Best Small Pets That Are Easy To Take Care For Travellers

Having a pet in your home can provide a great experience but it requires a lot of work to manage them. To be very honest keeping a pet at your home is similar to having a kid as you always have to be around them to look and take care of them.

You just cannot leave your cat on its own for a week so if you are one who frequently travels either for work or if you have a hobby to travel frequently then you might be thinking that adopting a pet is not just your cup of tea. For instance, if you always remain away from your town then adopting a dog is not your option.

This is because they require regular attention as well as care. However, all animals are not like that. There are many animals who can be with you with the least care as long as they have got enough food to consume. If they get their food properly for a couple of days when you are away then they can easily survive.

Taking these points on note we have shortlisted some of the best small pets that travel well and can be the best option for frequent travellers.

List of Best Small Pets for Travellers.



Fishes are such type of animals which are extremely easy to take care of. This is because you don’t have to play with them regularly like you would do with your cat or dog when you’re at home. But if you are away from your home you have to make some sacrifices.

If you have an aquarium full of attractive and exotic fishes, this can be a great addition to your home and they can act as good pets too. Having said that you need to do proper research before you go to buy fish as that requires very specific condition.

Apart from this, you can also purchase some koi carp if you have a pond outside of your house. However, the pond needs to be big in size as the small ponds get easily heat up during summers which can badly impact your fish.

Whenever you are planning to adopt fish in your house you need to make sure the level of nitrates as well as ammonia contained in the water is extremely low otherwise your fish may die soon. 

Nevertheless, you can also purchase a small fishbowl or tank which can be extremely perfect if you are a frequent traveller as most of the fish needs little to no human attention.

Bird Species

Not all the birds are perfect for the frequent traveller. As this article is all about small pets that are easy to take care of, we are discussing certain types of bird species such as a pair of budgies, love birds, the African grey parrot or intelligent birds like a cockatoo.

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There is various type of birds species which can be the perfect fit for the frequent traveller. For most of the birds, travel can be interesting and exciting as it helps to keep their minds active and entertained.

Not only this but also travel allows them to be happy to be with their favourite person all day long. But for the safety concern, it is important to keep your bird in a designed travel cage.

You should not leave your bird alone in the car unattended, so you have to make the necessary arrangement depending upon your travel plans.



Most of the people normally are squeamish when it comes to adopting rats as their pet. But to be very honest the rat doesn’t have that bad reputation as your imagining.

Most of us often imagine that rats are dirty creatures which root around our dustbin but if you adopt one as your pet they don’t behave like that. Rats are normally extremely clean animal and they love their owners a lot.

Another important advantage of adopting a rat is that they are very small in size so it’s pretty simple to take with you whenever you are planning to travel.

Apart from this, they don’t require much care and attention and that’s the reason most of the people prefer to take them when they are planning a trip.


Rabbits are one of the most frequent travellers when it comes to travelling through either planes or cars. You can often see them whenever you are in the airport.

Because of their friendly nature and good reputation they can be your best travel buddy. However, before you take them away in the backseat of your car you need to make sure that they are in a comfortable position with their carrier and being inside the car.

You have to allow them to explore their crate for minimising stress on the first day of their trip.


As we all know that dogs are the most frequent travellers but the cats have a different story. The adult cats are very self-sufficient which means as long as they have foods with them you can easily leave them alone for a while.

Yes, they do get lonely sometimes whenever they are alone but here we would advise you to get to kids so that they don’t get bored and can be a good companion with each other.

On the other hand, kittens have a different story as they require a lot of socialisation and attention in the early stage of their life. So if you are thinking to adopt a kitten then you need to give them time by staying at home until they become a bit older.

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Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs are not something which will come to your mind for the very first time when you think of adopting small pets. However they can be great pets specifically for travel lovers or people who travel on a regular basis or for a business purpose or as a hobby.

All that they need is just a terrarium which is to be placed in a shady area, crushed food pellets and some bedding. They can easily survive for many days and this is why many travel lovers prefer to adopt hermit crab. One more thing that you need to keep in mind that you need to keep some plants inside the terrarium and then spray water on a regular basis.


Next small pet which you can adopt if you are a travel lover is none other than hamsters. But while adopting you need to ensure that their water bottle and automatic feeder are working in a proper condition before you leave for travelling.

Apart from this, you need to clean as well as to replace their bedding whenever you are saying that it is necessary. Not only this but also you need to ensure that the room temperature is in normal condition.

Here we would advise you to leave a new maze, rolling toy or cute toy before you leave for travelling as these things will keep them entertained whenever they feel lonely. This is the best small pet for the frequent travellers is you don’t have to worry even when you are travelling.

Betta Fish

All the visit mentioned fish in one of her previous points but this fish is something which is very special especially for frequent travellers. Adopting a Betta fish requires a tank or a ball and the little amount of food and then you are ready to go.

As long as you are near to the bowl or a tank full of water it can even survive for a very long time with the little amount of food until the water gets dirty. But one thing that you need to keep in mind that the male Betta fish cannot live with another male Betta fish.

So here you have to keep them separate if you are planning to adopt to male Betta fish.


Tarantulas do not eat frequently and this is why many of us think to adopt them if you had a travel lover. Before you just go outside of your home for a week you need to feed them until they are in full stomach.

Foods such as mealworms, cricket, grasshopper etc are what they eat on a regular basis. Apart from this, you need to have plenty of water for them to drink. However, they don’t drink water so much since they get most of their water content from the food as well as in the environment. Isn’t it amazing?

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Tips that you need to follow when you are travelling with your pet

Travelling with your pet can be a fun-filled experience. However, travelling can also be highly stressful both for your pet and for you if you don’t have thoughtful preparation.

Travelling with your pet involves more than a reserve in the backseat of your car especially if you are driving long distances or plan to be away for a long time.

So here we have shortlisted some of the safety tips which can help you to experience the smooth journey with your pet:

  • Keep your pet secure and safe in a well-ventilated carrier. You can get a variety of wire mesh hard plastic as well as soft-sided carriers available.
  • You should not leave your pet alone in your path vehicle or in an aeroplane. This is because the parked vehicle can become a furnace in no time which can develop heatstroke.
  • Get your pet ready for the long trip by taking him on the frequent short trips first. This will help in lengthening the time spent in the vehicle.
  • If you are a frequent traveller you need to make some investment on rubber floor liners as well as waterproof seat covers for the comfortability of your pet.
  • You should not allow your pet to ride with his or her head outside of the window of the vehicle. This can lead to injury.
  • Make sure to take the first aid kit with you in case of an emergency situation.

So as we have discussed in the above-mentioned list of best small pets for cuddling which is a partly independent pet, you have to know that no pets are extremely independent.

Because if they were an independent they would not be your pet anymore. So as an owner you always have to rely on someone to take care of them when you are out of your home.

But travelling with your pet can be a fulfilling experience. This is because you are having your furry best friend with you with whom you can share everything you want to.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. Have you adopted a pet? If yes, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.