Best Local Place To Eat In Kauai On Honeymoon in 2023

Kauai is the second oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands and also known as “Garden Isle”, Kauai is not only an island that is surrounded by the Hawaiian Islands. But both are uniquely attractive with their own beauty.

Beauty is the magic of Kauai but more dramatic beauty is, it is most famous for outdoor activities. This island is having a relaxing atmosphere and rich culture found in their small towns that make the Honeymoon in USA more memorable. Let’s explore the beauty of Kauai and discover the indisputable charm of the island.

There are many resorts in Kauai where you can stay & eat tasty food and enjoy the beauty of this island. It has to be one of the best destinations for honeymoon.

Now it is time to know the best places where you can eat, one of the famous dishes in Kauai. Acai bowls, it is made up of acai berries (The acai berry is an inch-long, reddish-purple fruit) and most of the time additional fruits, then topped with ingredients like nuts, seeds, and granola.

Here are some recommendations to Eat

aloha-juice-bar-1041263 Image Source: Aloha Juice Bar

Aloha Juice Bar

If you are checking from the north shore, you will find one place there i.e. Aloha Juice Bar, located in Hanalei. It opens at 10:00 AM and closes around 4:00 PM daily. It is famous for Smoothies and acai bowls (Both are Vegetarian Friendly).

Ali’i Kai Resort

This place provides the best food dishes as well as here you can discover the spirit of aloha on Kauai and enjoy romantic sunsets from your private balcony, relax by the pool, and also can join fantastic island activities. The best part is the finger-licking food they serve,

  • Lomilomi Salmon: This is a famous popular side dish made up of salmon which is massaged with salt, onion, and served with tomatoes.
  • Poke: It is a local favorite comprising cubed raw fish such as ahi (yellowfin tuna) and season-wise including onion, soy sauce, seaweed, and garlic.
  • Malasadas: It is similar to donuts, made up of small balls of yeast dough and coated with granulated sugar and sometimes cinnamon made to a family recipe.   
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Hukilau Kauai

This is an excellent place for fine dining on Kauai Island and it is rare to find such a top-rated food when you are on honeymoon. They have a great selection of wine and a number of dishes. This restaurant is famous for fresh seafood and island cuisine with a unique wine list. Best place to have dinner with loved ones. You can also enjoy live music on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Open for dining at 5 PM – 8 PM.

Merriman’s Kauai

The ambiance of this restaurant is stupendous. They prepare locally sourced, regional Hawaiian dinner & offer a wide selection of dishes showcasing day-boat caught fish. They make culinary cocktails and an incredible wine selection. It opens at 4 PM, and this is a great restaurant for a honeymoon night with a cool sea breeze along the south shore of Kauai. They have a great selection of food and the ambiance is spectacular.

It is also an amazing place to catch the sunset. You can eat and enjoy clicking good pictures of sunsets. On Sunday nights you can listen to great local live music.

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The Beach House, Koloa

Kauai is known for sun-streaked skies, and this popular place offers twilight views on the island. Their kitchen is as colorful as the rainbow. Order packed fresh catch, beef from neighboring ranches daily. It is a great place to try something new if you’re visiting this side of the island. Go for dinner and enjoy drinking with a breathtaking sea face.

Eating House 1849, Koloa

The iconic chef Roy Yamaguchi helped to popularize fusion food a generation ago. He was inspired by Portuguese, Spanish, and Filipino flavors. He took a delicious detour with their dishes. Their menu shifts change according to seasons and also depend on what farmers, foragers, ranchers, and fishermen produce. The best vintage place for eating. One can feel the vibe of an old generation foodie.

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Sushi Bushido

This place is known for sushi. They serve traditional, new style, and local style sushi. They are also known for their fresh fish selection and innovative sushi rolls, golden roll, lava roll and there are some other dishes having a delicious taste. Hey Sushi lovers…!! Go and enjoy your sushi.

Sam’s Ocean View

It is located near the beach on the east side of Kauai just at the edge of Kapaa town. It offers one of the most beautiful views of the seashore on Kauai Island. They have tried great innovation with the food. This place has an eclectic beach theme. Amazing….!! SOV is famous for The Mai Tai. The Place has a cozy vibe in the evening. Definitely visit for the view and stay for the food and service.

Tidepools – Grand Hyatt Kauai

Amazing…!! This place gives exceptional service as well as serves a variety of seafood with unique island flair, it includes, macadamia nut with crusted mahimahi, grilled opah, or a succulent steak. They serve salads and greens grown from their hydroponic farm on-site, their desserts are luscious. Don’t miss this delightful great experience. The most Romantic place in Kauai you can say…!!

Whenever you decide to go to Kauai Island must check this list of places for the best food. This is one of the beautiful islands you can say, some best food spot there you will get a superb variety of seafood, cuisines also can experience their traditional food dishes with great taste and amazing view, Kauai is well worth for food as well as travel. Stunning location, great atmosphere with tasty food with live music, what else you want more..!!  Hope this Kauai food guide will help you.