not paying any attention. The best way is to keep the device near your seat where you can see it all the time. 

In transit 

What is Transit check here

If you want to prevent your desktop computer from theft, disguise it while travelling. Try to carry it in an unconventional bag along with safety. This way you can save your device from thieves. 

So these are some of the handpicked tips which I follow while I fly with my computer.  These tips are based on my personal experience and it worked very effectively. Do you have any other tips to recommend? Please let me know in the comments section below.