Google Maps Update Help Travelers In COVID-19

Google Maps Update Jun 8, 2020.

Getting from one destination to another is more complicated than before. Because of COVID-19, so many places are under restriction.

Google is constantly working on his application to make people’s life easier. The new features of Google Maps will help you in your traveling in COVID-19.

Currently, everyone already aware of their city transport updates, area restrictions, health checks, and service updates related to COVID-19.

BestTourPlace suggests you have to check Google Maps before leaving your house. It will be more secure if you will do.

Ramesh Nagarajan said in the news release on June 2020. COVID-19 has a constant impact on our travels. It changes the way we travel.”

Google Maps will show you the following alerts according to place direction and purpose of traveling.

Google Maps Update: Alerts about important information.

crowdedness-10-43-535x1024-4422681 Image Source Click Here

Alert 1: 

Restriction Alerts:

When a person looks for public transit direction on Google Maps, that root may be affected by COVID-19 restriction. Google maps will show driving alerts on COVID-19 checkpoints when people cross the national border. These alerts will help in early preparation.

The driver also receives the alerts when he is entering an area impacted by restrictions such as social distance and wearing a mask.

Google implements these transit alerts in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the U.S.

Testing Alerts:

When you are driving for a medical facility and COVID-19 testing center, you will receive an alert to verify eligibility and facility guidelines.

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Nagarajan said This alert is to avoid being turned away or causing additional strain on the local healthcare system.

Public Transit Alerts:

Google introduced a crowdedness prediction graph for the public on Google maps.

Whenever you are traveling from one destination to another, you can check traffic colors Red and Yellow.

These traffic Graphs will help people to see how crowded a particular bus line and train tends to be.

When you are looking for public transport in an area affected by COVID-19 restriction, you will receive an alert from the local transit agency. Also, receive a reminder like rules and regulations and mask requirements.

If the Government does some mandates are impacting transit services, you will also get this information from the authority Google source.

Some feature is not available in some country. More info check here

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