Honeymoon In Alleppey: Best Things To Do in 2023

Known as Venice of the East, Alleppey or Alappuzha is a world-famous place in India and is very popular for its various backwater canals, paddy fields, lagoons, and beaches. Alleppey is situated in the heart of Kerala is popularly known for its houseboats cruises in the backwaters which attract lots of visitors not only from India but also from abroad each year.

From walking on the sizzling beaches to staying in the romantic resorts, a honeymoon in Alleppey will provide the utmost beautiful and romantic experience ever. In fact, every honeymooners’ dream destination is Alleppey and the place makes them fall in love with the place.


There is no such wonderful way to celebrate your honeymoon as with an Alleppey honeymoon vacation.

Here we have mentioned some of the key reasons to visit Alleppey for a honeymoon:

Reasons To Go For Honeymoon In Alleppey

1. Cruising In Houseboats


Cruising in houseboats in Alleppey is one of the best ways through which you can enjoy the hypnotizing natural beauty of this place. As we all know Alleppey is characterized by a wide network of canals that are interconnected throughout the entire town which allows you to see the complete area of the place by enjoying yourself on a houseboat.

These large houseboats will help you to experience the real beauty of paddy fields as well as coconut trees which are leaning over the backwaters of Alleppey. The lush greenery and the deep lakes create are beautiful ambiences for enjoying and relaxing by sipping a cup of coffee.

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2. Beaches Of Alleppey


The beaches of Alleppey are well known for their mesmerizing beauty. Spending quality time with your beloved and chilling under the palm trees near the beaches and seeing the pristine water of the Arabian Sea is a treat to your eyes.

There are many festivals that are organized and celebrated such as  Alleppey Beach Festivals and Sand Art Festivals on this beach. The unique beauty of Alleppey Beach attracts most of the tourists. Apart from this, there are many amusement facilities are Vijaya Beach Park which has converted into the hub for all age groups.

3. Backwaters


The beautiful lagoons, as well as interconnected lakes, make people enjoy the Indian version of Venice in Alleppey. Alleppey is no less than heaven for the people who are fond of natural beauty. All they need to do is just hire a boat for a day or for few hours and start soaking into the greenery as well as the astonishing beauty of backwaters.

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These houseboats in Alleppey backwaters will let you experience bird watching, dazzling views of the sunset, stargazing, and watching the daily activities of fishermen and farmers.

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4. Local Culture And Cuisines In Alleppey


Alleppey is a town which is popular for its varied civilizations. The culture of Alleppey is celebrated by the wide number of events that take into place during the years. Apart from this, the people of Alleppey are fond of food. If you love to taste South Indian cuisines, this is the ideal place for you.

Now as you came to know what are the top reasons to visit enjoy your honeymoon in Alleppey, let’s have a look at the famous places that you should never miss out to visit in Alleppey.

Best Places To Enjoy Your Honeymoon In Alleppey or Alappuzha

Alleppey is a hub of natural beauty as the town is blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna, wetlands, and backwaters.

In this article we have listed the best honeymoon places in Alleppey:

1. Bird Watching In Pathiramanal


Pathiramanal is a small island that is spread over 10 acres of land in the middle of the backwaters of Kerala. The place has a wide range of endangered and rare species which makes it a perfect place to enjoy bird watching. Many honeymooners consider it as the best getaway for the honeymoon in Alleppey.

2. Marari Beach


Situated around 11 km from the Alleppey, Marari beach is well known for Ayurvedic spa centres and exotic beach resorts. The heart arresting natural beauty and greenery makes it a perfect honeymoon destination for the newly married couple. Marari Beach can many coconut palm trees where you can spend your daytime near the backwaters.

3. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary


Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is situated Kumarakom in the Kottayam district. The place is famous for all the native and migratory birds and is ideal for all bird lovers. It is a hub of many local birds such as cuckoos, owls, herons, waterfowls and other migratory birds like the Siberian Crane. Spread in 14 acres of land, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is also known as Vembanad Bird Sanctuary which we feel no one should miss out on during their honeymoon in Alleppey.

4. Alappuzha Beach


Alappuzha beach is well known for its dazzling beauty which has a wide range of thrilling activities starting from the attractive beach getaways. As mentioned above, the beach hosts many festivals such as Alappuzha Beach Festival as well as Sand Art Festival.

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5. Vembanad Lake

Known as the largest lake in Kerala as well as the longest lake in India, the Vembanad Lake is called in different names in different regions across the state. In fact, the lake has a wide range of marine animal as well as bird species. Not only this but it is also a home snake boat racing which should be on your bucket list of the must-visit places.

Best Romantic Things To Do In Alleppey

Now let’s have a look at the romantic things to do in Alleppey which will make your honeymoon even more delightful.

1. Pamper Your Body With Ayurvedic Spa


Kerala is already popular for Ayurveda which will give you a golden opportunity to pamper your body. There are many travelers who tend to visit Alleppey to get relief from chronic illness. There aren’t many popular Ayurvedic spa centers in Alleppey where you can visit and revive yourself and enjoy the aromatic Ambience of the places.

2. Spiritualism In Temples


Alleppey is the birthplace of Ayurveda and is also known as God’s own country. And your trip will not be completed without getting a  touch of spiritualism. You can spend few hours at the Churches as well as temples in Alleppey.

Alleppey has the majority of Hindu and Christian population, thus there are many temples and Churches. The most popular spiritual places are Nagaraja Temple, St Mary’s Church, St Andrew’s Florence, Bhagavathy Temple, Latin Catholic Church and Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple.

3. Go Shopping With Your Better Half

Never ever miss out on the opportunity to go shopping in Alleppey. If you go shopping in Alleppey, try to buy the souvenirs such as attractive South Indian jewellery, trinkets, handmade product as well as artecrafts. There are lots of things which you can get from this place and that too at a reasonable price and if you are having good skills in bargaining then you are on the profit side. Most of the people go for maritime products.

4. Swim And Experience Beautiful Sunset At Pozhiyoram Beach


The best part of the beach is that the size of the beach is small and waves hit hard. So you can really enjoy the great swimming experience as well as watch the awesome sunset here. You can reach the place by rickshaw ride from the main town. When the sun starts setting, Chinese fishnets capture some attractive silhouettes which you must see.

5. Experience A Natural Lifestyle In Kuttanad

Kuttanad which is known for its serene beauty as well as peaceful lifestyle is characterized by beautifully lined coconut trees, dense paddy fields as well as aromatic spice crops. All these things make Kuttanad one of the most unique spots which are situated away from the cities. If you are planning to go for a honeymoon in Alleppey, then don’t miss the chance to spend beautiful moments in Kuttanad village.

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6. Photography In Backwaters

Kerala is well known for its backwaters and Alleppey is known as the Venice of India. The backwaters of Alleppey is home to some of the rarest species such as Asian Palm Swift. White Breasted Waterhen, Black Drongo, Jungle Myna as well as White-Throated Kingfishers. So we would suggest you never miss a chance to capture the pictures of the beautiful birds while kayaking in the enchanting backwaters.

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Some Important Questions Asked By The Tourists

As Alleppey welcomes tourists from India and abroad across the year, there are many questions which we keep on getting from our readers. So following are the list of some common questions with which many tourists ask:

Q1: What is the best time to visit Alleppey?

As Alleppey is characterized by a humid climate, so the best time to visit the town is during Winters somewhere between the month of November to February as the weather remains pleasant.

Q2: Is Alleppey safe for honeymoon couples?

Yes, Alleppey is safe for honeymoon couples as the tourism authorities maintain strict precautionary measures. Also, we would advise you not to visit the town during monsoons due to heavy rains.

Q3: How to reach Alleppey?

By Air: The nearest airport to Alleppey is Cochin International airport which is just 75 km away from the town.

By Road: You can book bus tickets from any city of Kerala operated by Kerala State Run Transportation Corporation.

By Train: Alleppey Railway Station is well connected to famous cities such as Trivandrum and Cochin

So these were all about the best things to do when you are on your honeymoon in Alleppey. We hope this article will help you out while planning your trip. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.