Best Honeymoon Places In USA in 2023

Honeymoon is the trip people have been waiting for and saving for a long time now. Above all, you can indeed find a dream trip at one of the best honeymoon states in USA, no matter you look forward to elaborating the adventure, a secluded romantic vacation, or unrivaled luxury. Be it over-the-top pampering at a deluxe spa resort or affordable outdoor adventures.

You can find your fantasy romantic honeymoon places in the USA, but before choosing any state, you need to discuss with your partner what you wish to have out of your honeymoon. A few couples want adventure, while some want luxury. But one thing is for sure that all teams want their honeymoon to be unforgettable as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The USA is one of the unique destinations in the world to celebrate the honeymoon period. Some of the beach destinations allow people to be as active or lazy as they wish, while the mountains offer the chance to get back to nature and take a hike while they are on honeymoon in the USA.

List of 10 Best Honeymoon Places in USA

1. Hawaii 


It is undoubtedly a long-time honeymoon destination as the island is loaded with idyllic white-sand beaches backed by turquoise water, some good surfing, inland hiking, and other sightseeing pleasures. The islands tend to hold an array thanks to forested, Canyon Kauai, which is still growing despite being 6 million years old.

Kauai, one of the well-known honeymoon states USA, is the ideal honeymoon destination loved by couples who love to enjoy going outdoor. Maui is a bundle of vacation postcards that unionized island and couples also enjoy there. Here you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on beaches, underwater activities, and relaxing at the best Spa.

Kahala’s kissing point is a most famous place for viewing the sunset with your loved one. One can visit Honolulu, East Honolulu, and Pearl City, these cities are known as the best honeymoon destinations.

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Best things to do in Kauai on Honeymoon

Best Honeymoon Resorts in Kauai

Best Things To Do On A Maui Honeymoon

2. Florida


Florida is the place where you will get all you want to have in your honeymoon as Luxury hotels and resorts, amusement parks, beaches, spa, and sunset viewpoints. Miami is full of sights that you can enjoy on your honeymoon, you will get enough entertainment, luxury hotels, nightlife fun, and clean beaches.

When it comes to Florida, the only thing that comes at the back of our minds is the amazing Disney world as it claims to give you the chance to bring your fairy tale fantasies to life as amazing accommodations, thrill-packed theme parks, awe-inspiring wildlife, and unparalleled VIP-treatment are some perks of the destination.

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The Disney world is infinite one can have dinner at Cinderella’s castle or grab a front-row seat for a nightly fireworks show. Couples can visit here Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Cape Coral to make their honeymoon most memorable.

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3. New York 


This state is known for a fast and modern lifestyle, but also has many romantic places where you can plan your honeymoon. For years now, NYC has been a classic honeymoon spot for couples and it is undoubtedly the couple’s favorite who wishes to kiss at the top of the Empire State Building or paddle a rowboat in Central Park.

New York is known as the city that never sleeps, you can have nightlife fun there with your partner. Niagara Falls added to this state as natural beauty, many resorts are nearby you can choose one and can go for Niagara fall view.

Thousand Islands are the main tourist attraction and you also can add this to your honeymoon destination list. Here you can go for a boat tour, speedboat riding, museum, galleries and wildlife watching. Some cities couples can visit include Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Mount Vernon.

4 Las Vegas


The place makes a fantastic choice for couples who wish to enjoy the nightlife of all kinds as Las Vegas is all about shopping and plenty of gambling. No doubt, Vegas, the best honeymoon states USA, is known for its nighttime escapades, but there is a lot that couples can do during the day to keep themselves busy.

Vegas can’t be beaten if one is looking for the ultimate in luxury spas, restaurants, hotels, and high-flying entertainment. With a gondola ride through Venice, and a tour of the Eiffel Tower, you can surely make your honeymoon amazing.

Primm, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, these cities are known as the best honeymoon destinations in USA.

5. U.S. Virgin Islands


Located in the Caribbean Sea, this place is the perfect honeymoon state, who wants to go for adventure activities or relaxation. This is known for white-sand beaches and snorkeling sites, a perfect place for nature lovers. White sand beaches with lined palm trees are the main point of excursion, attraction to couples.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a relaxing Caribbean honeymoon is through the U.S. Virgin Islands. St. Croix, st.John, and st. Thomas all together offers something for everyone.

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6. Alaska


Not just intimate the Alaskan honeymoon is exhilarating as the outdoor frontier inspires visitors with its endless vistas, majestic wildlife, and a plethora of adventures. It’s the best honeymoon state of USA to create and strengthen your bond with your partner after the wedding.

With the romantic resort, eye-catching scenery view, adventure spot, and many more, Alaska is the best honeymoon escape for couples who want to enjoy the finer things in life. Go for hiking, fishing, skiing, biking camping, and a lot more to explore.

You can consider booking a cruise for minimal hassle and maximum comfort if you are not up for a DIY Alaskan adventure. One can also visit Anchorage, Juneau, and Sitka.

7. Wyoming


Be it the base of Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole in Wyoming is surely a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. This state is full of mountain ranges, the Rocky Mountains, plateaus, valleys, rivers, which makes it the best honeymoon destination choice for most couples.

The place can provide the thrills for an adventurous honeymoon with world-class skiing and dog-mushing in the snowy winter season, or whitewater rafting. It is surely one of the best honeymoon states USA to explore many romantic hideaways.

The luxury resorts for couples who want to explore the surrounding with all the amenities. Jackson, Jackson Hole, Alta, Teton Village are the places one should visit.

8. California


Known as the wine country, also having an ocean view, soaking up the sun, beaches, and waterfalls falling into the ocean. Newlyweds can surely drink it all as nothing is as rewarding as a glass of fine wine in a magnificent setting.

You can enjoy an amazing meal; a crisp and delicious wine or rejuvenating spa experience at this state. Natural scenery and seaside views make it the perfect destination for couples to spend a prestigious time together.

One can visit Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Sonoma, Kenwood, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Guerneville, Windsor, Geyser Ville, and Cloverdale.

9. New Mexico


Known for the endless landscapes, a popular honeymoon destination for couples with lots of adventure and romantic spots. The sunniest state in the USA – perfect for year-round hiking, biking, horseback riding, rafting is New Mexico.

Thanks to the diversity of the city one can enjoy arts and cuisine. A honeymoon stays at one of these magnificent properties is sure to put your marriage on a path of balance and harmony with relaxation at the forefront with New Mexico.

Santa Fe, Ojo Caliente, and Chimayo are the places you can add to your honeymoon destination list for a perfect treat.

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10. Massachusetts


The destination is ideal for couples who look for a tiny island boasting both an adorable town center and special teams. It is surely beautiful year-round as there is something particularly special about autumn in America’s northeast as one can rent a car and guide their honeymoon to experience the best that the Berkshires have to offer.

Nantucket is nestled off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and the best part is that the place is undoubtedly a summer retreat for many. This honeymoon state indeed appeals to everyone no matter you are looking for quiet beaches or untapped nature, etc.

One can also visit Lenox, Stockbridge, Lee, and North Adams for refreshing the mind and enjoying the companies of their partner.

The best honeymoon states USA is preferably somewhere you can get plenty of romantic accommodation besides attractions and activities for couples. The main aim of the honeymoon trip is to build an eternal experience. These well-known most popular honeymoon states are loaded with amazing places to choose as the perfect honeymoon ideas to suit all your tastes. Consider the above-mentioned honeymoon states ideas and start planning for your best honeymoon trip ever.

Which state is better for a honeymoon?

Kauai is one of the ideal honeymoon destinations for couples who love spending their time outdoors. As the beach-loving couple can sunbathe or swim and boogie board at Kalapaki Beach. The sport enthusiast couples can choose to kayak along the Garden Island’s scenic rivers and paddle in the Pacific Ocean.

What is the most romantic city in the U.S.?

Caramel by the sea is one of the most romantic cities in the USA for couples who look forward to a fairytale escape. The charming town is a fantastic place to stay where couples can just wander aimlessly. The couples can rent a car and go for one of the most beautiful drives in the honeymoon states.

Which state is most beautiful in the USA?

Oregon is one of the most beautiful states in the USA as the state boasts the most beautiful coastlines in the world. It also features a plethora of beautiful waterfalls, thousands of miles of hiking trails, unique weather phenomena, and some vineyards. The state is nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.