10 Best 2023 Landscapes Of Vietnam And Its Facts?

If you are willing to go on a trip abroad and wondering which place to go then landscapes of Vietnam can be the unique travel destination which includes amazing places.

From mountains, forests, rice caves to dunes, Vietnam is blessed with nature’s best gifts. This is why tourism is Vietnam is getting lots of popularity.

Another reason to visit landscapes of Vietnam is it is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world.

We all know that there is no match to Niagra falls, Sydney Opera House, or the Statue of Liberty.

However, Vietnam is truly a hidden gem that only those people will understand who have visited the country.

So, let us have a look at the 10 best Vietnam landscape and Vietnam landscape facts that will blow your mind.

10 interesting facts about the landscapes Of Vietnam

Here we have gathered the 10 interesting phenomena and facts that you should know about Vietnam:

A Scented River


The Perfume River is situated in the city of Hue in Central Vietnam.

And if you are one who is in search of some peace and serene look at the time of your Vietnam tour then you must visit this place.

The popularity of the scented river has been gained because of its floral scent which arises during the autumn season.

Fact: This is the time when tropical orchids on the trees above the rea upstream fall onto the river.

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World’s largest cave


When it comes to the landscapes of Vietnam facts, you cannot deny this point.

The cave of Vietnam named Hang Sơn Đoòng was found in the year 1991 in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park which is situated near the Laos Border.

The cave is famous because of numerous reasons. The first and foremost reason behind its popularity is it is gigantic.

The cave is over 5 kilometers in length, 150 meters wide, and 200 meters in width.

Fact: Not only this but it also has 60 meters high calcite wall inside it where ‘The Great Wall of Vietnam’ is being written as well as has stalagmites which measure around 70 meters tall.

It is one of the most accessible caves in the country but it is not suitable for trekking.

So for adventure lovers, there are various other caves present in the national park which are built for expeditions.

It Has Hots Springs


The next landscapes of Vietnam in our list is hots springs.

In the year 2003, the World Travel Organization has listed Bin Chau Hot Springs as one of its 65 sustainable eco-tourism developments.

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These hot springs have their own history itself.

Fact: In the year 1928, Sallet, a French doctor had found a hot mineral spring in his survey of southern landscape of Vietnam which consists if 70 visible gushers spout water at temperatures that range from 40°C to 82°C.

This forms a giant natural pool of mud as well as hot water.

The Vietnamese call the hot springs as the “Goddess of Boiling Water” that is spilled into the place in anger after her husband went for hunting and was not returning for a long time.

Now the tourism department has also constructed a wooden bridge above the hot springs to enjoy the beauty of nature. Not it has a romantic moon garden but it is also rich in eco-diversity.

Rare Unique Species


Most people will disagree with the fact but Vietnam is such a country which has its own unique habitats and geography.

You cannot even deny the fact that Vietnam hosts a huge collection of rare species.

But unfortunately, some of the rare species are extinct among which The Hoan Kien turtle is one of them.

The Hoan Kien turtle is one of the four living species which was known as the subspecies of the Yangtze turtle.

But the last individual also expired in the year 2016. So these are the landscapes of Vietnam landscape facts when it comes to rare unique species.

Fact: Apart from this, The Delacour’s langur is still found in Vietnam but their number is substantially decreasing and is on its way to becoming endangered.

They mostly spend their time of day by sleeping in the limestone caves, however, they sleep on the bare rocky surface if no caves are available. They also swing with the help of their hands while traveling through trees and further use their tails to balance when scrambling over the rocky terrain.

A mountain flower garden


Also named as In Da Lat that covers the valleys and peaks which has earned its name as the “City of Eternal Spring” because of its beauty.

Fact: The temperature in this place stays between 15° to 25°C every time. This is what makes the mountain flower garden ideal for agriculture and tourism facilities.

The place is also famous for fruits, vegetables, orchids, and roses which are further surrounded by tall pine trees.

The place somehow resembles Northern California. In Da Lat is a former French hill station which still has the French architecture and iconic patisseries.

As this place has an unusual climate, the flower industry has been able to trade golden flowers and starflowers or tree marigolds during the winter season.

Situated 5000 feet above the sea level, the town is always filled with foreign tourists who visit here to spend their holidays and honeymoons.

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Apart from flower cultivation, the place has lots to offer such as adventure sports, beautiful mountains, and lakes.

Serene Waters


When it comes to Vietnam landscape facts, you cannot deny serene waters. Ninh Binh is hosted by the Rid River Delta which is the capital of the Ninh Binh province.

This place is mostly underrated by foreign tourists but Ninh Binh actually has lots to offer to its visitors. From relaxing boat rides, stunning scenery to eye-catchy pagodas, the place is surrounded by the Vietnamese villages which you cannot ignore at all if you visit there at least once.

Not only this but also there is also a small city situated in the Red River Delta of the northern part of Vietnam where you can see relaxing and stunning scenery beautiful than that of Ha Long Bay.

Nature has gifted its best features such as karst mountains, green valleys, and large caves and that’s the reason the place has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

From Ninh Binh, you can easily travel to Ngo Dong River where you can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Tam Coc.

Fact: Tam Coc is gifted with the scenic beauty of nature such as limestone cliffs, rice fields, and rivers. The beauty of the place has been increased by the rhyming paddling of the Vietnamese women who sail your boat while you glide towards the lush green paddy field.

Ancient Floating Markets


Floating markets are what Vietnam tourism is famous for.

They are the natural evolution of water life. Here you will see all the daily life activities are done on the water.

Trading in the boat is what makes this place extra special. Although there are many floating, markets available in Vietnam Cai Rang is one of the most famous floating markets in the entire world.

Fact: Cai Rang is located in the Mekong Delta region which has been operated since the 1990s at the time of the Nguyen dynasty. Because of their unique settings, these floating markets are different from other floating markets all across the world.

This is because each of the boats presents there is designed with the bamboo mast. The market opens before sunrise that is about 3 am and closes by mid-morning.

This is why you need to visit this place early morning to see its specialties.

Ancient Hill Carvings


The field of Sapa is built in the form of a terrace which helps in making the mountain landscape a perfect fit for agricultural purposes.

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Fact: However, these terraces present in the hills were carved more than two thousand years ago and that too by hands and they are still being inhabited by the Black Hmong tribespeople. These people survive in the fields by planting and harvesting rice each and every year for sustaining their families

If you are in search of a place for hiking then pa can be the go-to place for you.

Red Beaches


The desert in Vietnam is totally opposite to that of other landscapes in Vietnam as they have two different colors.

The white sand dunes present in the red beaches are pristine that is located on the barren landscape under the dark blue sky.

On the other hand, the wind sculpts in the deserts will take its visitors a million kilometers away from Vietnam.

Fact: Mui Ne is featured with two types of sand dunes namely white dunes as well as red dunes. The White Dunes are basically the larger sand dunes which are known to be visited during the morning. On the other hand, the red dunes provide a great location to take attractive photos as well as sand sledding.

Whether the tourists slide, jump, or run through the dunes, it is significantly difficult to specify the beauty of the place.

A Splendid Old City


Situated in the South Central part, off the coast of the East Sea is the old city of Vietnam known as Hoi An.

Fact: It showcases the rich architecture, historic, royal culture, and traditions of the kingdom 2000 years during the reign of Champa Kingdom. Currently, the government is trying its best in protecting the ancient places.

Apart from this Hoi An also signifies architectural houses situated on the sides.

So if you are a tradition and historical lover then this is the perfect place to see authentic Vietnamese culture and taste their local cuisines and street foods.

So these are all the Vietnam landscape facts that you must need to know.

Vietnam is rich in spectacular landscapes and biodiversity.

The most important thing about Vietnam is its natural beauty as well as the culture that is truly magical.

Have you visited Vietnam ever?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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