Best Tourist Cities in The United States of America

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Best Cities for Travel in US

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1. Los Angeles, California

Why Los Angeles is best for Traveler.

  • Place where summer never ends.
  • Home to Hollywood and most of the entertainment industry.
  • Nightclubs are the best in the world.
  • Best Beaches.
  • On Venice Beach, You might run into that famous movie star.
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2. Charleston, South Carolina

Why Charleston is best for Traveler.

  • Rainbow Row.
  • Iconic Pineapple Fountain.
  • Historic Marketplace.
  • Also known as Holy City for Beautiful and Historic Churches.
  • Charleston Harbor and Sumpter, Where the Civil War started.
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3. New York City, New York

Why New York City is best for Traveler.

  • Incredible Cityscape
  • Central Park and Empire State Building are breathtaking landmarks.
  • Nightclubs, Restaurant, Museums, Parks, Monuments, Stadiums Shops are too good.
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4. Boston, Massachusetts

Why Boston is best for Traveler.

  • Boston is home to some of the most important events in American History.
  • One of the Oldest City of America.
  • Historic Monuments, Museums and Parks.
  • Boston Harbor.
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5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Why Las Vegas is best for Traveler.

  • Most Famous casinos like the Cesar’s Palace and Excalibur.
  • Luxurious Hotels on Earth.
  • Neon-lit Street of the Vegas Strip.
  • Best Nightclubs.
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6. Chicago, Illinois

Why Chicago is best for Traveler.

  • Famous Lincoln Park.
  • Chicago style Hot Dogs.
  • Towering Skyscrapers.
  • Famous Gothic Architectures represent urban America..
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7. Seattle, Washington

Why Seattle is best for Traveler.

  • Retro Futuristics Space Needle Tower.
  • Perfect blend for old and new culture.
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8. New Orleans, Louisiana

Why New Orleans is best for Traveler.

  • French Architecture and Caribbean Flavor.
  • Famous Mardi Gras Festival.
  • Incredible Cuisines.
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9. Virginia Beach, Virginia

Why Virginia Beach is best for Traveler.

  • Beautiful Beaches
  • First Landing State Park.
  • Romantic atmosphere with many restaurants to dine.
  • Busch Gardens Amusement Park for Kids and Family.
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10. Houston, Texas

Why Houston is best for Traveler.

  • Incredible Street Art and Murals.
  • Interesting Shops and Restaurants.
  • Also known as Culinary Capital of America.
  • Houston is home to the NASA Space Center.
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11. St. Augustine, Florida

Why St. Augustine is best for Traveler.

  • Museums such as the Pirate and Treasure with its large collection of Pirate Artifacts.
  • The Lightner Museum for numerous pieces of Art.
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12. Bozeman, Montana

Why Bozeman is best for Traveler.

  • Skylines and views form a hill over the whole city.
  • Experience nature at its finest.
  • Perfect spot for Biking and Hiking.
  • Biggest Collection of Dinosaur Bones in the Museum of the Rockies.
  • Pleasant College Vibe.
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13. Portland, Oregon

Why Portland is best for Traveler.

  • For a long walk in Washington Park in case you are a nature lover.
  • Famous Japanese Garden.
  • Terrace Bars with the view over The Oregon Conventional Center.
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14. Nashville, Tennessee

Why Nashville is best for Traveler.

  • Better place for Good Music, Tasty Food and good ol’Tennessee Whiskey.
  • Some of the best Barbecue and Famous Hot Chicken.
  • Legendary Bluebird Cafe in the city’s famous music Venue.
  • Exact replica of Greece’s Parthenon in Atlanta’s Centennial Park.
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15. Atlanta, Georgia

Why Atlanta is best for Traveler.

  • Atlanta has one of the most important landmarks of both the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement.
  • The City in Forest, gorgeous tree lines, green hills and lavish city parks.
  • Numerous Skyscrapers for the city’s beauty.
  • Most famous attractions include the World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
  • Stone Mountain Park, for the best view of the city.
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16. St. Louis, Missouri

Why St. Louis is best for Traveler.

  • Best Architectures.
  • Iconic gateway arch frames a city.
  • Old Courthouse and Botanical Gardens.
  • Modern forward thinking city.
  • Nightlife bar culture.
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17. Honolulu, Hawaii

Why Honolulu is best for Traveler.

  • Largest City of Hawaii.
  • Traditional polynesian heritage.
  • Best food with local ingredients.
  • Lush Volcanic Island.
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18. San Francisco, California

Why San Francisco is best for Traveler.

  • Breathtaking Metropolis hilly landscape.
  • Also known as friendly locals and proudly lgbtq history.
  • Best place for modern travelers.
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19. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why Minneapolis is best for Traveler.

  • Its parks are world class.
  • Walker art Museum and guthrie theater bring the culture.
  • Must visit for foodies.
  • The iconic first music venue and vibrant nightlife.
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20. Savannah, Georgia

Why Savannah is best for Traveler.

  • Breathtaking Historic.
  • 22 town squares surrounded by remarkable architecture.
  • Gorgeous green spaces.
  • Famous for its nightlife.