Best Travel Accessories For Men to check in 2023

City trips, holidays, adventurous trips and bag packing – seems very interesting.

We head out to explore new places, be it a city, an island or a snow-capped mountain at least once or twice a year.

Undoubtedly travelling can be thrilling as well as enjoyable experience particularly when you are well prepared as well as equipped for your tour.

Whereas it will take no time to turn into a horrible experience when you don’t have specific travel essentials.

Now when we say the term “travel essentials” we really mean to say the essential things. These are the gear which we need to pack and use, no matter where we go.

That’s why we always say that every small detail matter from a button of your trouser to the chain of your suitcase, you need to ensure that everything is perfect.

Travel accessories are important, as they transform your annoying journey to the most memorable one. So, if you are in search of the best travel accessories for men, then you are certainly in the right place.

In this article, we have prepared a well-curated list of the travel essentials for man along with their key features that will help you out in your next trip.

Best Travel Accessories For Man

Expandable Suitcase For Travelers

Suitcases or travel bags play a vital role in any kind of travel.

To carry all your travel essential you need a good travel bag which comes with the perfect style and features within the right price. So before you start packing you need to choose the right suitcase or travel bag.

For instance, suitcases for a longer trip or for a weekend should be selected with proper care as these last for many years. On the other hand, the suitcases of smaller size or larger ones may differ in providing pockets or compartments.

You can also choose the bags as per the quality such as fabric, pure leather or fibre. However, we always recommend you to buy the suitcases which give you convenience in all matters.

If you are traveling either by Aeroplane or train, prefer using trolleys as this is the only convenient option because you have to walk a lot and also have to carry the luggage.

Duffle Bag

The second thing in our list of most important travel accessories for men is Duffle Bag.

A duffle bag will offer easy accessibility to all your items. Having said that you can get duffle bags of various sizes, so you can select the one which suits as per your needs.

If you are unaware about these bags then let us tell you that duffle bags come in cylindrical shapes.

Gone are those days where travelling used to be hectic for people but now to make your travelling hassle-free, you need durable as well as sturdy bags, particularly if you are going by flight.

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Travel Wallet

A travel wallet is quite different from the normal wallet as it contains enough space as well as multiple slots for storing all the important things for travel like passport, Traveling credit card, debit card, cheque book, banknotes, air tickets, and various other important documents.

The main reason of listing travel wallet in the important travel accessories for man because not only you have a thing which can store all the important travel stuff in one place but also it can protect yourself when there is an uncertain situation such as if you have lost your suitcase in the airport but you will still have your travel wallet with you. This will ensure that you still have all the relevant things that are needed to continue the tour.

Power bank

Gone are those days when people used to use physical guidebooks for trip location.

Now due to increasing use of mobile phones, the demand for the power banks also increased.

People these days prefer to use e-guidebooks or track the location through GPS which obviously needs smartphones or tablets. But all these tasks can only be performed if your phone or tablet has enough battery.

To keep your battery alive during your entire trip, you need to carry a portable charging gadget which is non-other than a power bank.

You can charge your phone whenever and wherever you want. All you need to do is to give a full charge to the power bank before heading out. It will act as a life saviour of our phone when you are in an emergency because not all the places have charging outlets.

Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is something which the travel lovers, especially men can’t live without. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? But it’s true.

This is because you can’t mess up your travel bag by adding toiletry sets with your normal luggage and that’s why separate toiletry carrier is important. You need something just for storing all of your bathroom stuff and that’s where toiletry bag comes to rescue.

You can easily store things such as toothbrush, shaving kit shampoo, soaps, lotion, creams and many other essential items in your toiletry bag.

As a result of keeping all such things in a separate place, you will be enjoying a hassle-free journey and super easy access to the important stuff.

You can get various types of toiletry bags which come in various styles. You can choose the one as per your convenience.

Shaving products

Most of the people prefer to explore new places during summertime and so you are. But do you have everything you need in the shaving kit?

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This is because you will need the proper shaving essentials in your shaving kit for a hassle-free as well as smooth shaving and grooming regime during your trip.

After all, you need to look is absolutely handsome which will add a dashing touch to your travel memories with stunning photographs and for that, you need a sharp and clean shave.

Starting from choosing the right razor for a shave to a perfect shaving brush, you need to bring essential shaving accessories and store it in your toiletry bag.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers can also add fun when you are on your trip with your friends or family. But here we will always recommend you to use the water-resistant Bluetooth speakers as you can’t predict the weather report in an unknown place.

Moreover, when you are on your tour, you want a tune to come within you. But for this simple pair of earphones is not enough as they are not equipped with such features.

For enjoying an amazing base in the soundtrack, you need a portable Bluetooth speaker. Not only this but also when you are tired of holding your phone for a call, you can turn on the Bluetooth speaker mode.

A Bluetooth speaker is featured with an in-built mic which can be used for hands-free calling and you can continue other tasks while you are on your call.

Travel Money Belt

Next thing in our list of important travel accessories for men is a money belt. While you are on your trip, there are the chances of pickpockets especially when you are in a crowded place.

Most of the pickpocketers snatch the money from the back pocket. That’s why the money belt is being designed.

However, some people tend to use a money belt for storing other travel essentials which is misleading. You can use it for storing your money, tickets, passport and other important document copies while you are travelling.

Travel Umbrella

When you are planning for a vacation, the most underrated travel essential which maximum people forget to carry is an umbrella.

If you are visiting a place which is best known for rain as well as sudden changes in climate, particularly hill stations then umbrella is the only thing you need to rely on because you never know when the weather is going to change.

You can easily carry the umbrella in your suitcase as it is small as well as compact. But we always recommend you to carry a durable umbrella.

A durable umbrella is capable enough to hold strong winds as well as heavy rain. Some durable umbrella even has automatic open as well as close features which reduces your effort.

Neck Pillow

Most of the times we face difficulties in sleeping on the flight particularly when the travel duration is long  Travelling on a flight is considered as the most uncomfortable travel experience, specifically if you have booked your ticket in the economy class as the seats are close to each other which make you feel uncomfortable.

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This is where the neck pillow comes to rescue. This acts as an important aspect of a comfortable trip.

We always recommend you to prefer an inflatable neck pillow which will offer you extra comfort. They are designed to support both your head and neck.

As they are made from memory foam which helps in adjusting the shape of your neck. Not only this but it will also adapt to any movement that the person makes.

Sun Glass

Whether you are packing your bag for a break in a desert or you are off on a vacation to a beach, there is a particular travel accessory which you can’t forget. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about sunglass.

One of the main reasons for wearing sunglasses during vacation is to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. So, while purchasing a sunglass, you should give the maximum priority to UV.

Leave about the colour, just make sure that your sunglass has 99-100% of UV-A as well as UV-B rays protection.


While you are on your trip, you need to treat your feet very nicely. Your feet will be tired when you are on your trip, especially if the trip involves some crazy adventurous activities such as hiking, running or long walks.

So, it is important to maintain the proper foot care and you can do this by choosing a comfortable pair of shoes. Never ever make a mistake of wearing sandals on an adventurous trip.

You can wear a pair of safety boot or sneaker instead. But if you are one who prefers wearing sandals or slippers, try to slip on.

This is because it will immensely help you to walk faster. As there are no ties or laces, you just need to slide your feet and you are good to go.

So that’s all about the list of best travel accessories for men. In this article, we have specifically shortlisted the travel accessories for men which can make their journey comfortable.

We have tried to keep this as detailed as possible so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest. Let us know in the comments section, if we have missed any travel essentials.