Best Places To Visit In Colombo Sri Lanka For Exciting Trip in 2023

Are you going to visit Colombo this new year? Congratulations as this is a perfect holiday destination! If you have already decided to visit Sri Lanka then you need to land as well as arrive in Colombo first which is the capital city of Sri Lanka.

Colombo is one of the busiest cities in Sri Lanka which has a mixture of rich culture as well as a historic past. There are many places to visit in Colombo. The city remains crowdie at times with full of shops, tuk-tuks, restaurants, churches, luxury hotels, shopping malls as well as lavish architecture. Not only this, but there are also stunning Sri Lankan colonial buildings located in the main street of Colombo along with Dutch, Portuguese and British influences.

Are you still wondering what are the best places to visit in Colombo? What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka? Then you are in the right place as in this article we are going to cover almost everything that you need to know before visiting Colombo such as:

  • Things to do in Sri Lanka
  • The best places to visit in Sri Lanka
  • Best places to visit in Colombo
  • Best tourist places in Colombo
  • Well known and the Best food to eat in Colombo
  • Best activities to enjoy in Colombo

About Colombo

Colombo has the overall population of 5.6 million people which means it is a big cosmopolitan city which has transformed itself a lot within the past few years. As we have already mentioned above it has a lot of sky-touching buildings which are the treat to our eyes, a stunning TV tower which can easily accommodate giant shopping malls and a hotel, many 5 star hotels, new highways as well as a newly launched harbour port.

In short, Colombo is a busy city which divided into 13 districts among which Colombo 1 or Fort Area is the main centre of the city. The city has an equal ethnic mixture of Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims due to which you can enjoy many places to visit in Colombo.

The city earlier used to be a seaport town back in the 5th century because it has a location for trade between Europe as well as Asia. The trading used to continue when there were Portuguese, Dutch as well as Arab settlers and this is the reason why the place was most famous globally at that time. Having said that here we will talk about everything you need to do in Colombo.

Top 47 Places To Visit In Colombo

So first thing first, let us have a look at the top places to visit in Colombo, Sri Lanka that you shouldn’t miss out:


Gangaramaya Temple

One of the famous tourist places in Colombo is Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple. The temples are situated in the walking distance from the peaceful Lake Beira.

Due to its religious importance, the temple attracts both local as well as international tourists. From the intricate architectural stone carvings on the doors and windows to beautiful designs on the walls are worth seeing.

These designs on the walls convey the stories of the Buddhist legends. On the other hand, a giant statue of Lord Buddha will provide peaceful vibes to its visitors.


Galle Face Green

The stunning stretch of the open space sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and the Gale road, Galle Face Green is one of the most popular places to visit in Colombo and the popular tourist’s places in Colombo.

Galle Face Green has considerable football specifically on weekends when there are lots of vendors all around which tempt the children to enjoy different types of toys.

sl_colombo_asv2020-01_img10_national_museum-2492276 image credit:

National Museum of Colombo

National Museum of Colombo was founded in the year 1877. And it is considered to be the biggest museum in the island nation. The locals consider it the pride of Sri Lanka.

The museum consists of some of the best as well as customized collections of ancient Kandyan dynasty rulers. It carries dazzling reflections of the Italian style of architecture.

Apart from this, the monument has lots of handicraft items that were made back in several decades ago. These things portray the natural and cultural significance of the country.

Never ever forget to look the gorgeous throne of the last king of Kandi, royal throne of King Vimaladharmasuriya II as well as a pair of Bodhisattva sandals which were made back in 9th century. If you are a history lover who loves to gather the knowledge of the past, then do visit the National Museum of Colombo.

Independence Memorial Hall

The Independence Memorial Hall was established in the year 1953 is known to be one of the best places to visit in Colombo. The hall was built as a tribute to the country’s independence from the colonial rule. Each and every year the hall hosts the Independence day celebrations along with different national events.

Situated in the middle of the Cinnamon Gardens, there is a museum which salutes the brave hearts who fought endlessly for the nation. Not only this but the halls also have an open space where you can enjoy cycling, jogging, gymming, aerobics and different fitness activities.

Viharamahadevi Park

The name Viharamahadevi Park has been given after the Queen Viharamahadevi which is the biggest park in the entire Colombo city. The place is a combination of waterfalls, picnic spots, nature trails, a zoo, a public park and lots more.

It is one of those few places to visit in Sri Lanka which always surprises its visitors no matter how many time you visit. Viharamahadevi Park has the combination of peaceful and calming vibes of nature along with the adventurous rides which will make you thrilled when traveling in Colombo. Not only this but also the park is famous among children because of various activities.

Beira Lake

Known to be one of the best places to visit in Colombo, Beira Lake has many elements altogether such as adventure, picnic as well as pilgrimage. Beira Lake is situated in the centre of Colombo by sitting in close proximity to the famous Gangaramaya Temple. On the other hand, the stunning Seema Makala temple increases the beauty of the lake by gracing its centre.

The resident temple is designed with magnificent idols of Hindus as well as Buddhist deities. Keeping the spiritual significance aside, Beira Lake is also famous for photographers as well as birdwatchers specifically during evenings when the sky turns orange during sunset. You can even enjoy various activities such as rowing in its wide area.

Arugam Bay Beach

If you are in search of the breathtaking view of the city and enjoy the cool breeze then Arugam Bay Beach can be your perfect destination. The tropical place of Arugam Bay Beach is a perfect spot for indulging in various adventurous activities. You can even sit on the beach and have sunbath under the radiant sunlight. The beach is quite away from the rush and crowd of the city which will let you enjoy the peaceful environment by keeping your adventurous mood alive.

Not only this but you can even pamper your tongue by having some finger-licking rice as well as curries at Tsunami Hotel which is one of the best places to have food after enjoying surfing. In case you have extra time, you can go for a trip to the famous Kumana National Park which is situated near to Arugam Bay Beach. So all these things make this place one of the best places to visit in Colombo.

Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque

Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque is one of the most famous mosques which is situated in the Second Cross Street in Colombo city. The mosque is quite widely known and looks attractive because of its red as well as a white striped colour that is similar to candy. Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque was built by Habibu Labbe Saibu Labbe and is known to be one of the most culturally rich places visit in Colombo. You can see an amazing mixture of Indian, Neoclassical, Indo-Islamic as well as Go

Seema Malaka

Have you ever visited any island temple? If not, then this can be a pleasant surprise for you. Seema Malaka is a perfect gateway for those who are in search of getting peaceful vibes away from the maddening chaos of the city. The main speciality of the place is its tropical vibes and it is suitable for newly married couples too.

Seema Malaka Temple is surrounded by the rich green garden beneath the water which showcases the strong amalgamation of Thai, Chinese, Indian as well as Sri Lankan architectural style. The place aims to promote peaceful relation among various religions, communities and cultures. Seema Malaka is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Dutch Period Museum

Situated in the centre of the Pettah market, the Dutch Period Museum is one of the prominent places to visit in Colombo. Its intricate architectural design has a combination of lots of personal belongings of many Dutch rulers. This displays the rich culture and history of the Dutch rulers over Sri Lanka. The museum is spread more than 2 storeys which earlier used to be the home of Dutch Governor of Sri Lanka named Thomas Van Rhee.

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The residence was converted into the public museum by taking the help of the Government of the Netherlands in the year 1977. Dutch Period Museum is one of the famous tourist places in Colombo.

Paradise Road

Paradise Road is a tiny and attractive boutique that mainly deals in authentic contemporary garments and most of the clothes are locally made. Inaugurated in the year 1987, it used to a small quiet label in Cinnamon Gardens earlier and within a period of time, it has become the landmark designs brands in the city. It also has all the famous as well as luxurious hotels in the city.

Pettah Market

Situated in the eastern part of the Fort station, Petah Market is one of the most famous as well as the oldest markets in Colombo city. Pettah Market is also popularly known as the Manning Market as it is named after the former governor William Manning. Brimming with locally produced items, the market moulders colonial architecture as well as cobblestone work which is a decade old and it has to remain unchanged.

Although there are many other markets surrounded in Colombo, Pettah Market or Manning Market have earned its old popularity and it will remain famous among the locals. So if you are a shopaholic and loves to buy locally made products then do visit this place in Colombo.

World Trade Center

Next place in the list of best places to visit in Colombo is non-other than World Trade Center. Situated in the heart of the city, the World Trade Centre is one of the best tourist places in Colombo. It is 39 storey premium business complex that is standing tall at 152 metres which has many reputed as well as important business all across the world.

The place has already presented with many awards that include maximum for the energy-efficient management of the building. Not only this but the World Trade Centre in Colombo is also known as the most eco-friendly business complex in the entire country.

Old Parliament Building

Known to be one of the most reputed government offices in the country, the Old Parliament Building in Colombo showcases the reflections of the Neo-baroque architectural designs. The place has many stories that have deep roots in politics as well as history which builds the reputation of the building. Old Parliament Building was built in the year 1930 and it was officially declared as the Parliament of Sri Lanka in the year 1977.

Not only this but also the Parliament of Sri Lanka was temporarily shifted to the new office in Sri Jatawardenapura Kotte and the old building is used as the residence of the Presidential Secretariat. There is also a garden behind the premises where there are a lot of bronze statues. If you are politics as well as history lover then the Old Parliament Building will definitely fascinate you.

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

One of the best places to visit in Colombo is Attidiya Bird Sanctuary as it will give you a refreshing feel. The place has more than 50 avian species with different types of butterflies as well as insect species. The entire biodiversity of the place will make you feel stunned when you start taking short walks to appreciate the beauty of nature.

No matter whenever you visit the place you will feel great but during the evenings you will experience the real beauty of the sanctuary. If you have a hobby to watch different types of birds we would highly recommend you to go for a trip to this place in the month of January. This is because during this time lots of birds migrate here. Attidiya Bird Sanctuary is for everyone who wants to spend their quality time with the mother nature.

Dehiwala Zoo

National Zoological Gardens, commonly known as Dehiwala Zoo is widely recommended places to visit in Colombo. The place has a wide range of exotic animals and is known to be the oldest zoos in entire Asia. Currently, the zoo has 2,500 animals species that are working towards conservation as well as protection.

Apart from providing the eye treating experience to the wildlife lovers, the place also consists of a wide variety of plants which is also great for botany enthusiasts. Dehiwala Zoo takes participation in the animal exchange programmes which mainly focusses on promoting breeding. The refreshing greenery of this place won’t let you go.

St Anthony’s Church

One of the best places to visit in Colombo is St Anthony’s Church which is situated in the core of the city. The place attracts both local as well as foreign tourists irrespective of their castes. You can visit the church every Tuesday where you can see lots of devotees are standing in the queue for offering prayers to the statue of St Anthony. Locals believe that the statue has magical powers.

This church is somewhat different from other religious destinations as it offers religious vibes and this is the reason that it welcomes people from different religion for promoting unity as well as peace. As the church has now been declared as a national shrine now, it is considered as the go-to place for the travellers specifically for those who have an interest in culture and history.

Old Dutch Hospital

Built-in the 17th century, the Old Dutch Hospital is known to be one of the most well preserved as well as the oldest buildings in Colombo. The place was established with an aim to provide medical aid to the employees of the Dutch East India Company. However, the place has also provided different services for many years. Currently, it has turned to a shopping centre.

Although Old Dutch Hospitals consists of many garments shops Odels is one of the famous places which mainly deals in high-end clothes as well as souvenirs. Not only this but the place also attracts many food lovers as there are many cafes and restaurants where you can explore delicious cuisines. Situated in Galle Fort, Old Dutch Hospital is always known as the most famous tourist attractions in Colombo.

Traditional Puppet Art Museum

As we all know Puppet shows represent the local culture of Sri Lanka. Thus this museum plays a crucial role to uphold the traditions as well as folk values of the island country even in the modern era. The demand for the traditional puppet shows always remains high, so we would highly recommend you to book your seats as early as possible. The place ensures to bring great entertainment as well as joy for both the local as well as international tourists. One can visit the place to experience the expertise which the artisans design their puppets for their shows. The experts conduct the puppet show in the same venue on a regular basis for entertaining the viewers who gather on a large number.

Old City Hall

If you are fond of history as well as architecture, then the Old City Hall is one of the best places to visit in Colombo. Located on the Main Street the hall was established 200 years ago which showcases the innovative architecture. Even you can see its intricate designs from the exteriors. If you want to know the history of Sri Lanka then you can take a guided tour here which would take a pocket-friendly amount. Having said that Old City Hall is a place which showcases the rich history of the nation and exhibits ancient equipment and different types of historical items which will give you an eye treating experience.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara is a well known Buddhist temple which represents the incredible as well as eye-catching sculptures. Situated around 10 km away from the main city, Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara stands tall even by experiencing the brutal attack by hostile forces of Portugal as well as India. Built on the bank of river Kelaniya, the temple is considered spaces in Colombo.

The temple was established in the year 543 BC and still, you can see the glory even after having been restored in the 18th century. This place is the true upholders of tradition as well as culture and known as one of the best tourist places in Colombo.

Sri Lankan Planetarium

Sri Lankan Planetarium has gained a lot of popularity among astronomy lovers as well as stargazers both locals and international travellers. Established in the year 1965, it is the only planetarium in entire Sri Lanka. The unique lotus-shaped design of the planetarium is simply eyed catchy in its style. After its reconstruction in the year 2014, the planetarium consists of 570 seats which face an amazing 4D projector which guides you through entire and the detailed journey of the universe.

Situated on the campus of the University of Colombo, Sr Lankan Planetarium is known for running free shows on Sunday. If you are a newcomer or are travelling with kids, this is one of the most desired places to visit in Colombo.

Temple Of Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil

Kapikaawatha Shiva Temple, popularly known as Swami Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam is one of the oldest temples in the entire Colombo. This temple is built to give tribute to Hindu Gods Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. The temple depicts the local cultures of Sri Lanka and is specifically one of the most beautiful places to visit in Colombo which says a lot about the city’s rich heritage. Built 200 years ago, the temple showcases the intricate Hindu architecture which is very rare in the island nation.

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The massive temple is beautifully designed with stone sculptures as well as intricate carvings along with a lotus carved into the main entrance. If you are one who loves to explore the culture as well as heritage then this place is a must-visit destination for you.

Old Galle Buck Lighthouse

Another amazing tourist place to visit in Sri Lanka is non-other than Old Galle Buck Lighthouse which sits right beside Galle Beach. If you are in search of some quiet as well as the peaceful environment in the city, then we would recommend you to go to Old Galle Lighthouse. Although the place is little offbeat, Lighthouse will offer you the crystal clear and amazing view of the dark blue pristine water of the Indian Ocean.

Surrounded within the boundaries of the Sri Lankan Navy, the perfect time to visit this place is during the early evening when the sky turns pink and orange over the stretch of the ocean. This is one of the best places to see the sunset.

Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia is the best and reputed heritage hotel in Colombo. This is because the hotel affords the home to some of the best ocean view rooms which always remain booked. If you want to visit Mount Lavinia during the peak season or during festival time, you will be getting attractive deals which also include sunset deals, wedding packages, national holiday discounts and many more. The rooftop of the hotel will provide you stunning view of the Laccadive sea which is the perfect getaway during sunrise as well as sunset time.

Not only this but also the popular National Zoological Garden is also situated near to this hotel where the visitors can pass their quality time. Mount Lavinia include a shopping arcade, salon as well as a swimming pool which would not let you go ever.

Colombo Port Maritime Museum

Situated just near to the Colombo Port, the Colombo Port Maritime Museum was built in 1676 which is inside an old Dutch prison. The place was renovated earlier and now the museum houses a variety of important historical items, artefacts as well as information related to Sri Lanka’s ports. Apart from the information on the maritime industry and port, it also consists of different type of sculptures of many renowned historical personalities which also includes King Vijaya.

Not only this but you can also see various types of models of the ships that were used by the Sri Lankan Navy once. Although the place is not a popular tourist attraction this can be a go-to place for lovers of culture, history and sailors.

Leisure World

Leisure World is one of the most amazing, extensive and wonderful theme parks and is the best place to visit in Sri Lanka. The place consists of magnificent biodiversity which will let you experience that thrill of an amusement park, national park and a water park.. Stretch over 52 acres of land, Leisure World has extremely professional staff such as lifeguards, instructors and attendants which ensure safety to the visitors.


Bellagio is an amazing casino which belongs to the group owned MGM as well as Bally’s casinos. On the other hand, the latter is high end and luxurious, Bellagio is a great place for the middle class which makes a reputed and most visited casino in Colombo. Known as the leading gaming joint by the international tourists, Bellagio is designed and equipped with a great number of games such as Three Card Poker, Poker, Roulette, Slot, Back Jack and lots more.

The casino hosts a huge type of promotional events as well as performances for entertaining its guests during festive seasons.

Number 11 – Geoffery Bawa’s Home

Designed with brilliant architecture, the Number 11- Geoffrey Bawa’s residence is the most gorgeous residence in Colombo. The place consists of many elegant art pieces as well as old artefacts specifically from the personal collection of the late Geoffrey Bawa which adorn the interior decors. However, the place doesn’t provide any services like the hotel industry.

Number 11 – Geoffrey Bawa’s Home has two available and both of them are make up a suite. Only family or a single party will be given a room at a time. So if you are planning to host a party then this is the best place.

Khan Clock Tower

Standing tall right at the main entrance of the reputed Pettah Market, Khan Clock Tower was established by a Paris family who bears the last name Khan dating back to the early 20th century. Khan family used to take an active part in many trades in Sri Lanka and they used to own many large scale businesses among which one of them was Colombo Oil Mills.

Back then in the year 1878, when the head of the family passed away, the total responsibility was on his two sons who used to run their family business. Thus the clocktower was built in the loving memory of Frame Bhikajee Khan. The square-shaped tower reflects the love and strong bond of the family.

Wolvendaal Church

Known to be the well-known landmark of Dutch architecture in the island country, the Wolvendaal Church was built in the year 1749. The name Wolvendaal basically means Dale of Wolves in Dutch which has a thrilling history. In the 19th century, the entire area was surrounded by wilderness. The dutch mistook the scavenging Jackels for wolves. Hence they gave this place as Wolvendaal.

One of the best things about this Church is shaped similarly like a Greek cross. The thrilling history of the place and unique architecture always attracts many visitors all across the world.

Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple

Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple is one of the most beautiful and well known Buddhist temples that depict the true culture of Buddhism. The interiors as well as the passageways of the temple are decorated with the epic paintings of Lord Buddha’s life showcasing his stories. Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple is famous for its age-old custom where devotees come to worship and make donations.

All these things provided an interesting collection of decor pieces. However, the temple lost its popularity, unlike other Buddhist temples because of its uninteresting exteriors. But its vibrant and bright paintings inside the temple is worth seeing. All these things make it one of the best places to visit in Colombo.

Slave Island

As the name suggests, Slave Island used to be the prison for slaves that was built by Dutch. But the former slave prison was now been transformed into a beautiful place which houses a botanical garden, a military base and a refreshing sight for the picnickers. One of the best places to visit in Colombo, Slave Island is situated right in the middle of Beira Lake, one end of which was used by the Dutch people. Not only this it is also believed that the Dutch people used to release crocodiles to prevent the prisoners from escaping.

As mentioned above, the place which was once considered as the slave prison is now known as the most popular tourist place in Colombo. The beautiful Sri Siva Subramaniya Kovil temple is also near to the Slave Island. The thrilling history of this place will make you visit Slave Island again and again.

Royal Colombo Golf Club

Royal Colombo Golf Club is ranked under the top golf courses in the entire Asia which comes forward to provide entertainment when you are looking for some sports vibes. You can explore your golf skills at different golf courses which cater to both pros as well as amateur golfers. Known to be second only to India’s Royal Golf Club, the one which is situated in Colombo is extremely famous among tourists.

After you have tried your hands at golf courses, you get to indulge yourself at many savoury delights at various restaurants and bars. You can even go shopping if you are a shopaholic. The Royal Colombo Golf Club is one of the best places to visit in Colombo.

St. Lucia’s Cathedral

Out of the fifteen cathedrals which make up one of the prime parishes of the country, St Lucia’s Cathedral is specifically been named after St. Lucy. Situated in the northeastern side of Colombo, St Lucia’s Cathedral is basically the official seal of the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Colombo. Apart from the religious as well as the cultural importance which the place holds in the country, it is one of the most aesthetically peaceful places to visit in Sri Lanka.

You can even see its prime features which belong to Baroque and Renaissance periods with colossal statues and white columns which you take you back to ancient Europe. So this place should be in your must-visit list in Sri Lanka.

Shri Ponnambalawaneswaram Kovil

Another most beautiful and pleasing Hindu temple to visit in Sri Lanka is Shri Ponnambalawaneswaram Kovil. The temple is built mostly by using south granite and it showcases its aesthetics as well as architecture. Shri Ponnambalawaneswaram temple is named after a brave patriot who lost his life in the national independence war.

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The temple especially remains crowded during festive seasons such as Pongal which is held in the month of January. There is a place just a few steps ahead of the temple where you can wash your feet before you go to the temple. Here you can pray and admire many idols of Hindu deities.

What attracts the tourists here is the vibrant colour of the place that is combined with the calming fragrance of flowers as well as garlands. All these things will take you to the world of spirituality.

Crow Island Beach Park

Spread on the 17 acres of land just beside the river Kelanin, Crow Island Beach Park is a newly made park in the Colombo. Established in the year 2006 for the public, the park showcases the lush greenery and provide facilities such as cycling, walking, tracks, and a mesmerising freshwater lake. There are also some benches under the tree where you can sit and unwind for a while.

Apart from this, there are also some shops where you can buy the local souvenirs and have some food in a handful of restaurants. The main highlight of the park is the huge deck area which connects the sea. This place is best to view the sunset.

Colombo Lotus Tower

One of the best structures in Colombo is non-other than Lotus Tower which is about 350 meters tall and the tower is situated over Slave Island. The upper part of the tower resembles the structure of lotus. Colombo Lotus Tower acts as the transmission hub whose aim is to improve the quality of broadcast as well as transmission communication.

Apart from this, the prime motive of the tower is also to feature the observation decks, restaurants, shopping centres as well as banquet halls. However, this place is often ignored by tourists.


One of the most refreshing as well as the best places to visit in Colombo for the shopaholic is Laksala which is basically a souvenir shop. Laksala has a total of thirteen outlets across different parts of Sri Lanka. Here you can find a variety of local and handmade items of Sri Lanka and that too at reasonable prices. This is also a great way to generate profit across all businesses which provide the products to Laksala.

If you are in search of souvenirs and willing to take back home, we would suggest you buy organic tea, traditional jewellery, spices and handmade art and crafts.


Barefoot is an incredible boutique which gained lots of popularity for a few years. The place consists of the beautiful collection of garments that are woven with handloom cotton fabrics. The boutique is especially known for its unique designs that are influenced by seascapes and land with the country’s rich biodiversity. Although the place is popular for its sarongs, there are also some beautifully crafted garments which redefine ethnicity.

You can make your stomach full while shopping at Barefoot as there is a lovely little garden cafe where you satisfy your taste buds with their mouthwatering cuisines. The best time to visit this place is on Sunday where you can enjoy live Jazz session during the afternoon.

National Art Gallery

National Art Gallery is a place where art meets culture and is known to be one of the best tourist places to visit in Colombo. It is the best art gallery in Sri Lanka which showcases a wide range of idols, statues, portraits as well as landscapes. Not only this it is a place where you can explore rich culture and heritage of Sri Lanka both contemporary as well as old.

National Art Gallery provides a great scope to discover young talents and is often visited by famous artists. The interior walls of the art gallery have many canvases and paintings which you can admire by spending hours.

Sambodhi Chaithya

Known to be one of the iconic places to visit in Colombo, Sambodhi Chaithya is basically a massive Buddhist stupa which is made in the shape of a rocket. The stupa has colossal twin arches beside which is even visible from the Indian Ocean. All the towers and skyscrapers fade if you compare those with the 80 meters tall stupa. Sambodhi Chaithya is 11 storeys high and you have to cross 258 steps to reach the top.

When you enter the dome, you can see four different statues of Lord Buddha that are situated in the middle of the floor. The dome is decorated with 31 murals which play in various phases from the life of Buddha. The place has both aesthetic as well as religious significance which attracts tourists all across the world.

Ayurveda Treatment in Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa

This may make you feel wonderful as to why Ayurveda? Isn’t it? So Ayurveda is basically a 3000 years old holistic and natural medicine which has been originated in India whose followers believe in balancing the mind, the body as well as spirit. There are many ayurvedic practices and some of its famous practices are meditation, diet, yoga, massage and many more.

So there is a famous spa in Colombo Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa which will make your entire journey relaxing as this is one of the best things to experience in Sri Lanka. The spa treatment is 45 minutes long where you can relax your mind and body,

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Spa is also an awesome place for souvenir shopping where you can purchase some essential oils, herbal scrubbing soaps and lots more. One of the best things to buy here is the Siddhalepa Ayurveda balm. You can even go to the rooftop for enjoying the magnificent view near their rooftop pool. So all these things make it one of the best places to visit in Colombo.

Madu River

You can indulge yourself in the thrilling watersport at the Madu River as well as the beaches in Bentota. The place consists of different water sports such as banana boat ride, jet skiing, paramotoring, parasailing, yachting, speed boat ride, kayaking, canoeing to boating straight to the mangrove forests. Not only this the place will provide you with endless numbers of opportunities for the thrill as well as fun in Bentota for beach bums and water babies. If you are willing to experience the best thing in Sri Lanka then you should definitely indulge in all these watersports.

Turtle Atchery

You can find a lot of turtle hatcheries near the beaches of Bentota. If you are in the island nation at your honeymoon, then one of the best things you can do is visiting the informative centres and know more about these awesome creations of mother nature. These hatcheries offer a secure platform for these turtles for nurturing themselves right from the time of their birth to the time of setting off for the sea.

Kandy Lake

Located right next to Kandy’s prize jewel which is the temple of tooth relic, the Kandy Lake offers awesome reflections of the sky especially if you visit during the full moon night which you cannot miss out. If you go for a morning or evening walk around the Kandy Lake you can sea lush rainforest looming in the backdrop which will give the comforting and peaceful vibes. Probably this is the best place to relax in Sri Lanka. The place becomes more peaceful when it adds to the calming and resonating chants of Buddhist prayers which come right from the monastery situated beside the lake.

Ramayana Tour

The Ramayana tour is one of the main tourists’ attractions in Sri Lanka specifically among spiritual travellers and pilgrims who come from India. Although the place has religious sentiments attached to it, it has also gained popularity because of the prime landmarks of Sri Lanka where you can witness the breathtaking architecture of the beautiful temples.

So this was the complete list of the best places to visit in Colombo. As we have already mentioned there are many things to experience in Colombo – right from the markets to temples to food to the museum or simply walking in the middle of the markets. We hope that this post has convinced you that do you need to add the island nation in your bucket list.

Colombo is a great place to enjoy Sri Lankan adventure and many people all over the world come here to at least for a week. We hope you will also have a great time to explore Colombo just like other travellers had. Have you ever visited Colombo or any places in Sri Lanka? Let us know these best places to visit in Sri Lanka!