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Big Bear Lake is situated just two hours away from Los Angeles which is globally famous for its adventure as well as travel. The lake is surrounded by the San Bernardino Mountains at a height of more than 6,700 feet and the town witnesses four distinct seasons. While winter comprises a surplus of snow, a Southern California rarity that showcases the downhill showcases the Big Bear Mountain Resort. The Big Bear Lake is visited by the lots of visitors all across the year. There is no specific season for this palace which can be referred to as peak season as each month offers plenty of opportunities where visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty. Every visit involves vital Vitamin D and the need for sunglasses, thanks to approximately 300 days of sunshine. So if you are planning to visit Big Bear Lake and wondering what to do then you have landed in the right place. This article will guide you regarding the best things to do in Big Bear Lake (California).

Best Things To Do In Big Bear Lake (California)

Here are the best things to do in Big Bear Lake (California):

Snowboarding or Skiing At Big Bear Mountain Resort:

One of the best things to do in Big Bear Lake (California) is snowboarding or skiing which is done minutes from the south shore of the lake. The resort is situated between two different mountainous areas namely Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. These mountains have their own different specialities and their base areas are situated less than three miles from one another. Lif tickets are usable only for one day either at the mountain lending access to more than 400 skiable acres as well as dozens of terrain features.

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Snow Summit on the other hand is a premier mountain resort that provides you with a luxury vacation experience. The mountain is flush with different amenities such as restaurants, lodging, and apres-ski entertainment.

Discover Something At The Big Bear Discovery Center:

Big Bear Discovery Center is situated near the north shore which will be the very first destination while you are on your Big Bear vacation. One of the best things you can do in Big Bear Lake (California) is you can gather hidden as well as valuable information about the San Bernardino National Forest. You can also easily pick up an adventure pass which is needed to park at most trailheads. The Big Bear Discovery Center provides resources on how to be good stewards in the San Bernardino National Forest and the visitors can put this information to the test at the Cougar Crest Trail.

Hiking To Castle Rock:

Next one of the best things to do in Big Bear Lake (California) is hiking to Castle Rock. The place is surrounded by the giant San Bernardino Nation Forest and there are lots of hiking trails that offer stunning views. Among all the trails, Castle Rock Trail is mostly visited by locals. This is one-way hike with approximately 800 feet of elevation gain. Castle Rock provides travellers the most thrilling hiking experience. If you want to do more challenging adventures, try the Skyline Trail. The 15-mile route is mostly popular for mountain biking.

Boating At Boulder Bay Park:

Boulder Bay Park comprises the perfect view of Big Bear. The visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of sky touching mountains, water as well as massive rock islands which are just the treat to your eyes. The place is situated just 2 miles east of Bear Valley Dam and provides recreation all throughout the year. The place is mainly visited by the tourists during summer where they enjoy certain activities like pickinc and seeing the panoramic views. Not only this but you can even go for boating in non motozied and hand carried vessels. On the other hand autumn and spring add special colours to the place and April is the perfect time to see the real beauty of wildflowers in the mountainsides.

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Cycling On The Alpine Pedal Path:

The Alpine Pedal Path is a great bike trail and cycling in this area is one of the best things to do in Big Bear Lake (California). The place is located in the north shore of Big Bear Lake. The route is connected to the Big Bear Discovery Center. The travellers can comfortably walk as the route the route is flat. Not only this but the trail is also well known for bicyclists where they can enjoy the beauty of mountains and lake which accompany throughout the pathway. The Alpine Pedal Path also allows all types of non motorized transportation which means you can encounter bikers, walkers, strollers, rollerbladers and scooters.

Snow Tube At Big Bear Snow Play:

Big Bear Snow Play is situated near the southwest shore of the Big Bear Lake. Th ski hill snow tube mecca has the longest tube which runs in the Southern California. From mid-November through Easter, the snow tubing season usually lasts. Big Bear Snow Play adds snowmaking equipment at the beginning and conclusion of the season. A single admission to Big Bear Snow Play gives you access to the fun for the entire day. Glow tubing is also available in the evenings on weekends and holidays. There is also an indoor heated lodge with a snack bar at the property. Big Bear Snow Play is also not dormant throughout the winter. Once the winter melts, Big Bear Speedway comes alive with fast-paced, family-friendly go-karts. During the summer, a ropes course is also accessible, with guests traversing obstacles up to 35 feet in the air. This is one of the best things to do in Big Bear Lake (California)

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Big Bear Lake is a fantastic site to visit since it caters to individuals from all walks of life.

Whether you’re looking for free things to do or want to spend money on an exciting experience, Big Bear Lake has something for everyone. We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know your thoughts on the best things to do in Big Bear Lake (California) in the comments section below.