Best Timings to visit Blue Mosque In Istanbul Turkey

Have you always wanted to visit the stunning Blue Mosque in Istanbul? If so, you’ll want to know when is the best time to visit. In this article, we will provide a breakdown of the Best Timings to visit Blue Mosque In Istanbul Turkey so that you can plan your trip accordingly and make the most out of your experience!

What is the Best Timings to visit Blue Mosque In Istanbul Turkey?

The best time to visit the Blue Mosque is in the morning, when the sun is just starting to rise. The light shines through the stained glass windows and illuminates the blue tiles, making them glow. It’s a beautiful sight that you won’t want to miss.

You should also avoid visiting the mosque on Fridays. This is when Muslims gather to worship and the mosque can become quite crowded.

To ensure that you have the best experience possible, plan your visit for any day between 8am and 12pm. This is when the mosque is at its most peaceful and stunning.

What are the Opening Hours of Blue Mosque?

The Blue Mosque is open to the public every day from 8:30 AM until sunset. The best time to visit the mosque is during the daytime when natural light illuminates the interior, making it even more beautiful.

The Blue Mosque is closed for visitors during prayer times, which are held five times a day. These prayers usually last about 15 minutes and take place at the following times: Fajr (dawn) – 4:00 AM, Dhuhr (noon) – 12:30 PM, Asr (mid-afternoon) – 3:30 PM, Maghrib (sunset) – 6:00 PM, and Isha (nightfall) – 8:00 PM.

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Can I visit Blue Mosque at Night?

Yes, the Blue Mosque is open at night for tourists to visit. The mosque is illuminated with beautiful lights that make it a stunning sight to see at night. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when visiting the mosque at night.

First, dress modestly out of respect for the religious site. Second, be aware that there may be large crowds, so be prepared to wait in line. Third, remember to take off your shoes before entering the mosque. Lastly, enjoy the experience of visiting this incredible mosque at night!

How long does it take to see the Blue Mosque in Istanbul?

Here are some tips for timing your visit to the Blue Mosque:

-If possible, avoid visiting during peak tourist season. The mosque will be much more crowded then and you’ll have a harder time enjoying the experience.

-Try to visit early in the morning or later in the evening. Not only will there be fewer people, but the lighting will be better for photos.

-If you can only visit during peak times, try to go on weekdays rather than weekends.

-Keep in mind that the mosque is closed to visitors during prayer times. Check the schedule in advance so you can plan your visit accordingly.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make the most of your visit to the Blue Mosque and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey is an unforgettable experience. Best Timings to visit Blue Mosque In Istanbul Turkey are early morning or late evening when the mosque is peaceful and offers a breathtaking view of its intricate architecture. During these times, you can truly appreciate this magnificent structure without having to worry about larger crowds. So if you’re ever planning a trip to Istanbul be sure to make time for a visit at the Blue Mosque!

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