Best Things To do In Andaman on Honeymoon vacations in 2023

Andaman Nicobar Islands has gained lots of popularity in recent years and many honeymoon couples plan to go away from the mainland and celebrate the golden moments amidst quietude, tranquillity and bounteous natural beauty. Andaman is blessed with crystal blue water as well as lush green hills. The place is unique in its own way and is the ideal honeymoon destination for couples.

Not only this but it also provides lip-smacking cuisines as well as stunning virgin beaches where you and your partner can relax and watch the sunsets. Although the place is blessed with a wide range of sightseeing options, it is also a perfect destination where you can indulge in adventurous activities.

In fact, there are numerous things to explore and on the island if you are willing to enjoy a more refined holiday experience. So in this article,

We are going to discuss the things to do in Andaman on your honeymoon.


1. Scuba Diving

Although there are a plethora of things to do in Andaman, one of the best as well as the thrilling experience that you can have is scuba diving. There are a total of 120 islands in Andaman out of which 36 are inhabitable.

Most of the islands in Andaman are untouched by human disturbance and provide the most mesmerizing natural scenery. You will get different vendors who offer the best scuba diving in Andaman. Moreover, there are also various other online platforms where you can book scuba diving in Andaman.


2. Snorkelling

After scuba diving, the second-best things which you can explore in Andaman is snorkelling. This is the best way to explore the amazing marine life as well as the corals of the Bay of Bengal. From umpteen varieties of plant species to fishes, you will get to see everything while you are snorkelling in the crystal clear waters.

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3. Mangrove Kayaking At Mayabunder

When you are on your trip to Andaman, lots of you might be planning thrilling activities. But one of the unique things to do in Andaman is Mangrove kayaking in Mayabunder. You will get an opportunity to witness the lush green mangrove forests of Andaman which is almost 1/5th of the country’s overall mangrove cover.

Most of the tourists from across the world prefer to go for sea kayaking which will take nearly 2.5 hours. While you are indulging in kayaking, you can listen to the chirping of birds and experience nature’s beauty by going through the greenery. If you love to stay away from the crowd, this is the best activity you can go for. Not only this but the place offers stunning pictures with amazing background.

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4. Light And Sound Show In Cellular Jail

The historic Cellular Jail is the most visited place in PortBlair which narrates the stories of all the tortures experienced by the Indian freedom fighters. The place is now declared as the National Memorial and is the most visited place in Andaman. You can attend the light and sound show which narrates the history of India’s freedom. The show starts at 6 PM and 7.15 PM.

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5. Sea Walking

You can even go for the underwater sea walk which is the newest things to do in Andaman. Appreciate an energizing and protected submerged stroll on the ocean bed and see the aquatic life just as similar to Mauritius, the awesome corals, fauna and a wide range of sea species.


6. Island Trekking

Island trekking is the most go-to activities for adventure lovers in Andaman. It is one of the best things to do in Andaman where you can witness nature’s beauty by spending quality time with your partner on the shoreline.


7. Chidiya Tapu Visit

Chidiya Tapu is basically a beach situated in South Andaman which is situated around 25 KM away from Port Blair. The tourists and honeymooners can witness a magnificent sunset. However, they are not allowed to go into the waters because many people have spotted crocodiles. We would advise you to take a long walk in the evening and both of you will be rejuvenated.

8. Island Hopping

One of the best things to do in Andaman is Island hopping. As you all know 36 islands are habitable in Andaman and Nicobar. Each island is unique in its own way and is surrounded by the most beautiful and mesmerizing beaches in India. Start island hopping from Port Blair and from here you can hire ferries to visit various other islands. The most beautiful islands are Havelock Island and Neil Island that are known for offering a plethora of activities.

9. Seaplane Ride

Experiencing the seaplane ride is one of the amazing things to do in Andaman. This Amphibian Aircraft will provide you with an opportunity to see the mesmerizing beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

10. Parasailing

Now if you are an adventure lover and Parasailing is the best activity that you can go for. It is a mixture of airborne and water adventure. Although this water sport is done in calm waters. So never miss this golden chance to try parasailing and have fun.

11. Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is one of the amazing things to experience in Andaman and almost all the tourists never try to miss this opportunity. If you are planning your honeymoon in Andaman then do visit Lalaji Bay Beach on Long Island, Jolly Buoy in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Havelock Island where you can discover the new variety of marine life. You will feel spellbound by witnessing this magical marine species.

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12. Rubber Plantation Visit

If you want to try something unique other than island hopping or parasailing, then rubber plantation is the amazing things that you can do. Wandoor is a place located 20 minutes from Port Blair is blessed with the largest plantation on the island. Once you reach there you will be witnessing many golden brown sheets of rubber. You can even go for a guided tour to know more about this place.

13. Glass Bottom Boating

If you don’t feel comfortable with scuba diving or snorkelling but still want to see those vibrant marines and coral lives, Glass Bottom Boating is again an alternative way to do that. The boat is equipped with a transparent bottom where you can see beautiful marine lives and corals as you start sailing into the Bay of Bengal. This activity is completely safe for people of all age groups. Dolphin Beach is the best place to enjoy glass-bottom boating.

14. Enjoy Helicopter Tour

Another must-try activity in Andaman is a helicopter tour. This activity itself is unique where you can experience something different from the other activities in Andaman. You ride from South Andaman to North Andaman in this helicopter ride. While you are on your ride, you will be seeing the dense tropical forests and crystal clear blue-green water. It will take around 3 hours to complete the entire journey. Isn’t it amazing?

15. MV Makruzz Cruise

If you are planning for a luxurious outing in Andaman then you can book a ride in Makruzz. MV Makruzz is a privately owned catamaran in Andaman and Nicobar Island that offer amazing cruising experiences in Havelock or Neil or Port Blair. You will be having the best cruising experience for 90 minutes. The ferry is equipped with all sorts of facilities. There are 2 decks in the vessel having a capacity of 280 among which 64 are Deluxe and 8 seats in Royal.

16. Havelock Island

Havelock is one of the largest habitable islands in Andaman having some exquisite beaches. It is also blessed with lush green forests where people can enjoy trekking. The island has mostly Bengali people who have settled here for a long time. The other areas of the island are inhabited by tribals. The place is best for amazing activities as we have already mentioned like kayaking, trekking, scuba diving and sailing.

17. Banana Boat Ride

It is one of the fun things to do in Andaman. The best part of this activity is it is extremely, safe cheap and funfilled for the entire family who is on the trip. There will be an instructor in the boat who will be instructed about the life jackets and other necessary safety gear. This activity is available on almost all the islands in Andaman. However, there are other activities as well like speed boating and jet skiing.

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18. Limestone Cave Explorations

If you are thinking that the natural beauty of Andaman is just about bioluminescence then you are wrong. Another amazing beauty of Andaman is the limestone caves. These caves are made millions of years ago and exploring this caves would be the best thing to do in Andaman. All you need to do is just book a tour for exploring these caves on your own.

19. Bird Watching

Bird Watching is another one of the best things to do in Andaman. The best place to do this activity is Chidiya Tapu that is situated 25 KM from Port Blair. You can witness several species of birds like emerald divest seas eagled, parakeets and others. We would advise you to carry a camera so that you can capture the images of nature’s most beautiful creations.

20. Sunrise And Sunsets

The most romantic things to do on your honeymoon in Andaman is enjoying the gorgeous view of the ocean during sunrise and sunset. The pollution and modern lifestyle have grabbed this opportunity to enjoy such an amazing gift of nature. However, Andaman doesn’t leave a chance to offer you the best things. There are many beaches in Andaman where you can see the uninterrupted views of mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets.

21. Volcano Tour In Barren Island

Mud volcano can usually be visited both in roadways and waterways. While you are on your way to Baratang Island, you have to reach Jarawa Creek which is about 250 to 300 meters distance. The volcano has erupted under the pressure of underground decayed matter that continuously emits natural gas.

So these are the best things that you can do while you are on your honeymoon in Andaman. If you know of any other activities other than the ones which we have mentioned above, let us know in the comments section below.