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Sometimes it feels like life as a student is very difficult to handle.

We all have faced such situations where we were struggling with college assignments that are needed to be completed within a day.

This is when our mind needs a bit of relaxation from this hectic stress and busy schedule by going for a trip at the weekend.

Moreover, when you are in your school or college, you have got lots of vacations and holidays when you can take advantage of the discounts available to the students.

We can bet you that you can never get such immense opportunities and time for travelling when you are in your study life.

However, there is one problem which is non-other than money.

If you think you can’t afford to travel as student, then you are wrong. Travelling doesn’t necessarily have to be costly.

You can go for a budget trip too. In this article, we have shared 10 budget student travel tips which can help you to explore the world to its fullest.

10 Simple Budget Student Travel Tips

As we have mentioned there are many ways by adopting which you can go for a trip in a more affordable way.

So without any further ado let’s jump over these 10 simple tips that you can follow when you travel as student.

Choose Your Destination Wisely


For instance, travelling to Ladakh will cost you more than travelling to Shimla.

The amount that you will be investing for one day stay in Ladakh is equivalent to go for 4 day trip to a less expensive hill station.

So whenever you are planning for a trip, check the cost of staying at your preferred tourist destination and compare it with any other similar places which offer the same things in the affordable cost.

You will have the same experience but you will not have to spend any extra money.

Let us put it this way, as you know that we all have dreams to go for a trip to the topmost tourist destinations but there are also some unknown or hidden gems which you can add to your travel list.

Being a student you can spend your vacation at such an exotic location can be a great idea while having a tight budget.

Earlier it used to be difficult to find and research a new place but now the things have completely changed.

You can easily search the details of the particular place online like things to see or food to eat.

You can also ask your friends who have already travelled, visit travel forums or you can go through the official city websites.

All these things will instantly help in optimizing your trip to a specific destination.

Another important thing while you travel as a student is being aware of the climate. Knowing this will help you to pack properly. You can also buy all the required thing that is needed at that particular destination.

Be A Smart Traveller


This is one of the most significant budget student travel tips which you should never ignore. There is a huge difference between a traveler and a tourist.

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The tourists spend extra money when they go on tours by buying gifts for their friends and family. On the other hand, you have to be a smart traveller where you will visit the sightseeing places at the right times.

Many Museums Provide Free Entry On Particular Days And Time.

Also, we would advise you to avoid buying souvenirs for your family. When you purchase such things, it will add extra weight in your bags. And more weight means you have to pay extra fees for your luggage.

Most of the tourist stores and street sellers sell their goods by charging extra money.

When it comes to having meals, do not go to restaurants near tourists spots. Have your meal like a local.

You will get many local restaurants and stalls that are situated a few blocks away from the tourist’s destinations which offer delicious foods at affordable price.

Most of us often get excited when we go somewhere for a trip and forget our daily routines.

Here we would advise you to stay up to date with your studies too as do not want to make a negative impact on your marks.

Take Your Time To Book A Flight


We can’t stress this point enough as this tip will help to save bulk money when you travel as student. Sadly, many of you forget to follow this point.

Always prefer to avoid to book your flight tickets during the holiday season.

This is because during the holiday season, there will be hassles in booking the flights and at the same time the prices will rise high.

So, we always recommend you to book your ticket during the offseason that is before or after the peak time. During the shoulder season, the airlines, as well as hotels, reduce their prices for attracting more tourists.

Check out our research article on how to find cheap Flights

Thus you have golden chances to get your best deal.

If you have already planned for a trip during the shoulder season in advance, book your tickets immediately along with the return ticket. You never know when you will run out of money during your trip which will create hassle in an unknown location.

Also, ensure to research on various websites where you can get excited deal and discounts.

Cost-Effective Accommodation Is Your Friend


When you travel as student always make sure to go for the cheapest accommodations, lodges might be the best options for this.

The biggest benefits of booking a room in a lodge are you will get utensils, gas stove and all the cooking essentials where you can save the additional expenses by eating in restaurants.

Cooking in your room will save extra bucks. Not only this but you can also make new friends there with whom you can plan your trip by splitting the amount.

Referring to the above-mentioned points of the travel tips as student, booking room in shoulder season will cost you even half the money which can be the most cost-saving option.

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Volunteering will help to travel for free


It is not always necessary that you will go for a paid trip to enjoy your vacation. You can apply for volunteering at any international institution abroad.

This smart tip will provide you with a golden opportunity to go for a free trip abroad.

Not only these experiences will provide you with an opportunity to get in touch with the locals but you can also explore their local culture, cuisines, traditions and other aspects of the specific country where you are volunteering.

This is one of the best student travel tips which will definitely help you.

Choose An Alternative Transportation Option


You don’t necessarily have to travel by flight all the time.

There are times when you only have the chance to travel during vacation but unfortunately, the prices of the tickets rise high.

So, don’t spoil your planning for a trip as there are various other transportation options which you can go for.

Yes, travelling by cab, bus or train can be time taking but trust us, it will be a cost-effective option. If you are going for short trips then bike-sharing programs can be the cheapest means to travel.

On the other hand, when travel as student in multiple places, you can go by buses, trains and various other ride-sharing choices.

If you are still confused about which option is best, you can take the help of locals who will easily guide you with the best option.

Eat local food while travellingEat Local Food While TravellingEat local food while travelling


Now as you have seen that transportation, stays and everything is sorted, the next things which we would like to focus on is food.

A smart approach to food while travelling can create a big impact on your budget. If you are willing to have three meals per day in a luxurious hotel or resort then it can create a hole in your pocket.

Instead, you can go for the local cuisines, which are easily available in the nearby stalls and dhabas.

Moreover, the cost of their food is cheap as well. Students are always curious to explore each and every bit of the place starting from diversities of the town to fun activities.

Similarly getting the taste and feel of local delicacies of an unknown region will give you a beautiful experience and it can be one of the potential as well as budget student travel tips when you are running out of low budget.

Avoid Buying Things That You Don’t Need


Most of the people tend to ignore this point but you should strictly follow this. Buying a fancy clutch or custom made shoes are of no use as you travel along.

If you are going for a weekend trip then you can definitely buy it. But if you are one who is on a for a long term trip then we would highly recommend you to stop giving importance on the purchases.

If it is an essential thing you have to purchase for your regular use then it is a different thing.

But if you buy every single painting and handmade showpieces then you would be broke. Also, you probably need a separate vehicle to carry extra gear.

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You can buy a souvenir just for a memory of the specific place but don’t overuse your money on just buying unnecessary things.

Instead, you can go to the local markets and explore new things and go for the cheaper option if you really wish to buy.

Catch Public Transport Within The City


Most of the smart travellers follow this tip and you should also do the same.

Catching public transport is one of the biggest fears for most of the newbie travellers in developing countries.

But travelling in a local bus or train within the city can be a great money-saving option.

Not only they are cheap as compared to cab, taxis or tourist buses but they will give you a thrilling experience too.

Imagine you are travelling in a local bus with 3 unknown people who are narrating their fun travel story with you.

Of course, it would be less comfortable than a private taxi but remember you are on your budget trip. Follow this tip if you really claim yourself to be adventurous.

Travel Slowly


When travel as student then slow travel will give you numerous benefits especially if you are focussing on a budget-oriented trip.

Staying in a particular place for a long time will help you to know where is the cheapest place to stay, eat or drink.

If you have bartering skills, you can get your best deal with your accommodation and get a better price quote for a 7-day stay.

Moreover staying in a pace for an extended period of time will cut your budget as a traveller as you are not going out each and every day, meaning you can relax in the beach or enjoy in a nearby park and go for a walk there.

Make Money While Traveling


Another smart way to avoid from being bankrupt is to earn money while travelling.

For this, you can ask any locals whether they need anything done or you can search on the web various paid job that you can do in that particular city.

This will help to keep your pocket full and you can explore more things during your trip.

It’s hard to stick on budget travel but you should never lose the sight of your goal.

Once you gain experience on your first trip, it will be easier for you to plan for your next budget travel.

We hope these student travel tips help put things in a systematic way.

Travelling during your college days will always remain as the golden memories in your mind which you can cherish in your entire life.

If you have any budget-friendly travel tips to share, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.