10 Ways To Honeymoon In Hawaii On A Budget in 2023

Think relaxing with the sound of the waves and slurping on your favorite drinks. The cool breeze blowing your hair. The sand and the beautiful sunsets. And when it is your honeymoon trip that becomes the cherry on top of the lovely cake!

There is no better place than Hawaii to plan your honeymoon days. The calm atmosphere, pretty waves, and topping everything, your days of honeymoon.

To start with, here are some common questions that might occur to you-

How much does it cost for a Hawaiian Honeymoon?

The researchers and experts have stated that an average expenditure starts from about $4466. And, a luxurious honeymoon trip to Hawaii can cost you $9954. The flight charges per person of $600. Thus, it is a $1200 round trip. Certainly, the expenditure of a honeymoon in Hawaii is not cheap enough.

Where should I plan my honeymoon in Hawaii?

The ideal place and the ideal answer for this question are Waikiki Beach on Oahu. Oahu is the pounding heart of Hawaii. Waikiki Beach, with its historical attractions, cosmopolitan living integrated with the beach culture, makes it the must-visit honeymoon spot for every couple. And if you ask for the ideal island, no other island can surpass the superiority of Maui.

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How safe is Hawaii?

You must be well-aware of the safety of the places you are visiting. Generally, tourist places are safe enough. Although, you must always keep yourself alert. Try staying away from deserted areas and especially during the night. You may get advice from the local tourist officers about the safety of your neighborhood.

Well, that being said, what is stopping you? What is hindering you from booking your flight tickets? Probably it is the high expense involved in the plan to visit this lovely place for your honeymoon. It is certainly difficult to maintain a low budget when you are planning to visit Hawaii on your honeymoon. The places, activities, stays, and everything else demands a hefty reduction from your pocket.

However, there is always a solution to every problem. You can plan your honeymoon in Hawaii with a strict and low budget. There are certainly easy and simple ways in which you can enjoy your honeymoon visit to Hawaii on a strict budget.

10 Ways to honeymoon in Hawaii on a budget

Opt for the ideal season


In Hawaii, different seasons cost in different ways. Some seasons demand high charges. Whereas, there are certain specific months of the year during which the expenses are considerably low. This ideal period remains in September and May. This is the time when the spots, sites, and islands are less crowded than the rest of the year. And because of the less crowd, the expenses involved get low.

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But, the time during the middle of December is the perfect period for your Hawaiian honeymoonThis will make the most of your budget among other seasons. Hawaii in mid-December has fantastic weather and additionally, the beach sites are devoid of excess crowds.

Try avoiding weekends


Try to plan the days to travel on the workdays. Traveling from Monday to Thursday will help you save a considerable amount of money. Avoiding weekends is a smart way to plan your Honeymoon in Hawaii on a budget. This might seem strange to you. But, here’s the reason. The weekends charge extra payments for airfare. These payments may rise to an approximate amount of $100.

Thus when you plan your honeymoon trip to Hawaii on the weekdays, you save yourself the extra airfare payments. Thus, you already have $100 in your pocket. These small aspects and tricks can help you stick to your budget. But won’t let you enjoy your honeymoon days even an inch less than a paradise trip.

Find an alternative for resorts


You may not be aware of this, but you spend a large part of your travel expenses on the resorts. Resorts in Hawaii are expensive enough to drain your budget. You need to find an alternative for it. Condominiums are the best possible alternatives for expensive resorts among all other options. They are private units of stay and the owners make them available for the travelers to stay at reasonable renting prices.

Condominiums, also known as a condo, are cheap and comfortable for stays. Generally, they are equipped with full kitchens. You may cook for yourselves and save further money. Thus, you save money in two significant ways. And, you enjoy your lovely honeymoon on the beaches and waves on a calculated budget!

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Keep the timings in haste


Here is another smart trick for you to save money and spend your honeymoon on a restricted budget in Hawaii. It is simple. Chalk out your plans and execute them at the last minute. You may ask us- How can this save us money? How can this keep us on a budget?

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Here’s to enlighten you! Last-minute excursions can fetch you heavy discounts. This can save you a considerable amount of money. If you think further, you are not even drifting away from your plan! However, you need to apply this plan only in certain plans. You should not think of last-minute excursions throughout your honeymoon in Hawaii.

The popular and attractive tourist spots tend to sell out in advance. You must choose the appropriate place for the last-minute excursions and enjoy a lovely honeymoon on a budget!

Consult travel experts or travel agents


Travel agents and experts know which places are ideal for you and can also fit your budget. We suggest you opt for Hawaii experts or Honeymoon travel experts. They have all the required knowledge about the places to visit in Hawaii. They can give you recommendations about the stays, places, and food places that fall within your budget. They will help you maintain your budget throughout your vacation.

Additionally, they will inform you about the safety and the ideal timings of visiting a particular site. When you opt for experts and travel agents, you guarantee your security and your budget. What a great deal!

Renting is the key!


Vacations mean traveling from one place to another. You need to travel to and from the airport as well. Travelling is expensive and can force you to spend out of your budget. In that case, rent yourself a car. This will benefit you in several ways. You don’t have to pay extra charges every day for traveling.

You can travel from the airport and to the airport at cheap prices. You travel to different tourist spots at lower prices than every day booked cars. This will save you every day and will help you stay on budget.

Your way of adventure!


Several exciting activities in Hawaii can make your honeymoon adventurous and exciting! But, they demand a hefty sum from your pocket. We’ve got you covered! Renting is the key. Snorkeling is one such exciting activity in Hawaii. You have a chance of saving money while you treat yourselves with his Rent the snorkeling gear. You may rent it for a week or for the span you want to use it. It is going to save you a considerable sum of money.

You don’t have to pay for the snorkel gear every day. Instead, pay one time and enjoy your adventurous and exciting honeymoon in Hawaii on a particular budget. Small tricks can give you great deals!

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Carry light luggage

We understand. It is your honeymoon vacation. It is a lovely beach and wave’s location. You want to carry as many dresses as you wish to. But when it comes to your honeymoon on a budget, you have to travel light. The airlines charge you extra payments for carrying heavy luggage. The charge may rise to $100. There is immense scope for you to save there.

When you travel light, you do not need the airlines to charge you the extra sum. Thus, you get to save $100. Traveling light ensures greater security than before. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your luggage. Therefore, you save and remain secure!

Make your stays in one place long

The different beautiful islands may tempt you to visit them. But if you stay long in one place, it may save you a considerable sum of money. You may wonder- how is that possible? This is how. Many condos and resorts offer free nights when you stay for a long period. How easy a way to save money!

Additionally, you save yourself the charge of the air tickets when you spend more time on one island. You explore more of one island, of one place, and spend your honeymoon in Hawaii on a budget!

Happy hours make your budget and vacation happy!


Food is another significant component of every vacation. And you want the best food when it is your honeymoon trip. But, you have to take care of the budget. Happy Hours is the key! Who does not love happy hours, isn’t it?

Treat yourself to the best food places and restaurants during happy hours. Try out the delicious and breezy drinks. But, stay within your budget. Happy hours give you great offers and great drinks altogether. Good food, good place, and quality price. Perfect!

In the end…

It is how you can plan a wonderful honeymoon to the islands of Hawaii on a budget. Spend your honeymoon days in the breezy beaches slurping on your favorite drinks, while you don’t have to worry about crossing your budget.