15 Bioluminescent Beaches In The World

Bioluminescence happens in different places across the world. If you still haven’t seen this phenomenal beauty, then you have landed in the right place. In this article,

We have shortlisted 15 Bioluminescent Beaches in the world.

Reethi Beach, Maldives


Do you know that the Indian ocean also has bioluminescent beaches? Conrad Maldives Rangali is a beautiful bioluminescent beach in the Maldives which provides night dives to tourists. In this dive, the divers can swim through this magnificent blue beam of light which worth experiencing. It is so enhancing and beautiful to see from underwater. However, bioluminescence becomes more visible when the moon is not that bright. In fact, the best time to see this is no moonlight.

Betalbatim Beach, Goa

If your favourite travel destination is Goa, like most of us then you will get a bonus. Adding extra to this coastal beauty, Goa has a perfect glow in the dark beach. Betalbatim beach is a bioluminescent beach in Goa which is specifically situated in South Goa. It also witnesses sizzling blue bioluminescence in its saline water. The beach contains pristine and clear white sans which is perfect for seeing sunsets as well as dolphin spotting.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


As the title suggests, Ha Long Bay is located in Vietnam which is basically famous for its limestone islands. The islands are further covered and surrounded with deep green waters as well as the jungle. Not only this but also the place has been listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tourists here come to enjoy a midnight boat tour in the bioluminescent bay. When you travel through the water, the microorganisms emit green-blue lights which is also perfect for swimming. You can even have a short tour of the caves and enjoy certain activities like rock climbing or scuba diving.

Manasquan Beach, New Jersey

Manasquan Beach is situated in New Jersey which is an isolated beautiful coastal community. However, it has lots of things to offer to its tourists. Starting from surfing to rafting, you can enjoy to the fullest in this glowing bioluminescent beach. At the time of nightfall, you can see red tide which forms because of the red coloured algae in the ocean. This bioluminescence sea is perfect to witness during summers from July to September.

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San Juan Island, Washington

The beam has set off from Jackson beach and continue till North Bay shoreline east which provides an ultimate treat to its visitors to brilliant stargazing.  One of the great ways for exploring this eye-catchy bioluminescent beach is to enjoy kayaking. When you paddle across, you will see electrifying blue and silver glow. You can also go for a guided tour of Kayaking for a better experience.

Waitomo, New Zealand

Waitomo falls in the purest and beautiful beaches list due to its uniqueness. Yes, it may sound awkward but here bioluminescence does not exist on the see. In fact, it is in the caves. When you head over to the caves in Waitomo, you will be surprised. The walls of the caves are stuck with tiny glowworms which looks awesome in night. Amazing right? The cave tour will be expensive but the investment is totally worth it as you will get enthralled.

Mosquito Bay – Vieques, Puerto Rico

You can see three different bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. But the tiny island of Vieques is famous because of its extreme bioluminescence glow. Not only this but also the kayak tour in the centre of Mosquito bay provides a magnificent view of the natural scenery. However, you are not allowed to go into waters or swim without any licensed instructors. The view of blue-green waters that are reaching in the shoreline is worth seeing.

Sam Mun Tsai Beach, Hong Kong

Sam Mun Tsai beach is situated in Hong Kong will help you in experiencing a phenomenal beauty known as red tide. This red tide generally forms when the saline waters turn red because of the bloom of microorganisms. These flickering lights are directly linked to bioluminescence which consists of crimson water sometimes at the day time as well as blue water during the night time. This provides amazing as well as a unique experience to its tourists. Apart from this the place also different water activities. But it is not suitable for the red tide microorganisms as it may harm them. So it is best to ask the authorities before you go for these activities.

Mattu Beach, Karnataka

Mattu Beach is the best bioluminescent beach in Karnataka which is phenomenal to view during night time. At night when the sky is full of stars while the water body glows, it will give you an awesome feeling overall. This beach is extremely relaxed and secluded for swimmers. Not only this but it is also widely known for sunset views, picnics as well as walks. The overall length of the beach is around 30 km long. On the left side of it is Kaup beach, while on the right side you will get Padukere beach which is 15 km away.

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Padukere Beach, Mangalore

Every one of us knows the bioluminescent beach in Malpe that is situated near Udupi. But the place has got huge commercialized because of the WiFi facility, parking fee and lifeguards. But there is one such bioluminescent beach in Mangalore which is none other than Padukere beach. The is directly connected to Malpe. It has a bridge through which people can directly reach and they don’t have to rely on ferry anymore. Here the phenomena of bioluminescence are seen on its warm coastal waters. During the night time, seawater exactly glowed like stars and the water turned blue.

Koh Rong, Cambodia

Koh Rong is basically an offbeat location situated in Cambodia which has thick tropical jungles as well as untouched beaches. Apart from this, there are even quieter parts of the beaches which consist of adult planktons that radiate glittery lights. This will make you enjoy the beautiful view either by standing at the seashore by standing on the glowing waves that are touching your feet or by hopping on a boat. This will literally make you enjoy the panoramic beauty. However, you have to be extra cautious when you are on the seashore as many aquatic creatures such as octopuses or jellyfish come out for hunting especially during the night time.

Big South For, TN/KY

Here we would like to say that you need not have to feel shocked by finding yourself humming Own City’s Fireflies at Big Fork’s bioluminescent beach. Due to the amazing view, everyone will surely get speechless. For instance, if you plan for an overnight stay here, you need to be prepared for the numerous fireflies that adorn the darker skies. One of the best parts of this place is its unique patterns as well as sequences which they create for indicating gender territory. If you are thinking to visit this place then the best time to hit the trail is between July and August.

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Ton Sai, Krabi

If you are planning to visit Krabi, Thailand, then you cannot miss the unique fete of nature at the bioluminescent beach at Ton Sai. This is because the planktons which rise up from the deep waters produce glittering lights. Isn’t it amazing? If you walk on to them, even your footsteps will start glowing. It is similar to witness fairy dust. The place is perfect for beach burns. Not only this but the beach is also very pretty. However, the only way to reach this place is to travel by boat.

Torrey Pines Beach, California

Torrey Pines Beach is situated north of La Jolla as well as south of Del Mar near San Diego which is a popular area surrounded by a scenic beauty caused due to coastal erosion from the nearby Torrey Pines State Reserve. Not only this but also the place is also famous for the local surfers. There is also a 300-foot high limestone cliff above the beach. Not only this but also the place is famous for occasional bioluminescence. At the day time, the waves glow red colour, while they turn blue at night.

Jersey Island, UK

Jersey Island is extremely small in between 9 by 5 miles which is unique in different ways. It has many unique attractions along with spectacular bioluminescence which lights up on sea during night time. This is because the ocean recedes to the low tide as well as star flashes of luminous green like the twinkle in the shallow. The best thing you can experience here is the moonwalk.

So these are the best bioluminescent beaches in the world which can make you feel excited and thrilled when you are experiencing the beauty of nature. We hope you find this article useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below,