Beach Camping Packing List: Comfortable Camping Gears


Beach camping is one of the best ways of connecting with nature and explore the marine world. It is an ultimate getaway to experience the crisp sea breeze, changing tides and golden sands.

From the wide public beaches to peaceful private beaches, there are many exotic places to explore all across the world.  Not only they help you to experience the incredible islands but also they will allow you to enjoy some of the most adventurous activities of nature.

Most of us prefer to go for beach camping during summertime. Surfing in high tides will allow you to learn more about camping. Even if you are a non-surfer, then beach camping will help you to get out of the hectic life and absorb Vitamin D by sitting under the sun.

But above all, you have to make sure to take all the essential things while camping and this is what this article is all about. Here we have listed all the important things in the beach camping packing list that you should never forget.

Must take things in Beach Camping Packing List

Following are the must-have things that you need to include in your beach camping packing list:

Solar Phone Charger


Although you know about it that you are not going to get any power outlets if you go camping no matter where. This is where the Solar Phone Charger comes to rescue as it charges automatically with the help of solar power.

A solar phone charger has a USB hook-up which will help to charge your phone, laptop, camera, Kindle or any kind of device.

One of the best features of a solar phone charger is it is waterproof and you can easily clip on your backpack and let the sun absorb the sunlight while you are going for any adventurous activities like hiking.

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No matter what the weather is around the beach, including a tent in your beach camping packing list is always the best option.

Though a normal tent is enough for the stay but for getting extra comfort we would advise you to take a well-ventilated tent that has lots of mesh in the body.

As you are camping near to the beach there is a chance that your bags may get wet after some point of time. So to prevent yourself and your luggage from such situation, tarps always help. It will help to keep your sleeping space dry both from inside and outside.

Sleeping bag


It is obvious to feel hot during day time at the beach but you will feel pretty cold at night. This is why the next item in our ultimate beach camping packing list is none other than a sleeping bag.

Sleeping under the clear sky with stars is always a heavenly feel and to add more comfort, you have to take waterproof or season appropriate sleeping bag. This will help to absorb the moisture and keeps the area nice and dry.

Once you go for purchasing a sleeping bag, always make sure to purchase the durable, lightweight and easy to clean sleeping bag that can give you adequate warmth.

Packing Cubes


If you don’t want to mess up with the packing that you have done while going for camping then packing cubes are must as these will easily help in finding things in your backpack no matter where you are.

You can arrange the items in an organized manner simply by storing them in the packing cubes so that whenever you want to that particular thing while camping, you can easily take out from the packing cube instead of just digging through everything you packed.

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Windproof Travel Umbrella


Next thing in our beach camping packing list is windproof travel umbrella because you never know when the rainstorm comes while you are enjoying in the beach side. So when you are going for camping, make sure to take proper things that can give rain protection.

If you bring a windproof umbrella then you will be safe that no matter what the conditions end up being like, you will be protected.

These umbrellas have the capacity to hold the strong wind and allow it to pass without even turning the umbrella inside out. So definitely it is worth taking.

Camping Parachute


Relaxing in a hammock under a tree while camping is one of the best things to experience if you go for beach camping. Hammocks are not only flexible but they are also comfortable, meaning you can easily set up in various ways.

For instance, you can set it over the water, under the shade of the tree or on the rocky ground.

One of the biggest advantages of hammocks is that they are comfortable to sleep as compared to a sleeping bag. This is because you are not over the hard surface, thus you will get better sleep.

Camping Stove


In order to experience the real camping, you have to take a camping stove. Most of the people forget to include it in their beach camping packing list. Camping stoves are must as you may not find firewood or other tools near the beach.

If you are bringing food that is needed to be cooked and you don’t have fire supplies then taking camping stove is always the best idea.

Also sometimes, you may need to boil water and you cannot just lit the fire, again and again, so taking a camping stove is always the most convenient option.

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Water Proof Blanket

The waterproof blanket is the must-take item in the beach camping packing list. With a waterproof sleeping bag on one side and a durable tent all around, you will experience the comfort and at the same time durability.

Also, you will be sure that the area will remain clean and dry. But make sure to check the quality of the material before purchasing.

Sun Protection


Camping on the beach can be fun but at the same time, your skin will face extreme tan due to sun exposure. Hence it is important to wear a sunscreen lotion with SPF 80. (Sunscreen use and skin protection behavior)

Remember that you are camping on a beach, meaning you have to stay there more than a day. And you don’t want your skin to burn in the first day itself. So we would advise you to be extra cautious when it comes to skincare so that you can enjoy camping to the fullest.

So these are the important things to include in the beach camping packing list. No matter which beach you are travelling, the same rule applies to everywhere.

Research properly and think which things are needed during your trip.

Do you have any camping essential to add?

Please feel free to comment in the comments section below. Best Tour Place will add this item in the list so people will comfortable enjoy there Campaign.