Find Best 2023 Pet-Friendly Hotels In 5 Steps

Tips for Find Pet-Friendly Hotels You treat your pet as your family member, you share your thoughts with them when you feel low, you provide them good food; do all those things that you do for your family. But, when it comes to a vacation trip, it becomes hard to get separated from them.

Leaving them to your neighbor or relative place can be painful for both of you. And if you wish to take them with you on your trip, then the problem arises is which hotel will allow your pet to stay. Now here we help to find pet-friendly, many hotels understand this situation and provide some facilities for your buddy. But, whether the hotel is suitable for you or not is again a big problem to deal with.

Pet in pet friendly Hotels

So here are a few things listed below, which will help you in finding the best pet-friendly hotels for you and your buddy.

Step 1:

Check The Amenities

The first thing to do is to check the amenities list of hotels that you are enlisted and considering visiting. Pet-friendly hotels list this in their amenities to help their guests.

These amenities can be found in their brochure, their advertisement on the travel magazine, on their website or the travel agent linked with them.

Many hotels will provide amenities like treats and toys, but a few will provide everything that should be listed in amenities for pet-friendly hotels.

Such as towels, sitters, leash-free play areas, special food, beds, blankets, and gift baskets. So search thoroughly what are the amenities they are offering.
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Step 2:

Enquirer The Pet Policy

Check the pet policy thoroughly before booking the hotel. You can ask the hotel directly by calling the receptionist to know what pet policy they offer. Or you can also ask the booking agent about that particular hotel’s pet policy.

It’s better to check every hotel’s pet’s policy that you’re considering visiting because pet-friendly policy varies from hotel to hotel. Some hotels have different floors assigned for such guests.

And if these rooms are all filled, then chances for the person who’s traveling with their pet decreases, or they will not be able to stay there as per their policy. And there are also some hotels which charge an extra fee for bringing the pet along with you.

But there are also few hotels which can allow cats and dogs in their hotel but not exotic pets like ferrets.

Check for the rules, as some hotels will limit the number of pets you can bring. And some will have a policy regarding pet’s weight, so you cannot bring your pet if it doesn’t belong to their criteria.

Most of the pet-friendly hotels have the basic requirements which they enlisted in their policy. So don’t miss them and study thoroughly before booking it. Some requirements are enlisted below.

  • Must not be aggressive
  • Must be clean
  • Must not have fleas
  • Must have a proof of current vaccination
  • Must use designated areas and owners clean and dispose of the pet waste in designated receptacles.

Pet owners are required to sign an agreement where it is written that they are financially responsible for any damage caused by their pets.

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Step 3:

Go through travel directories online

Search for the travel directories for pet-friendly hotels online. Many sites provide a list of such hotels. Hotels that are having pet-friendly policy advertise their hotel by listing it in the travel directories.

To attract such guests, they enlist all their services and policies in the travel directory. You can also check the state tourism department website.

As hotels list them with the state tourism department to give brief information about their hotels, and whether the hotel is having pet-friendly or not. So you can also call the state tourism department for a list of the pet-friendly hotel.

Step 4:

Enquirer the hotel staff behavior with pets

Check for the reviews on their website and search other sites too, how much ranking is given to their hotel. What are the reviews given by different people and websites to their hotels? Ask your booking agent about it too.

Step 5:

Enquire whether its pet-friendly hotel or pet tolerant hotel

Enquire whether the hotel is pet-friendly or pet tolerant, you can get the information in their amenities. Search the amenities of the hotel to know more about the hotel policy. Pet-friendly hotels may have hardwood floors for easy clean up your pet mess, a welcome bag with pet treats and other amenities.

While the pet tolerant hotels may offer you to stay with your pet but won’t provide such things. Also, the hotels that are pet-tolerant may change their policy frequently, but pet-friendly hotels won’t do such changes in their policy, they are less likely to do so.

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Before booking a hotel it is better to ask a few questions, to know whether it comes under your specific requirements or not?

Is there any weight or breed restriction for your companion?

The certain hotel has its own specific rules, so it’s better to check first whether your pet comes under their criteria or not?

How many pets a traveler can bring?

If you wish to travel with multiple pets then it is recommended to know their policy first, whether they allow you to stay with all or not.

Will additional pet fees be charged?

There are some hotel chains where pet stay is free, but also there are some hotels which charge extra. So it’s better to know that first.

What amenities does the hotel offer?

Try to search for the amenities that they provide.

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