14 Best Dog Breeds For Traveling and Hiking in 2023

As vacation approaches idea to travel and visit some interesting places may strike your mind. For some traveling is limited to only holidays or for a short period. But for some traveling is not limited to vacations only.

For them traveling in their life. They spent a lot of their time traveling and searching for new places and seek adventure. If you’re looking to add a dog as your traveling partner, then there are few best dog breeds listed below to know which breed will become your next travel partner.

You don’t want to bring a dog according to its size. Many may think that small size dog can be a better companion as they can fit in your travel carrier. But size doesn’t matter where it’s a small or a bigger one dog. Besides size, you should consider which breed will enjoy hiking, jumping into the lake or enjoy adventure the same the way you enjoy.

So here is the list of Best Dog Breeds that just not love adventure but also live for it.

1. Dachshund Breed Dog For Traveling


Dachshund is intelligent, friendly and lovable dogs. You can carry them in your travel carrier because of their small size. Their owner is their beloved one. They love to spend time with them and also love to play and do activities with their owners.

2. Clumber Spaniel Breed Dog For Traveling


Clumber spaniel is a family dog. Its long soft fur and cute nature make it a loved by family and kids. This dog is perfect for long road trips. This dog enjoys playing with children and exploring new things.

3. Shih Tzu Breed Dog For Traveling


This breed loves to travel with you no matter which model you’re using. Their small size makes them a good travel buddy. This lapdog loves to do different activities. It loves to jump, sniff and run here and there. Their soft coat makes them perfect for cuddling.

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4. Havanese Breed Dog For Traveling


Havanese is a cute, lovable, mild-mannered and fluffy dog. Fluffy dogs are great stress buster; you can cuddle them whenever you feel low. If you’re traveling in a plane then it will be best for you to cuddle when you feel vertigo.

5. Labrador retriever Dog For Traveling


Labrador retriever is an adorable, fun-loving and caring partner. This dog loves to make new friends. It’s a very gentle and sensitive one, but this dog is active too. It loves to play and do numerous activities; loves to swim and play with water and it can even enjoy a small walk down the lane. Their active nature may irritate them to sit on a plane but they love a car ride.

6. Norwich terrier Dog For Traveling


If you’re an explorer and loves to explore new places and things, then this one is the perfect match for you. Don’t get fooled by its size. It may look like a lap dog, but it won’t. This dog loves to stay busy by roaming places and sniffing things. It loves to explore the world and new things that it finds interesting.

7. Portuguese water dog


If you love to travel around the beach or river, then this breed is just made for you. Portuguese water dog loves to hop and splash water, its love for water is on another level. If you’re constantly traveling in places where water is everywhere, then this will be the first to hop in your car.

8. Brittany Breed Dog For Traveling


Brittany is known as a fun-loving and sporty dog. They are smart enough to follow your plan. Whatever lists you’ve planned to do, this dog will surely follow it and enjoy the journey with you.

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9. Russell terrier Breed Dog For Traveling


Russell terrier is famous as a family dog. This breed is friendly, loving and very playful. Their compact size will help you to take them from one place to another easily. They are so fun-loving that they can make your travel journey and adventure to the next level.

10. Maltese Breed Dog For Traveling


Maltese a small-sized dog may fit in your travel carrier or car. It may seem like a high maintenance dog. But it loves to go on a ride. If you take it to a good car ride then it will be smiling the entire journey. This classic lapdog is small and gentle and loves to roam around with their owner.

11. Cocker spaniels Breed Dog For Traveling


Cocker spaniel is the perfect size breed, that is small enough to be fit in your vehicle and big enough to play and hop.  This dog breed loves to play around and do sporty activities. If you are enthusiastic and want someone who can match your energy then it will be a perfect breed for you. This dog talks walk seriously so if you said: “let’s go for a walk” then be ready.

12. Golden retriever Breed Dog For Traveling


Golden retriever the most adorable breed, no one can resist the sweetness that they possess. This dog is full of live and jolly, its friendly and sociable nature will surely make your adventure more friendly and loving. As it can play around with you, go for a walk during sunset and even can hug you when you feel tired a bit. If you want to share memorable and loving moments then what best than a golden retriever.

13. Beagle Breed Dog For Traveling


Beagle is famous for its hiking personality. It loves to stay outside, to follow any scent that it smells. This dog will love to follow you in hiking and to explore more places by smelling them and tracking the route for you both.

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14. Australian shepherd Breed Dog For Traveling


This breed is full of enthusiastic; it’s smart and loves sports. It loves to do activities that keep it jumping and running here and there. So if you’re looking for a breed that can cope with your travel routine and your activities then this breed is best for you.


What things should you consider while planning a trip with your dog?

These things should be kept in your mind before planning a trip:

  1. Consult your veterinarian.
  2. Check the airline and travel company policies
  3. Enquire about the hotel where you’re considering staying

Can you bring your pet abroad with you?

Yes, you can but first, you have to check and follow yours and other country’s regulations.

Should tranquilize and sedate given to your pet on a long flight?

No, as it will increase the risk of heart and respiratory problems.

What things should be kept in mind while choosing a flight appropriate for your pet?

The following will help you in selecting a perfect flight for both of you:

  1. Reservations should be made for you and your pet at the same time because many airlines may limit the number of pets which are allowed on each flight.
  2. Avoid plane changes.
  3. Avoid flying during a busy holiday.
  4. In warm weather, select an early morning flight.
  5. In cold weather, select a mid-day flight.

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