Best Things To Do In Maui Honeymoon vacations in 2023

Are you looking for an exquisite island honeymoon with the spirit of aloha (love and harmony in Hawaii)? Maui, one of the most decorated islands in the island chain of Hawaii, fits the bill. When you visualize a Hawaiian island, turquoise waters, travel-friendly climate, lush green woods, and the hula dance performers dancing in delight in a torch-lit setting crosses your mind. But yes, Maui, the second largest of Hawaiian Islands promises much more than where your mind’s eye can ever envision.

Maui is favored by many honeymoon couples for its sandy beaches, wonderful delicacies, and breathtaking views of the sunset and the sunrise. With a plethora of romantic things to do on this island and adventurous activities to pump your adrenaline, the monotony of travel seems to be a thing of the past.

Catching a Hawaiian sunrise at Mt. Haleakala Crater, an evening cruise to feel the ocean breeze onto your face, the magnificent sunbeams, healing and therapeutic spa treatment… Maui has a bucket list of all your much-awaited romantic activities. The lip-smacking food, the romantic hikes, and the evening stroll on the beach are so very romantic that you have to fall in love with this perfect honeymoon spot.

Here are the top 10 things to do on a Maui Honeymoon

a-romantic-escape-at-the-four-seasons-resort-6032526 Image credit: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

A Romantic Escape At The Four Seasons Resort

A Maui honeymoon is replete with a lot of spectacular destinations, lots of fun activities for the newlyweds to explore romance. Such a wonderful destination to share your love story with is Four Seasons Resort in the Sothern part of Maui.

A romantic weekend at this cinematic resort is all you need to explore the romantic side of each other under one of the most picturesque settings the island has to offer. A fine dining experience at the restaurants at the resort is fulfilling as you get a view of the ocean and calm yourself with the resort ambiance.

If you are feeling exhausted from the daytime activity, there is an option to spend some cozy and relaxing time at a private table. A signature meal (4-course), prepared by some of the most renowned chefs around the island, awaits you as you desire something extra special for that day.

Four Seasons is home to a spa offering a message that is instructed by an expert and both the couples get a four-handed massage. If you love relaxing by the pool, then enjoy at the Serenity Pool. Each morning waking up with a breakfast in the bed and savoring the food at the comfort of your room is what multiplies the romance instantly any given day.


A Full Day Road Trip To Hana

A road trip to Hana is extremely popular among honeymooners. There are numerous ways to go on a road trip to Hana. You may choose the vehicle according to your requirement and budget. By the way, one highly advisable thing is that you must rich Paia, the town that has its history, by 7 a.m. Stop for a light breakfast and a cup of exquisitely blended coffee at Anthony’s Coffee Shop.

Your second stop is Twin Falls; about 20-25 minutes from Paia for some local goodies and coconut water…You may also swim in the waterfalls. As you get back into the car and hit the road, keep moving east without being enchanted by an enigmatic view from the bridge as you may get late to reach your ultimate destination.

A stop at the Garden of Eden Arboretum for a quick photo session will promise a great time for the newlyweds. Apart from the bamboo trees and the view of the Puohokamoa waterfall, a quaint shop selling cute gift items and jewellery is a bonus.

Nahiku Marketplace is your next stop for taco and gift items. After that, you feast your eyes on the spectacular Wai’napanapa State Park which offers you a brilliant opportunity to get to know about the history of Hawaii, explore the black sand beach and a birthing pool. After this, Hana Town is a quaint village that has a farmers market, a Thai restaurant and so on.

A full-day romantic trip to Hana is a pure road adventure for the honeymoon couple with innumerable stops and sightseeing to keep you busy while enjoying the precious company of each other.

north-shore-of-maui-4615589 North Shore Of Maui

A Day On The North Shore Of Maui

Imagine a Maui honeymoon at one of the most picturesque coastal areas in the entire chain of Hawaiian Islands. The north shore of Maui is not just popular for its gorgeousness; this area is also home to one of the most amazing communities. Spending a day at the shore will encourage you to explore the ultra-romantic aspects of your partner which were buried deep inside the heart until the love of your life came into your life. For a holistic experience of the northern shore, you may start your journey with Paia Town which has a bohemian touch.

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While you loll around the beach, treat yourselves with coconut water, salads and snacks at Mana Food. Your next up after some amazing time spent at the beach is Baldwin Beach Park. If you have a soft corner for swimming, then go for a swimming session to feel the wave together. Any activity together is a booster for your fresh love story. Once you are done with the swimming session, sunbathing is a must for soaking up your body for the next activity.

A honeymoon is always incomplete without a shopping spree. The galleries and the gift shops with incredible collections will lure you to at least have a glimpse of their products. There are also innumerable surf shops and eateries lined up along the shore. So, in case you are famished with hunger after a continuous beach stroll, the eateries will serve you some wonderful local snacks and delicacies.

A cocktail at the beach will uplift your beachside honeymoon. Go grab a glass at Mama’s Fish House as it serves one of the most beautifully concocted cocktails in the entire chain of Hawaiian Islands.

alii-kula-lavender-8353496 Ali’i Kula Lavender

A Short Visit To The Maui Winery And Ali’i Kula Lavender

A wine tasting episode at The Maui winery is what is going to add a special dimension to your Maui honeymoon. You will reach the spot while exploring the Ulupalakua Ranch, which has a rich history and heritage. A rapturous evening is what you always needed to fervor your romantic passion for your partner.

The up county area is simply picturesque and makes for a background of many of your Instagram posts. This corner of Maui is just otherworldly leaving you with a feeling that it’s a different planet altogether as it’s colorful, full of natural riches and the tranquility that transcends your sense perception. The coastal view from the southern part of Maui to the western part with the mystic Mt. Haleakala against the background is perfect for a photo session with your partner.

If your adrenaline is on a high and your love of the mountain takes over your senses, head towards the Kula Lavender Farm to have a floral adventure. If you have an eye for detail, you will be able to find for yourself the different varieties of lavender each displaying a characteristic of its own. You will also get to know about the man behind the horticulture magic and his legacy.

The positive vibes that surround you are topped with aromatherapy that’s pure, relaxing and possesses some amazing healing power. At one corner of the lavender farm, there is a cute Lavender farm boutique that trades in organic lavender products and some customized gift items.


Enjoy a spa at Spa Grande

One of the most popular honeymoon activities is a therapeutic whole-body message. This island city has a plethora of spas to choose from. But if you are in search of an extraordinary spa experience, then you must spend a good amount of time deciding on which spa to book for. Or else you may simply rely upon your trip operators to do it for you. Yet, to save your time and energy, you may book your spa appointment at Spa Grande which promises unmatched hospitality and world-class spa treatment.

While you and your partner are enjoying a couple of times at the spa, your body will get the much-required therapy that relaxes your body. It also has a calming effect on your mind. Calmness is the key to understanding between newly married couples. Hence a spa package is not just beneficial for the body and mind; it has long-term effects on your relationship, too.

As you start your lifelong journey with a therapeutic and calming spa, chances are your life would be manifold with all the softness and goodies that love has to offer. You may choose from the variety of spa packages here. All the packages include a side-by-side body message. Lavender, butter, sandalwood are some of the body spas that are popular among tourists.

oo-farm-9050921 Image Credit:

A trip to O’O Farm

Spanning across an area of 8 acres, O’O Farm is a place completely dedicated to organic farming. This farm came into being when two surfing mates decided upon taking on a different venture of setting up an organic farm. From locally grown Maui fruits and vegetables, this farm also grows coffee, herbs and flowers that cater to the fine dining restaurants. The organic farm is perfect for a couple on Maui honeymoon to see the beauty of nature and learn about the subtleties of organic farming. This organic farm also offers a coastal view of the beautiful island.

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If you are immensely fascinated by this place and are not in a mood to leave the place earlier, then there is an arrangement of fine dining too. Along with a dinner they also serve locally made wine to ensure your trip is worth the time. Just to get to know more about organic farming you also may engage yourself in the volunteering activities that are specially designed for those who are on a vacation.

An Enchanting Sunset Cruise

Your Maui honeymoon is incomplete without an evening cruise to catch a solid sunset. The cruise moves at a relatively comfortable speed allowing you to enjoy the lovely sunset against the backdrop of the fabulous scenery that the island offers. The cruise is not just romantic; it is one of the best ways to explore what the island has to offer. If the entire experience of being on the cruise feels thrilling, you always have the chance to maximize your stay.

The extended vacation is best to be enjoyed with live entertainment with a Polynesian touch. Spend some quality time at the open bar or feast yourself with some Luau delicacies. This cruise not only offers a wide-angle view of the coastline of Maui, but the views of Lanai and Molokai are also a bonus. As the sun sets over the horizon and sunbeams scatter over the Hawaiian waters, you slowly realize that it is the best possible way to enjoy a sunset that is pure, magical and ethereal at the same time.

Although you may visit Maui at any point of the year, the chilly winter months are the best season to catch the heavenly phenomenon at its best form. Another advantage of a winter trip is that the humpback whales from the northern part of the Pacific Ocean migrate to Maui from December to march.

With a cocktail in hand and looking at the sun gradually sliding down the oceanic horizon, a warm affair is sprouted between the new weds. A cuddle is all you need to create a sweet and secretive Hawaiian tale smeared with loads of love and a newly discovered bond that transcends the timeline.

Musical Concerts, Performances And Events

A Maui honeymoon with live music and performances is sure to uplift the romance between you and your significant other. The talented musician and performers will make every moment of your presence worth staying till the program comes to an end. Whether you visit during the summer months or you love the December chill in the air, the variety of music festivals will rarely disappoint you.

Are you a movie buff?

Visit the Maui Film Festival to witness the filmy culture present in this island city. The Kapalua Wine and food festival is another festival that will make your honeymoon memory fun and full of varieties. Maui is full of activities that will cater to the tastes of different travelers.

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Enjoy Sunrise At The Haleakala Crater

Sunrise through a majestic mountain peak is a dream sight to many backpackers and enjoying that spectacular beauty with the love of your life beside you is some sort of a long-cherished dream for every honeymooner on earth. The sun beaming its rays through the clouds is more than perfect for a warm start to your otherwise perfectly scheduled day on a Maui honeymoon.

To catch the sunset from the very beginning, you must leave the comfort of your bed early and start early to reach the majestic Mt. Haleakala Crater that is about 10,000 feet from the ground. To ensure a safe and secured journey, you must be prepared in advance. Due to the extreme chill at that height, you should a few extra woolens and coffee to enjoy the sight without shivering and comfortably.

A majestic sunset is w0rth capturing, so pack your camera in your travel kit so that you don’t miss it in a rush. It takes about two hours on average to reach the point and advised to reach the peak at least 30 minutes before the scheduled sunset so that you do not miss the sight. If romance is your second character, then book a seat on the horseback for an optimum experience that will stay in your heart forever.

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Celebrate Your Honeymoon With A World-Class Chef

A Maui honeymoon is incomplete with a dinner created by one of the most decorated private chefs that the island ever possesses. Book a date with Mr. Mauro to have an ultra-delicious meal specially designed for you. He prefers to cook the meal in a beach setting.

So while you soak yourself in the beauty of a marine sunset, you get to see Mr. Mauro’s professionalism takes a different height as he customizes the special menu for the culinary experience that the island has to offer.

The sound of the waves, the ocean breeze playing through your hair, a musical duo performing in front of you… you just would want to seize the moment and live in that perfect piece of heaven forever. The romance does not come to an end here.

As the evening unfolds and darkness starts getting darker, a passionate post-sunset experience with the beach lit by the tiki torches, your senses dissolve and your love finds a different meaning. As the meal is prepared, savor each bite and feel the awesomeness a Maui honeymoon has to offer.

Before you book your trip, let’s have a quick tour at the frequently asked questions that hover around the mind of every honeymooner:

Q1: Why would I choose a Honeymoon in Maui?

Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon spots in the world and Maui, being the 2nd largest of the chain of Hawaiian Islands reflects the Hawaiian culture and mood. The turquoise beaches, the spectacular mountainous landscape, the surfing and hiking… you name any of your favorites and romantic things to do on an island and Maui has an answer to them all. The amenities that your mind could ever imagine are but just a click away. A Maui Honeymoon would, distinctively, serve the honeymoon couples with a diverse choice.

Q2: What to pack for Maui Honeymoon?

Before you start stuffing your travel kit for the dreamy trip, you must be well aware of the items to be packed for a beach honeymoon. Here are some of the must-haves for a perfect trip:

  • Sunglasses: To save your eyes from the Hawaiian sun, sunglasses are a must.
  • Keen Shoes: For those who do not prefer to carry heavy luggage just pack two pairs of shoes. While you are hiking or crossing the stream, keen shoes are your best buddy.
  • Sun protection and rash guards: As you spend most of your daytime under the sun, sun protection will save you from sunburns. After wearing body-hugging garments, you may develop rashes. So a rash guard will come in handy for a witty traveler like you.
  • Straw Hats: To save yourself from the glares of the sun and look stylish at the same time, go for a straw hat.
  • Water Bottle: Packing water bottles on a Maui honeymoon might not sound smart, but single-use water bottles are not sanitary for reuse. Having your water bottle will save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle.
  • Beach towels: Get a pair of soft and ultra-absorbent Turkish towels as it serves for the beach purposes.

Q3: How to travel around Maui?

Maui has plenty of vehicles option for honeymoon couples. You may choose from a variety of options like taxi, tour bus, shuttle or any mode of public transportation.

Q4: When is the best time for a Maui Honeymoon?

As Maui enjoys a cool clime, you may plan your Maui honeymoon at any time of the year. But if you love whale watching and surfing, then choose the winter months between December and May.

Q5: Do I need a passport to visit Maui?

Unless and until you have US citizenship, you need a passport to travel to Maui from any part of the world.

So… last but not least, a Maui honeymoon will be a perfect choice for unraveling the mysteries of love and romance. In this article, we have given all the information you may need while planning a honeymoon trip to Maui. Go through the article and keep remember the things mentioned here. Enjoy your honeymoon in Maui. Happy Honeymooning!