10+ Travel Accessories For Women to check in 2023

The best part about travelling is enjoying life to the fullest. It’s all about the freedom of not knowing our next move. But when it comes to packing right travelling accessories for women, it often becomes difficult for us irrespective of the occasion.

From holidays to business trips, packing with the proper travel essentials can make our journey even better, specifically for women.

Making the perfect balance between packing too much or too little seems very confusing. So to help you to navigate, we have shortlisted the ultimate travel accessories for women.

So, have a look at these travel essentials and get ready for your upcoming travels.

List Travel Accessories For Women

Toiletry Bag


The most essential travel accessory for women is carrying toiletries. Most people have the tendencies to purchase toiletries on the road.  But if you purchase all these items from shampoo, conditioner to soaps before heading over to your travel destination and store it in your toiletry bag, it would be very easy as well as straightforward to find all these BodyCare products at one place. But always make sure to minimize your toiletries. One of the best ways to do this is by selecting multi-use items. You need to choose between two products which serve the same purpose.

Hair Dryer


This travel accessory is mandatory for you specifically if you are travelling to the place which has cold weather. Some hotels don’t even provide hair dryers in their rooms.

So, in such situations, what would you. However, we always recommend you to purchase a dual voltage hair dryer and also make sure that you carry along with a plug adapter.

Portable Charger


Have you ever been to an unknown place where you don’t know their local language and your mobile phone has died? Moreover, there is no way to charge it? Imagine how horrible the situation it would be! But you can completely avoid such a situation if you take a precautionary step with the help of a portable charger.

A portable charger is extremely travel-friendly as well as is easy to handle. All you need to do is just bring the charger of your cell phone and you can charge your phone anywhere. These chargers are equipped with various features like shockproof, waterproof, solar-powered as well as dustproof or some even have more than one USB port for charging multiple devices. So all these features can make it a perfect travel essential to explore new places.

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Backpack with wheels


When we ladies start planning a long trip, we decide to purchase a backpack but buying a simple backpack is not enough.

This is why we recommend you to go for a proper backpack which has wheels and sturdy straps that can be carried easily.

These backpacks offer less strain on your shoulders and you can even walk a longer distance without getting sweaty and hot and save money on vehicles. Apart from that, the backpacks with wheels that open on sides are easy to organize the contents and let you enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Diva Cup


One of the most important travel accessories for women is carrying a menstrual cup. The main benefit of carrying this is it can be reused all through the trip.

A Diva Cup is basically a medical-grade silicone cup which can be inserted during your periods. As it is reusable and leakproof, it can make you entire journey comfortable.

It comes in a cute little pouch where you can store the cup. Most important part about Diva Cup, is you can save your extra bucks in buying pads as well as tampons while you are on your holidays. Since it is reusable, it can last for 2 to 3 years if you use and clean properly.

Doorstopper Alarm


Most of the girls feel unsafe while staying in a hotel a room alone specifically if the room is on the first floor. This is why we recommend you to purchase a doorstopper alarm. Whenever you feel vulnerable, you can just push the button of it under your door from inside.

If an unknown person tries to open the door while you are alone in your room, a loud alarm will start ringing. The doorstopper will immediately jam the door that would prevent the trespasser from opening it.

Microfiber Towel


Microfiber towels are a great alternative to normal towels. They are extremely versatile from sunbathing on the beach to drying off after a shower.

As these towels are made of microfibre materials, they are smooth and will give you a feel of chamomile leather. One of the most important benefits of carrying microfibre towels is they are of compact size and come with handy pouch.

Not only this but they are also extremely lightweight as compared to the standard sized towels. You can also dry these towels even quicker, meaning you can use it again in no time.

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Wireless Headphones


These days wireless headphones have gained a lot of popularity because of its ease of use. The design of these headphones is extremely simple and sturdy.

The traditional wired headphones often get tangled and it takes more than a minute to untangle it. Moreover it hardly stays in-ear properly which can often make you uncomfortable.

On the other hand, wireless headphones stay in one place even when you go for a workout. It also has a long-lasting battery as well as are very durable which is cost-saving.

Hiking Boots


There are sometimes where it can be hard to know if it is really worth to take hiking boots with you while travelling. Sometimes we take up some unnecessary items in our travel bag and often end up taking the one thing which is actually important.

Now if you are planning to go to a hill station for hiking which features uneven ground then it is very important for you to take hiking boots. One more important benefit of hiking boots is that it will keep your feats well protected and stand up still even in the harsh weather condition.



Many people consider sunglasses as part of a fashion accessory for showcasing their personality as well as lifestyle. But it immensely helps in protecting our eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Hence, we decided to shortlist this item as one of the important travel accessories for women. But there many things that you need to consider before selecting a perfect travel sunglass for you. If you are going for some adventurous activities or other water activities, then make sure to go for polarized sunglasses. You can select sunglasses as per the style, type, budget as well as brand.



Sarongs are undoubtedly the most important travel accessories for women. A sarong is basically a large piece of lightweight cloth made of cotton and comes in a rectangular shape.

You can choose sarong as per the type of location. The main benefit of sarong is protecting yourself from sunburn.

You can just twist it around your neck and wrap it around your waist as a skirt. You can also put a couple of sarongs down on the sand and lay comfortably on the beach. So, it is a supremely versatile item and can be the most important travel essential for you.

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Reusable Water Bottle


Spending money on purchasing bottles of water can be very annoying because there are so many destinations where we can get safe drinking water without having to pay a single penny.

So, the best alternative here would be purchasing reusable water bottles. Moreover, all those water bottles who end up in the landfill, so it is great to give our best to protect the environment as much as possible. Not only this but they also don’t take enough space in your travel bag. These water bottles are of multi-purpose as you can store tea, coffee, hot water, etc.



Time usually flies when you are enjoying and having fun while travelling. So the best way to cherish these moments again and again is capturing quality photos. But most of us often get confused as to which camera can be the best.

Should you opt for DSLR or a camera which fits in your pocket? However, it depends on the type of photography. We recommend looking for a camera which is versatile so that you can fulfil all the photography needs. You want high-resolution photos then mirrorless cameras or DSLR will offer you a lot of versatility. On the other hand, if you want to go for underwater photography then action cameras are the best option for you.

So these are some of the important travel accessories for women that we would highly recommend you to pack for your next travel. Even with all those travel essentials, it’s still possible to pack light and you can travel with just a single bag and keep your things safe.

Travel essentials are all about taking the right stuff leaving the other stuff at home which doesn’t serve the needs while you are on your trip. The best idea to identify would be to write them up and make a list without thinking much and start packing.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know in the comments section below if we have missed any item.

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