How Virtual Reality Travel Could Help The Tourism Industry

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The travel industry contributes a significant part in any country’s GDP, and the estimation is that the travel industry would be bagging trillions till 2029. 

As the travel business is growing, it is noticeable that it will transform in the coming years, and that transformation will be something amazing.

Practically speaking, traveling boosts energy and gives virtual feels, which is in the mind of the traveler throughout his life. And because of this new concept of ‘Virtual Reality,’ a traveler can experience, best visuals at his comfort.

What exactly is virtual reality?

What exactly is virtual reality?

It’s a human tendency to visualize aspects that are quite impossible. But this impossible is now possible with technology. Virtual reality is one of those works of technology wherein a person can visualize all the creativity in 3D, anywhere. 

With the help of a computer program, it’s now possible for a person to imagine and at the same time listen to the audio.

Although this just doesn’t end here, the person watching anything through VR not only enjoys the visuals, but with the tactics they can even feel the reality, that’s the reason virtual reality is also termed as artificial reality.

With the help of virtual reality, an artificial environment is built. There isn’t any physical camera located in any situation. Instead, the graphics react according to the movement of the head.

VR uses accurate environmental sounds and spatial characteristics for an immersive experience. The VR kit consists of a head kit and specific props to make the experience of watching more realistic.

How has VR transformed the travel business?

How has VR transformed the travel business?

There are varied applications of VR, and one of them is the travel business. With virtual reality, the experience of traveling is transforming in many ways. Being a fantastic tool itself, VR is helping the travel business to get a better customer base.

For example, a virtual representation of the tour is shown to the traveler before going to the trip itself. It not only excites the customer but also the curiosity of visiting that place increases.

VR is most often used by five-star hotels to give their customers a valuable and memorable experience. VR enhances the destination and the willingness to visit upswings.

The individual not only visits places which are on land but he can experience everything, be it from water, air and also space. If you are not a professional swimmer and you want to go and visit under the ocean for once, then VR gives the same experience of being underwater.

Also the most favorite and in the wishlist of all, paragliding. Paragliding and breeze, both are experienced through VR.

VR is just not related to all the above, and the dream of visiting space is yet remaining. It’s a bit shocking to hear, but the space visit with VR is fantastic and affordable too. It gives the lively experience of stars all around, and the galaxy is also a reach, isn’t it amazing?

Below given are some of the reasons behind the boost in the travel industry because of VR:

1. Hotel Tour with VR:

Hotel Tour with VR

In most of the foreign trips, we are just conscious of how comfortable the hotel room will be. Hence, most of the hotels have a 360° image and video on their website, which can be viewed before visiting the hotel.

Most of the hoteliers are sticking to this as the key benefits are displayed well to the customer through VR, and the virtual tours also give transparency to the customer. Hence, this is directly boosting the travel industry because there is a lot of openness to the trip, and even a good bonding for a longer time is made with the customer.

2. Booking experience with VR:

Booking experience with VR

Hotels use VR to give three-dimensional experience to their customers of the whole hotel room and their restaurant services. Most leading hotels are using this, and it’s profiting them.

The 3D gallery of all the hotel assets is just one click away from the customer. Hence this increases the visibility of the hotel, and good traffic is also generated, with good ranking on search engines.

By this, the visitor gets the feel of the hotel before visiting the hotel, and even the person-hours is also decreased because there’s no need to allot a staff behind the customer and make them visit the hotel.

The engagement time between the hotel staff and the visitor is decreased because all the credentials are done on the website itself by them.

3. Virtual Reality Travel Experience:

Travel experience with VR

Basically, in this, there are tourism videos made and displayed on the website or social media. It helps the viewer to explore the place of the destination. There are two different kinds of videos represented on the site, one is monoscopic VR, and the later one is stereoscopic VR.

While in the monoscopic VR, the tourist can view the destination through the phone or computer, but for displaying the stereoscopic VR, the tourist has to use the VR headsets.

This type of travel experience is not unique, but also it stays in the mind of the tourist for long.

Virtual Reality Travel Video click here

4. VR for travel agencies

VR for travel agencies

Travel agencies have seen lots of conversions because of VR, and even they expect that their business will reach higher tops with VR. They have built good experience with their customers, and also travel professionals find it easy, as advising and Informing clients about places gets more comfortable for them.

Most developed countries have already adopted VR in their tourism list. The VR theme park of China is trendy amongst all. Even Jurassic creatures of David Attenborough, the national museum of Australia, can be toured through VR.

The era of attracting tourists with brochures and offers are now gone; most of the agencies are using VR because this gives their customer clarity, and even they feel that this approach will help them to bag a good deal in the future. As many big companies are investing in VR tourism, the future is likely very bright!